An Indictment: 5 – Judgements

Part 999 – Judgement

The Choice of The Present Age

The foundations of western civilization rely upon traditions we developed during the great age of transformation where we first came into being as western indo europeans.  Those traditions are still with us.  They are truth before face regardless of cost as contribution to the commons; duty before self and family as contribution to the commons, heroism and excellence as contribution to the commons; sovereignty and reciprocity in law as contribution to the commons; observance of  the jury and their verdict as contribution to the commons; observance of, and oath to these traditions for membership, and fighting others and defending our own,  leaving only voluntary cooperation in markets in allways of life: association, cooperation, reproduction, production of goods and services, production of justice we call law, production of commons we call governing, and production of war – which to our ancestors was an entrepreneurial process, indifferent from the current economic which institutionalize that tradition in commerce.

The differentiation between west and the rest is in this combination of testimonial truth, grant of reciprocity, and sovereignty, as reciprocal insurance between each member of the polity having demonstrated by oath and payment in risk, his purchase of the franchise. Although in most simple terms, truthful speech is merely reciprocity warrantied, to be free of loading and framing.

The monotheists, marxists, postmoderns and neoliberal left, want us to choose between contra-evidentiary lying about anything and everything that obscures evidentiary truth of gender, race, subrace, culture, class, personality, intelligence, and physical differences, and our use of markets to cooperate on means despite our differences in ability, preference and desired ends while advancing all of us together – presuming we limit the reproduction of the bottom quintile.

That’s choice is the question of the 20th century playing out as a cold civil war on the verge of turning hot in the 21st: restoring female genetic,  and semitic civilizational strategy’s demand for equality that produces dysgenia and dark ages, or restoring male and western ( “greek, roman, prussian” ) civilization’s demand for meritocracy that produces eugenics and rapid innovation, dragging the rest of  mankind and our women out of ignorance, poverty, superstition, hard labor, early death, infanticide, child labor, disease, and transforming ourselves into the gods the envious opposition imagine.

There is only one solution to the civil war that the feminine genetic and semitic strategic left have created by attempt to restore dysgenic, stagnating, supernatural theology, with it’s updated versions using pseudoscience and sophism: marx, boas, freud, adorno, derrida: separation, specialization, and speciation along lines the european shrinking of the world, and the pressure of agrarian age’s compromise reversed. Europeans may have made a world of mankind from race, fist in the presumption of domestication under rule, then by enforcement of commercial self rule. But the effort has failed, and with it the world order we sought to build to organize, cooperate, and operate it.

For while the female method of conflict of undermining dominant males by gossiping, rallying, shaming, ridicule, moralizing, psychologizing, and denial in order to suppress truth, and instill conflict, works while men tolerate it – in the end, men’s method of conflict resolution decides, because as always might determines whatever right exists whether or not it is reciprocal and naturally hierarchical as the masculine and eugenic world desires, or proportional as the feminine, equalitarian, and dysgenic world desires.

So we can peacefully separate into either the feminine egalitarian, deceitful, undermining, equalitarian, dysgenic, redistributive polity, and the masculine hierarchical, meritocratic, truth-telling, market, eugenic polity – and we can leave you to the resulting squalor you seek to create – or we can war – in a war the enemy cannot ever win.

Because while the feminine means of undermining by selling supernatural false promise to females and slaves (immigrants, minorities, underclasses)  in the ancient world was successful in destroying every great civilization that they could reach – all five of them- and worse than the bronze collapse of the sea peoples –  enough of us are aware that you have fooled us once and caused a thousand-year dark age from which the north sea people rescued mankind – kicking and screaming all the while – that we will not let this systemic undermining of civilization by imposing lies, sophisms, supernaturalism, pseudosciences of ignorance and dysgenia cause another dark age.

So arm yourselves for war. because recent events have been the last straw in our hope that you too could join the aristocracy of everyone the greco romans and the modern europeans invested their efforts into. And just as the left caused one hundred million deaths with your communist class warfare; you will have caused one hundred million deaths or more with your second attempt by creating gender and race warfare.

