The Choice – Episode 0017 – Whiteness conspiracy theory: The Economics of Whiteness, Part Five: What White Privilege Would Look Like if We Had It





The Choice – Episode 17 – Whiteness conspiracy theory: The Economics of Whiteness, Part Five – What White Privilege CAN Look Like If We End White Christian Tolerance

Let me help you understand why you will never succeed in devolving this country into either a socialist (underclass) or globalist (upper class) experiment in failure

1. America: The Third Way : A Middle-Class Civilization

Our ancestors founded this country as a Third Way: a middle class civilization, free of the priesthood (intellectuals) and free of the aristocracy (despots), and free of the parasitic underclass (peasantry) – a country of meritocracy. They recruited people of good character. They didn’t know the word eugenics at that time. They knew about breeding animals and maintaining herds. They knew humans were no different from any other domesticated animal. They sought people of good breeding: in today’s language, people who were sufficiently evolved to participate in an evolved civilization.

The success of our country was the product of leaving behind all three kinds of dead weight: The State, The Priesthood, And the Peasantry – to build a middle-class society of continued prosperity.

2. The continuation of five thousand years of civilization.

That middle-class civilization was a continuation of the trend within the greater germanic civilization, to apply manorialism, as the Romans and Greeks, and early Europeans had applied slavery: the domestication of man like the animals he had domesticated. You had to earn by demonstrated ability, your freedom, by evidence you did no harm on one hand, and invested in the commons on the other. The de-germanization of history is part of our history, but the history of europe until the industral revolution is the history of the holy roman empire of the greater germanic peoples, which was not holy, not roman, and not an empire, but it was an alliance of states under our common germanic, indo european (or Aryan) law of sovereign men. From settlement to founding and through to the industrial revolution, the USA like england was a germanic civilization, with germanic language, and germanic law. It wasn’t until after the french revolution and the french destruction of the holy roman empire that the french napoleonic law of states was imposed upon the germanic peoples of the continent. This preservation of germanic law among anglosphere and the loss of that germanic law on the continent due to the napoleonic terrors, is the reason for the separation of anglo and germanic civilizations.  But until that point, the settlers and founders were part of the germanic (or germanic-scandianvian) civilization. And the original settlement, the declaration and the constitution all reflect that germanic origin as a collection of micro-states, unified like the united kingdom and the holy roman empire, or the austro hungarian empire as a collection of micro states, with a central government limited to war and the resolution of differences between sovereign states.  It as the civil war over control of the western expansion, then the Spanish war to exit europe from the hemisphere, the massive underclass immigration through the 1920′ to populate the territories, and

3. You Weren’t Oppressed: Oppression vs Domestication

[W]estern man didn’t oppress other peoples – we domesticated animals  – and we haven’t finished the job. The ending of the imperial period by the world wars, resulted in our failure to finish the job of dragging humanity kicking and screaming out of:

– superstition,
– ignorance,
– hard labor
– poverty,
– starvation,
– disease
– suffering
– child mortality
– early death
– political failure
– and the vicissitudes of nature hostile to man.

So instead we used the remains of the British Empire, and access to American and western markets, to do the job indirectly at a profit, that we had done directly by rule – at a loss.

4. White Privilege? No. Non-Parasitic Absolutism – the perpetuation of our ancient tradition of domestication of animal man

[B]ut if you want to see white privilege we can restore it quite easily. Because very clearly others do not want to conform to Anglo-Saxon-Norman absolutism under which our ancestors in the old world, and the new, founded the anglo-saxon-norman civilization.

Anglo Saxon Norma Absolutism:
– absolute (scientific)truth, (military testimony)
– absolute sacredness of the commons ( and mandatory contribution to at every opportunity.)
– absolute self reliance, (non-parasitism)
– absolute nuclear family, (non parasitism)
– absolute family self reliance, (non-parasitism)
– absolute rule of law of reciprocity, (non-parasitism)
– absolute limitations on government interference in all of the above. (non-parasitism)

  1. You, You Leftists are, scientifically, the problem – for mankind, for evolution, for destiny.

Our restoration of aristotle, the subsequent re-harmonization of our thought and our traditions, the literacy that resulted, the empirical revolution that dragged us out of the first Jewish Counter-Enlightenment of Abrahamism, consisting of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and the Dark Ages they Created, helped us recover from the last dark age.