The new jewish heretics we call christians destroyed the arts, literature, architecture, schools, of the ancient world, killed the philosophers who taught in them, prevented the restoration of roman aristocracy, and drowned our civilization in the superstition and ignorance that european truth and reason had rescued them from, and the monopoly of thought and governance that the hittites,  then greeks, then romans, then all of europe rebelled against after centuries of piracy, slaving, and raiding our world, culminating in the destruction of old southeastern europe – which we cannot seem to reverse.

So we learned from your destruction of knowledge, tradition, arts, literature, teachers, propagandists, intellectuals, customers, architecture, how civilizational warfare is conducted by means counter to western accommodation, inclusion, education, and the rewards of doing so. we domesticated warfare in the ancient world. We domesticated it further in the middle ages. We domesticated it elegantly by the westphalian peace. And we domesticated it since the world wars. And we tried in vain to domesticate you.

And We Learned from Our Mistakes – and You Have Not.

The Truth Is Enough to Restore the West

Truth Is Enough. End the Lies. End the Entire Abrahamic Program of Lies: False Reality, False History, False Promise (moral-Hazard), Pilpul (via Positiva Sophism), Critique (via Negativa Sophism), Straw Manning, and The Dysgenic Strategy of The Herd Fearing Being Left Behind by Their Betters.

Ethnocentrism; Nationalism; Nature, Ancestor, and Monarchical Thanks (worship), and The Inheritance that They Have Left Us as Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Truth, Duty, Merit, the Natural Law, a Jury of Our Peers, the Militia of Sovereign Men, Markets in Everything, and The Science and Technology that Has Provided in The Present, What Those Who Lie Had Promised Them.

No More Lies. Restore Our Natural Law, and Our Natural Religion, to Our Natural PeoplesWe Must Rule, if Not for The Sake of All Mankind, but Out of Self Defense.

Rule or Be Ruled

We Do Not Ask Permission of Man to Rule, We Ask Forgiveness of The Gods if We Fail.

You Do Not Ask Permission to Rule by Natural Law. You Overthrow the Current Order. You Rule. You Profit from It. People Prosper. Agency Emerges. Man Transcends.

The Future Is Just a Choice. Return to Our Major Industry: Rule.

We Could Take a Very Different Perspective: “they Are Our Minorities. They Are Our Africans, Our Jews, Our Caribbeans, Our Mestizos. We Have Paid a High Price for Them. Under the Right Circumstances, They Make Excellent Wage Labor. All We Must Do Is Return to Our Ancient Industry of Ruling the Lesser Peoples. It Is an Industry We Excel at And Have Profited from For Thousands of Years – Much to The Benefit of Not only The Ruled but All Mankind. to Rule for Profit Is Just a Choice. but To Make that Choice We Must Admit that Our Ancestors the Aristocracy Were Right and We Were Wrong.”

You See, the Future Is Just a Choice. Rule and Profit. or Be Ruled Parasitically, or be Exterminated.

It’s Not that The Best Must Rule, It’s that The Worst Must Not.

Just as falsification tells us what may be true by that which we cannot make false; and proofs tell us what is not false but not what is true; and the law tells us now what we must do, but only what we must not do; and evolution tells us only what fails, not what succeeds, it is not important that the best people lead, as much as it is important that the worst do not.

For this reason, we must limit access to power to those least likely to lead poorly. How do we know? Demonstrated character in familial, entrepreneurial, political, and military excellence over multiple generations. And the elimination of consideration of those who fail the test of character in familial, entrepreneurial, and military excellence across multiple generations.

Nobility is most frequently demonstrated by intergenerational excellence. For those who cannot master their passions enough for good breeding, good rearing, good production, and good defense, have demonstrated by their actions that they and their families are unsuitable for leadership.

Note that survival from the opinions of others in schooling, academy, politics, and church, tells us nothing about an individual other than his ability to remember and to obey, while engaging in various forms of politicking and deceit. Only family, commercial, and military experience tell us about the capacity of an individual to lead.

The Rule of Degeneracy

– “Anything that is not explicitly conservative will devolve into something consumptive”
– “Anything not explicitly rational, will devolve into something magical”
– “Anything that is not explicitly true, will devolve into something false.”
– “Any system of thought that is not explicitly masculine and constructive, will devolve into the feminine and destructive.”
– “Any system of thought that does not compel action through change will devolve in an excuse to avoid change through justifying inaction.”
– “Any system of thought that is not explicitly eugenic, expansionary, heroic, and hierarchical, will eventually devolve into one that is dysgenic, sedentary, submissive, and equalitarian.”

(  … women and The Weak Destroy the World if We Allow Them.)

We must rule. We must restore our tradition of Rule. We must Rule, not because we are perfect, or best, or right – but because everyone else is demonstrably worse. We must rule because without our rule, humanity has no example to draw from that is not the cancer of the muslims or the chinese or the chaos of the africans.

The world today is dependent almost entirely on western example in science, law, contract, trade, engineering, medicine, and even arts. And none of the emerging cultures show even a modicum of interest in following the aristocratic tradition of truthfulness that is the reason that we developed these consequential technologies.

The western enlightenment was a lie. a decline. A failure. Because escaping mysticism was an act of truthfulness, but imposing unearned enfranchisement was an act of deception in order to obtain power. And when we were beset with the global consequences of our military success, we failed to expand the discipline of truth – taking it, like our heroism, as a given: a natural inclination of man.

But man has only one natural inclination: to acquire all he can using his limited reason and knowledge by either good or ill. that is all.

We domesticated man and raised mankind out of ignorance and poverty in the ancient and modern worlds.

We must end all our fantasies of man’s nature.

Or the next dark age will be worse than the last

Victory On the Enemy’s Terms

So having learned that warfare must be conducted on the enemy’s terms, not our own domesticated terms, and that we must defeat you on your terms.

Our law requires restitution and prevention, both by the individual actor, and by those who might imitate that actor.

Restitution is easy. But prevention will be brutal. Because we must create a punishment that provides sufficient incentives, that the repetition of the female strategy of undermining civilization, evolution, and our transcendence into the gods we imagine is never again attempted.

We must carve a law into history that will last ten thousand years or more.

So may your gods have mercy on you.

Because we will not.


Separation, Forcible Repatriation

The Only Solution Is Separation

Left and Right is simply the problem of reproductively desirable for the purpose of intergenerational families, businesses and polities, versus the desire for satisfaction of sexual impulses, independent of family, industry, and polity. IN other words: “The competition between european paternal, familial, commercial, and political families, and semitic maternal, individual, subsistence, anarchy.

Those with Agency (orderly masculine) vs those lacking it (anarchic feminine).

We cannot fix this problem because under prosperity people pursue their interests. It’s in the intersets of those with lower sexual, social, economic, political, military market value – they are less domesticated OR less desirable: “politics is the entertainment business for ugly people, and media is the occupation for those who cannot produce, and the academy the occupation for those who cannot materially compete.”

The only solution is separation. “Revolt, Separate, Prosper, Speciate.”

It’s Not a Problem, It’s an Opportunity
It’s an opportunity: Exit the liberals and save a thousand years of evolution and market suppression of reproduction. Conduct a separation under the promise of politicide and the undesirable will go with them. It’s not a problem – it’s an opportunity.


( ….  ) Re-Nationalization of Offices

( … ) Language

( … ) Integration: Full Integration Including Courses on Manners, Ethics, Morals, and Public Behavior and Dress.