Jewish and Atheist critics of Christianity fail to grasp that we Germanized an evil Semitic cult of rebellion against the natural eugenics of more advanced civilizations, and integrated it as a means of making the common people tolerate the process of their domestication, by making doing no harm, insuring one another, exhaustively forgiving one another, ending familism and tribalism a virtuous good. Where all other religions especially Judaism and Islam, and perhaps Buddhism, are revolts against the natural eugenics of advanced civilization, reason, science, and markets, with Hindus the only people to maintain an ancient religion and solving the problem of dysgenia with castes creating the worlds best and most numerous upper classes.

There is no difference between the old world Semitic rebellion against the evolutionary velocity by adaptation of market eugenic civilization, by use of the expertise Semitic civilization developed by institutionalized lying by storytelling, suspension of disbelief, and social construction, to undermine competitors group cohesion, and incorporating that strategy into a new religion that made the false and unwarrantable promise of freedom from logical, physical, natural, and evolutionary laws – meaning natural selection – when the Semitic peoples were as much or more than a standard deviation behind.

So marxism and neo-marxism (or cultural marxism) are pseudoscience, postmodernism (is denial and sophistry), feminism is a denial of the family as the minimum unit of eugenic reproductive, social, political, and economic order, and the necessary compromise between the sexes, given the alternatives produce regression and collapse, HBD denial is just denial of dysgenics and the need for continuation of natural selection to preserve the equilibrium between technology and biology, and Wokeness is just a rebellion by the dysgenic intuition of the largely female bias, including feminized, and undesirable males.

We are too tolerant. We knew that the Jews, were behind the immigration act, working as usual behind a white knight face, and that we would lose our culture if we allowed hordes of inferior peoples into the polity when every polity already has some minority of inferiors and we had ours from the massive immigration of the roaring 20’s followed by the war. But the combination of the Jewish pursuit of media, the first television pictures of what industrial war was really like, the use of Macnamara’s morons that made it worse, the anti-war movement, and the generational transition from war children to 50’s artificial prosperity children that lifted peasants for the first time from the farm, he black rights movement, and the capture of women by the combination of feminism and the pill made possible enough votes because of the defection of white women to the left. As white Christian males, we remained optimistic that inferior people would learn. They didn’t. and by the end of the 1960’s the Jewish bolshevik movement had achieved here in the states what it had just prior to the revolution in Russia.

But it would take science until this current decade to counter the sophistry, pseudoscience, and lies of the Jewish postwar movement to deny the laws of the universe by promising the underclasses that those laws were white oppression rather than the means by which whites built the advanced civilization that tolerated their genetic, and cultural inferiority.

We would have the current survived the Second Jewish Counter-Enlightenment against Western Civilization consisting of Marxism, Socialism, Feminism, Postmodernism, Denialism, the systematic attack on our constitution by using the vulnerability of the Court and Constitution, and now Semitic Islamism – If it were not for immigration. Even today the entire country votes conservative if only white males vote.

So you are the only obstacle to completing the restoration of western civilization from the sequence of french feminine counter-empiricism, german secular religiosity, Russian authoritarianism, Jewish pseudoscience, sophism, denial, deceit, and systemic undermining of harmony between classes and genders, and now Islamic Fundamentalism’s worldwide race to the bottom – continuing 1500 years of destroying the accumulated genetic, cultural, institutional, and knowledge capital of every civilization of the ancient world.


6. The Fourteen Planks of the Restoration

So let us make a few points clear:

  1. Leftism, whether Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Abrahamic religion’s revolts against their betters, or the modern generation of Marxism, socialism, neo-marxism (cultural marxism), postmodernism (relativism), HBD denial, anti-male femnism, wokness, the oppression narrative, and the whiteness criticism are made possible by superior civilizations extending opportunity to inferior civilizations because we practice market civilization in which all have the right to self-determination if they pay the subsequent cost of integration, conformity,  contribution to and defense of the commons, demonstrations of loyalty, self-sufficiency,  and reproductive control.
  2. Inferior peoples are unsettled by the asymmetric returns of market civilization to status, even if it produces increasingly indifferent means of consumption – for those who regulate their reproduction and consumption to their production. Meaning, those who continue natural selection.
  3. Whiteness, meaning european civilization is overly tolerant without sufficiently policing the non-conformity, disloyalty, sedition, undermining, and criticism of this order by those unfit for participation in it, and those using the bureaucracy, academy, finance, media, church, and state to parasitically prey upon the rest. We fasely and foolishly expect people to do so without irst limiting the immigratino of those capable of conformity to middle-class norms, habits, tradition, education, work ethic, truth before face, non-corruption, non-parasitism.
  4. Because of this excessive tolerance, because under rule of law our state is weak, because prices are lowered by immigrants, and financial credit expansion increased, and the working classes suffer, the inferior peoples ally with the disabused peoples, and create a rebellion against the laws of nature, the market as an extension of the laws of nature, and the natural eugenics of the market, under the pretense that they are oppressed rather than that, on the one hand, they are unfit, and on the other, that the state bureaucracy, financial sector, media, entertainment, academy, and commercial sectors are preying upn the laboring, working, lower-middle, and middle classes.
  5. This share interests create theological, ideological, or philosophical, movements that fail to address the correct problems, and instead seek to double down on them at the expense of the majority middle-class and upper-middle class in an advanced civilization. This is what we see with George’ Soros as the example of the Jewish globalist movement seeking to use financial extraction before states discover like china that the state on behalf of the people is due all consumer interest and that all consumer interest is parasitism and predation, and they use the proceeds of it to buy politicians agitators influencers, at all level of the civilization, and they convert well-meaning Christian women, naturally politically incompetent due to female instincts in the absence of the cognitive and emotional load of children, and together this forms a revolt.
  6. The result is a counter-reaction by the good productive, loyal conforming, genetically superior (yes they are) people who try to save the nation, society, and good people from the bad, and do so with the only means possible – the organized application of brutal violence, in which a very small number of men are thousands of times more effective than large leftist mobs. The degree of their suppression of the left, their degree of their culling of the population, the institutions, and organizations, and the bloodshed that results, is determined by the degree of offense or threat they feel from the left.
  7. This is a normal cycle of civilizations that can only be stopped by continuous regulation of reproduction preventing the accumulation of unfitness that makes continuous adaptation and innovation sufficient to maintain prosperity and harmony under market adversarialism and direction of proceeds to capital in the form of unconsumable commons. The great mistake was the suppression of the eugenics movement because of the nazis. Every civilization has purged peoples. The Muslims use murder and taxes. The Europeans expel. The Africans kill, the Hindus are unconquerable except by Muslim evangelical insurrection. The Europeans are only conquerable so fare by Jewish insurrection from within. And we can end that forever with a reformation of our law to prohibit false promises baiting into hazard, especially those that promise freedom from the laws of nature and nature’s god.

7. “The Presumptions of Democracy”.

The leftists (Marxists, communists, socialists, cognitively female, dysgenics)  don’t understand what white privilege looks like. Or how good it would be for white people, lesser people, and the world at large to exercise fully justifiable privilege. Let’s look at some of the privileges white people, practicing whiteness, extend to unfit people, and how easily they would be taken away by a few men who are just about ready to give up on any solution other than civil war that will make the horrors of the communists pale. Hitler wasn’t near as responsible for deaths as were jews and Russians, the Chinese, and the Cambodians.

1. The composition of the ‘electorate‘ – meaning who can vote – is arbitrary, and can be changed arbitrarily. A universal franchise is not a given. We can easily restore the original criteria for the franchise, of white, Christian, property-owning males.

2. Citizenship – meaning who is insured by the state apparatus – is arbitrary, and can be revoked arbitrarily. Citizenship is not a given. We can revoke all citizenship under the 65 immigration act. Withdraw all benefits, and deport you and all family that descended from the original permission.

3. Asylum – meaning, aliens from both allies and enemies whose countries whose countries, governments, cultures, and peoples have failed – is arbitrary, and can be revoked arbitrarily. We can revoke the asylum policies laws and treaties and wall off our country as has east asia.