( … ) Nuclear Family


I want to make this clear: We propose an offer of settlement. It’s not a negotiation. If you reject or resist our offer, we will escalate to revolutionary purge more merciless than that of the Marxists. This revolution will begin as a Politicide. If our politicide, is resisted, we will escalate restoration of an ethnic monopoly of government. If that is resisted we will escalate to ethnocide. But by then it will not matter. Because within 120 days every major hostile city in America will be littered with the dead.”

Methods of Separation

Promotion of Hostile Cities to City-States, under Military Rule.
Devolution of the federal production of commons to the States,
Voluntary reorganization recreation of all states at neighborhood (district) level, with Minimum 300K populations,
Restoration of voluntary disassociation.

Politicide, Religiocide
Re-normalization (revert to 1922 act),
Forced Integration,
Revoke franchise to 1964 and substitute residency,
Jewish and Muslim Suppression and Forcible Exit
Re-Christianization, Re-Paganization.
Aggressive prosecution,
One Child Policy or Sterilization

Escalate to: Re-nationalization of the State

Escalate to: criminalization and aggressive repatriation,

Escalate to: encampment, or extermination



There are four victory conditions

1. We conduct a politicide (eliminating all leftism from all of life), rule every under rule of (God’s-Natures) natural law and under Jesus’s (Natural) law, by nationalizing (our race) all military, political, and government jobs, and denying all others access to political power as we did under the monarchies (successfully) for millennia.

2. We will restore voluntary disassociation, we will once again limit democratic participation, and devolve matters once again to states and localities, leaving the federal government for matters of property conflict between the states, and we will repatriate the invaders and return to sorting ourselves into kin-group neighborhoods, and towns and live in peace despite our differences in ability productivity and culture.

3. We separate and rule our states and they, their states, and some states will be homogenous and others will be heterogeneous and we will once again be like our ancestors in Europe.

4. We fight house to house, end up with a hundred million or more dead and then whoever wins does genocide against the rest.

Authoritarian Socialists


Democratic Socialists

(Secular Christians)


—“Curt; I am Christian because i have been shown much beyond mortal experiences. Your message falls in line with much of what God says and did in the old testament…… I have friends from every race and religion i fear one day i will have to call them enemy…. Even if they dont fight against us what will happen to them after our victory? What will happen to churches and religion? My God, my family, and my country and freedom are the things i will die for and fight for even against those on the right. How do i bring my faith into alignment with what seems like a great movement?”—

They are not your enemies as fellow followers of Christ, but they are your enemies in every other regard – and christ has no influence upon material goods, man’s material demands, or Caesar’s law governing man’s material behavior.

Christianity is an exceptional personal and interpersonal religion but it is a catastrophic failure as a political religion. Orthodoxy survived by NOT engaging reason and politics. Catholicism failed by engaging reason and politics. And Protestantism has either transformed into secularism (like me) or a fundamentalism like the Muslims – and will die.

So you must love men as individuals as christ advises, but you may not confused the difference between the personal and interpersonal IMMATERIAL and the interpersonal and political MATERIAL.

If they are not your kin, they are only tolerable through separation. Whether separate neighborhoods, cities, countries, or empires is determined by how much conflict there is over the material despite the immaterial (Spiritual).



Authoritarian Nationalists


Our church will be made into a state religion, including european ancestral heathen and pagan worship and all other religions prohibited, all other religious monuments buildings and symbols prohibited in public spaces – we cannot control what is in people’s heads but we can prohibit any practice and prosecute it ruthlessly until all others are gone.





( … )

Rewards (Rennaisance)


Grand Strategy

(future centuries, man, geography, English speaking peoples)

( Restoration of traditional monarchical strategy )

Remedies: Restitution: The Acts

The Constitution

The Acts


Tax- Reformation
De-Academic Parasitism
Restoration of the Rule of Law
Restoration of Markets in Everything
Restoration of the Pricing System (you won’t understand)
Restoration of the Family as the Purpose of policy
Restoration of Intergenerational Lending and Family as Insuring Community
Restoration of the Middle Working and Laboring Classes
Restoration of the Civil Society as Purpose of Commons.
Consumer Protection
Restoration of Strategic Research and Industrial Program
Military Revitalization and Repurposing
Restoration and Expansion of our Churches


We submit these Acts as Amendments of Correction.




( … )





(google may index all, and supply to library of congress)

(google may index all non-fiction over seven years, creative commons applies)

And Whereas;

(social media)


  1. Online Media

Wikipedia ( … all three positions – in value-neutral language. there is no NPV other than Propertarian,  end limitations, simply rank. )

Nationalization of Majority Interest in Youtube
Governance transferred to the Department of Communcations

Nationalization of Majority Interest in Twitter

Microsoft shall relocate its World Headquarters, Executive Team, entire Asian Workforce, and to Asia and pay the cost of doing so.

Nationalization of Majority Interest in Facebook
Nationalization of all Facebook hardware facilities and equipment.
shall relocate its World Headquarters, Executive Team, and entire Asian Workforce to Asia and pay the cost of doing so.

Google shall relocate it’s World Headquarters, Executive Team, and Entire Asian Workforce to Asia and pay the cost of doing so.

Nationalization of Majority Interest in Amazon
 shall charge and pay the state and local taxes of the destination of all products delivered.
Amazon shall deliver a minimum of 15% profit from retail operations.
Amazon shall deliver a minimum of 50% of profits from all operations in taxes.


  1. Mass Media


  1. Entertainment Media

( … ) facebook, google, twitter, etc


Restoration of the Civil Society







  1. All Non-Military Government Pensions Shall Be Terminated as Punishment for Extractive Parasitism upon The People.
  2. The Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Labor, Shall Immediately Be Terminated, and Employees Will Maintain Their Salaries for One Year. Any Opposition, Resistance, or Interference Will Deny Salary, and End in Imprisonment.

Cities Guilty of Secession by Treason

( … ) Conversion to Free Cities.


Those cities and their principles that have acted against the people and the constitution to assist in the invasion of the continent, have by demonstrated action, seceded from the union against the interests of the people


They shall be involuntarily converted to territorial possessions of the state under military rule until the constitution revised and they are fully compliant with that constitution.

New York, Long Island-Newark, Jersey City,
Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim.
Dallas, Forth Worth, Arlington.
Miami, Ft.Lauderdale, West Palm Beach.
Chicago, Naperville, Elgin.
Washington, Arlington, Alexandria.
Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell.
Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale.
Riverside, San Bernardino, Ontario.
San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward
Boston, Cambridge, Newton.
San Diego, Carlsbad.
Las Vegas, Henderson, Paradise.
Philadelphia, Camden, Wilmington.
Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond.
Denver, Aurora, Lakewood.
San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara.
Orlando Kissimee Sanford
Austin, Round Walk

Government: The Production of Commons

1. The House of Representatives Shall Be Disbanded and Prohibited.

2. The Senate Shall Be Disbanded, and Reconstituted, Consisting of The Sitting Governors of The States – One from Each.

  1. The “Governor” Shall Refer to The Highest Executive Office in The Several State, but In Capacity as Senator Shall Be Addressed as “Governor” Regardless of Local Title.

4. If Elected, Those Governors May only Be Elected by Citizens Both of The Country and Of the State, of Sixth-Generation or More, Possessed of Residential Property, and Free of Crime of Predation.

  1. The senate may construct:

1. Voluntary contracts: Between signatory states. All voluntary contracts shall consist of a contract between the signatory states on behalf of the citizenry.

2. Treaty contracts: Between all states. All treaty contracts shall consist of a contract between all the states on behalf of the citizenry.

The government shall exclusively seek the preservation and improvement of the condition of the citizens of the states and no consideration external to the state shall be proposed, considered, or acted upon.

The legislation is limited to matters of taxation, trade, and defense, and may not address etiquette, manners, behavior, norm, custom, tradition, education, or function of the member states, as all such rights are reserved for the states and states alone.