4. Residency – meaning aliens from both allies and enemies whose countries, governments, cultures, and peoples, have failed to compete for your existence – is arbitrary, and can be revoked arbitrarily. We can revoked your residency, and deport you with ease.

5. Workforce Participation – Meaning your ability to compete with our people in the workplace and earn an income from participation in our marketplace and all of its benefits – is arbitrary and can be revoked arbitrarily. We can revoke your ability to work and punish heavily anyone who employs you, rents you room, apartment, or home, or gives you shelter.

6. State Workforce Participation: Meaning it’s terribly easy to convert to an ethnostate with ethnic and religious requirement for employment in Loyalty industries including the Military, State, Government, Law, Police, Sheriff, Emergency Services,  Medicine, Strategic Industry, Education, Research, Finance, Truck Licenses, Business Licenses. This would open up many millions of jobs for white people who are vested in maintaining the european group strategy that has dragged mankind out of ignorance, poverty, and tries to drag it out of dysgenia.

6. Redistributive Benefits – Meaning your access to services, subsidies, welfare, unemployment, health care, retirement, benefits that are gained by stealing them from our hard-working people, are arbitrary, and can be revoked arbitrarily. We can end those benefits your access to the banking and wire transfer system,

7. Deportation – meaning any of the above who are undesirable because they do not fully integrate into our civilization – is easy. Americans have deported millions before and could have even deported all slaves and ex-slaves. Deporting 10m, 20m, 50M, or 100m is simply another effort like any other that is easily accomplished.

8. Concentration Camps – Meaning isolation camps for any of the above who must be forcibly repatriated – are easy to build. We have done it before. We can easily do it again. Aliens in conflict with the continuation our civilization and our race, have overridden any western guilt for the german experiment, and the Palestinians have only further justified it.

9. Privilege – meaning our attempt to integrate you into our civilization so that you can obtain the same benefits of a high trust polity as we have – is earned. If you do not have it, You failed to earn it. Certainly, east Asians who have integrated have earned it.

8. What would war look like

Now, because people are fairly ignorant of such things I’ll take a moment to educate you that the days of Napoleonic war disappeared with the first world war. The days of the european domestication of war ended with the cold war. That todays of fourth generation warfare resulted from the end of the european domestication of warfare, and that armies today cannot fight and win a fourth-generation war against a people on their own territory. They can’t win in a tiny primitive place like Afghanistan.  There are only 200k available military to field, more than half of them won’t do it, if they don’t join the suppression of the left then they will at least resist in place. If it comes to conflict, the our policy solutions will be far more attractive than the left’s attempts at spreading dysgenic Abrahamism whether supernatural or communist yet again.

All that is required is that we generate sufficient conflict, such that the future is uncertain so that we have an opportunity to have that discussion as a people. If we have that discussion, under the confidence that we can no longer live together, then we can separate peacefully by political means, and cooperate peacefully by trade means. But there are enough of us unwilling to let the left win, and are willing to cause conflict on a scale not seen in human history, that bringing about conditions for settlement are easy. And from there we can have an honest discourse – if honest discourse is possible with the left, that is by and large a system of lying and denying to escape the laws of the universe.

9. You May Not Rule

If you want the benefits of western civilization, all you must do is fully conform and pay the full cost of it.

If you are incapable then you may come to us for our rule.

If you cannot come to us for our rule, we will happily send our people there to rule you – in our own defense. And we will happily finish the job of domesticating your and your fellow animals into civilized humans.

If you are already among us cannot tolerate our rule then we can separate and return to speciation.

If you cannot or will not separate, and limit your war against us with population, religion, culture, and political competition then we will happily pay the cost of returning to ruling you and your home people, and completing the job of domesticating the animal man into humans capable of existence without harm to those of us who are domesticated.

But we will not lose the benefits of western civilization by permitting you to rule us.

We are and have been since our origins, the greatest warriors in human history.

War of conquest is profitable. it is more profitable than cooperation.

So this is what our privilege grants us: the opportunity to do worse to you than you have done to us by non-integration.

Exercising our natural abilities is what would make white privilege exist.

10. Revolution Comes. Renaissance Follows. Destiny Results.

-Curt Doolittle
-The Propertarian Institute

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