The senate may construct treaty contracts and voluntary contracts but make no law. the making of legislative law is reserved for the states and the making of law reserved for the discovery of findings of law by the court.

Regulations shall be submitted to the senate as a request for a voluntary contract or request for a treaty contract.

  1. Assent

1. all voluntary contracts between states shall Ascend Upon signature of the governors of the consenting states.

(counsel: states can conduct negotiations and construct agreements that are enforceable by the court.)

2. all treaty contracts shall require a Supermajority Vote, from sufficient states to also constitute a supermajority of territory and a supermajority of population.

3. All legislative contracts shall require the survival of Veto by the supreme court On terms of constitutionality, although the court may choose or not choose to comment or advise, and the courts action to veto or not carry no weight on future findings of law by the court.

4. conditionally:

Whereas the people are prone to follies which time does not forgive;
If monarchy exists under the constitution then the Monarchy may veto On any grounds no matter how arbitrary, at any time after passage, in defense of the polity from the fashions and follies of the day.

7. all Contracts Between the states whether Voluntary Or Legislation Shall be limited to matters of  Trade, taxation,  insurance, and defense, and may not address etiquette, manners, behavior, norm, custom, tradition, education, or function of the member states, as all such rights are reserved for the several states and the several states alone.

  1. all Amendments To the constitution shall be likewise limited to and prohibited from, the same matters as all legislation above; must survive approval from two thirds of the several states, constituting two-thirds of the territory, and two-thirds of the population of the empire.
  2. all Contracts, treaties, Legislation, , shall Sunset No later than one half of one average human lifetime from the date of passage; unless revised and renewed as new contract or legislation. Findings of the law may be overridden with new findings of the law.
  3. all states may and must Compete For talent, research, development, production and trade. But no state or alliance of states shall seek to Deprive Other states of territory, population, trade, wealth, alliances, or relations other than by market competition.

11. the only purpose of the government, shall consist of exclusively seek the preservation and improvement of the Condition of the people Of the states and no purpose external state shall be proposed, considered, or acted upon.

(counsel: globalism and other ideologies contrary to strategy are prohibited.)

12. prohibition on “Pooling and laundering” into a common fund, over which there is discretionary use. all income shall be allocated to a function and when that function or paid for the fees or taxes shall be immediately terminated and the remainder refunded.

(counsel: a prohibition on the discretionary use of funds.)

  1. All Ideology Shall be limited to activity within the several states. No parties or the equivalent of parties may exist, participate in, seek or engage in influence of the senate. Any attempt to organize the senate for the purpose of any objective than purely empirical production of voluntary and involuntary contracts of legislation on matters limited by this constitution shall be an act of treason and punishable by death.

(counsel: the matter of political orders is settled. The only opposition to voluntary reciprocal exchange is the justification of free riding, parasitism, and predation upon one group by another group. Therefore the only possible means of obtaining a desired end is not to argue for a fictional good at the expense of others, but to produce a trade that is mutually beneficial and voluntarily chosen. )

  1. Any advocacy, or attempt, to Circumvent The original intent, and spirit of the constitution shall constitute an act of treason punishable by death.

Monopoly bureaucracy

1. All non-military government Pensions Shall be terminated as punishment for extractive parasitism upon the people.

2. The departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Labor, Shall immediately be Terminated, and any resistance punishable as act of treason against the people.

3. Intelligence and State shall be added to the Department of Defense. and Defense shall terminate all functions of those bureaucracies not central to military, intelligence, state, and trade-commerce. The Marines shall move to peerage with the other services.


1. The prohibition on rents shall not be diluted, and the rights of Transit And Transport Shall not be infringed; and therefore no tolls, or fees, or taxes shall be charged for the passage of transport between or across states for the purpose of transit, defense or trade; except that passage of that which exposes the people to environmental risk and is closed to restitution, may be regulated as necessary to minimize harm.

2. Those Ways and routes That exist at the time of ratification may be altered to limit congestion, and may be increased in number; but may not be diminished or eliminated without act of legislation by the senate.  No state shall use constrain ways and routes to exert influence over the actions of another state.  The senate may act to improve any existing way or route by means of legislation at its discretion.

3. All Public buildings Regardless of use shall be constructed as monuments from hand laid materials such as brick, stone, mortar, wood, iron, steel, brass, and plaster with prewar methods of construction; with pitched roofs; with ceilings no less than nine feet; and where all postwar techniques, including panel products shall be prohibited; with construction labor provided those with civic duty to work in exchange for benefits. The practice of producing disposable civic structures shall end. the practice of war, postwar and modern architecture of the bauhaus, communist, brutalist methods shall be prohibited.

( counsel: the tendency of civil servants to seek discounts on the production commons as means of increasing their privatization of commons shall end.)

4. Quadruple the number of, or capacity of existing Nuclear reactors. restore the department of energy to the military and the military with the reactors.

5. Construct a new Electric and data grid, eliminating the existing fragility and subsequent cascading of failure.

6. Continue extraordinary investment into Electric vehicles Until our streets are quiet again, and robotic cars drive us from place to place.


Regarding Calendars

(a) the Year

1. the Year, for Government, Banking, Industry, Business Shall Consist of 13 Four-Week Months, and All Contracts of Any Kind without Exception, and All Payment Schemes Updated to This Form.

2. the Practice of Holding Employee Wages shall Be Prohibited, and The Treasury Shall Provide Banks, and Banks Customers, with Float at Simple Interest for The Period, Free of Collateralization, with Risk Absorbed by The Treasury on Behalf of The People.

(b) Holidays

The State Shall Recognize Pre-Christian Heathen and Pagan Traditional, Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant Holidays as Well as Secular Days of Remembrance, but No Other. the Communist Holidays Are Prohibited, as Are Those of Other Religions or Customs.

… ++ Required, Closure
… + Federal, Closure
… –  Observed, Open
… — Unobserved

+birthday (r: Birth Days) Individual’s Day of Birth
Regional or National Military or Political Commemorations
+(various Dependent by Country)
+christmas Eve 24th, Christmas Day 25th, St Stephen’s Day (boxing Day) 26th;
+and New Year: January 1,  Perihelion January 2.
… -Or-
+yule: December 24 Noon, to January 5.
+orthodox Christmas, January 7,8. ~epiphany
… -Or-
+saturnalia (r: Saturnalia) December 25 to January 1
+spring Day (imbolc), February 1
– Valentine’s (r: Feast of Lupercalia) February 13th-15th
– Great Night (s: Velja Noc/great Night/new Year’s Eve – ) February 28
– Feast Before Famine, Mardi Gras (before Easter)
– Spring Equinox (s: Lady Day – Komoeditsa ) ~march 20th
+easter (ostara), Good Friday, Saturday, Sunday. (w)
– Norse Summer Days Feast 4/14 to 4/25
+ancestors (s: Gorka): April 30-May1
+may Day (beltane) (end of Winter, Spring) : May 1
+memorial Day Weekend: Last Monday in May. (w)
– Triple Goddess (s: Green Week (semik) (~pentecost) (the Dead) : June 4
+midsummer (summer Solstice): June 21, Russalka (water Spirits) 17-23
+aphelion, Independence Day Weekend, July 4 (w)
– Water, Fertility, Equinox (s: Kupala – Fertility) Night of July 7-6 (julian: Equinox)
– Fathers Day, (s: Perun Day: Defense, Strength) (g: Thor): July 20th
+harvest Day (c: Lammas, Lunasa), August 1 or July 30-August 7
+labor Day Weekend: First Monday in September. (w)
– Fall Solstice (s: Tausen) , September 21 (1)
+october Feast (g: Oktoberfest), September 21.
– Earth, Goddess of The Earth (s: Mokosh), October 28th;
+halloween (c: Samhain), October 31, and November 1st (2)
+thanksgiving Feast Weekend, Third Thursday in November and The Following Friday. (w)
+st Nicholas Day, December 15th
+winter Solstice Day,  (s: Koliada), December 21st







Truth Is Truth.

Reciprocity, Law, Restitution, Punishment, Prevention Is Always and Everywhere a Truth and A Good Even if Not a Preference.

Suppression of The Truth, Reciprocity, Crime, and Prevention of Restitution, Punishment and Prevention Is Always and Everywhere a Crime.

Testimony Is a Social Science Written in The Grammars of Law and Economics. the Product of That Work Is Universal Like All Sciences. Any People Can Use It.

It Is Easier for European People to Use It Because We Have Higher Trust, Lower Corruption, and More Experience Under Empirical Truth and Rule of Law – Because It Is Both Our Traditional Law, the Foundation of Our Civilization, and Because We Have Been a Middle Class or Middle Class Organized Polity for Longer than All Other Peoples.

The enemy’s inclusion has cost us Tens of Millions of Lives, Vast Abuse by Extreme Usury, Undermining of Every One of Our Nations, and Cultures, and Much of Our Great Civil Wars.

But I View Their Problem as Ours – Our Failure to Adapt the Law to Prohibit Parasitism upon The Commons, False Promise and Baiting Into Moral-Hazard, and The Use of Pilpul and Critique, Including the Defense of All of The Above by Critique-Gsrrm.

I View the Problem of This Kind of Behavior as Relatively Easily Solved by Law – a Law Which I Have Produced, by Accident Really, as A Byproduct of Attempting to Explain Our Own Group Strategy in Scientific Terms.

I View the Ending of The Mal-Incentives of The Industries in Which They Employ False Promise, Baiting-Into-Hazard, Pilpul, Critique, and Gsrrm Resulting in Continuous Undermining of Our Civilization as Relatively Easy – Using the Law I Have Produced.

I View Restoring Our High Trust Society, the Civil Society, the Family, and The Market Between Men and Women, De-Financializing Our Society, Depoliticizing It, De-Programming It, Cleaning the Academy, the Media, the Government, and Business, Finance, Economics, and Law, of This Behavior Relatively Easy – Using the Law I Have Produced.

I Don’t Avoid the Question – I Show You the Man in the Mirror

So, in Juridical Fashion, in The Tradition of Our Law, I Haven’t Avoided the Jewish, Muslim, Semitic, Feminine, Dysgenic Question, or Our Fault in Tolerating It. I Explain It. I Answer It. I Say How To Productively Solve It. and I Do It without Emotion and Do so Not by Personalization or Over Anything Except Our Traditional Differences in Group Competition that Like All Differences Must Be Ameliorated by Incremental Suppression of Novel Means of Parasitism, by The Incremental Evolution of The Common Law of Tort.

So that We Don’t Repeat Past Mistakes

What’s Next? We Will only Save Ourselves, and Mankind from Another Dark Age if We Do Not Make the Mistakes of The Greeks and The Romans, and The Monarchists – Optimism that Other Men, Are Equal in Ability and Interest to European Men.





I cannot testify to anything other than:
1. Realism
2. Naturalism,
3. Operationalism
4. Rational Choice, Subjectively Testable By Rational Incentives.

Nor can anyone else.  And there is no reason to testify otherwise except to conduct a fraud.


The Four Reasons for the Immateriality of Gods are
1. God’s silence,
2. God’s inaction,
3. the lack of evidence, and
4. the universe looks exactly like a godless universe would,
and not at all like a Christian universe would, even down to its very structure.

Of course, this is true if you think gods are material beings. If instead, you think gods are software distributed in the minds of all of their worshippers, producing synchronicities because of the software, then that’s quite different.

You see, I talk to my gods all the time, but I don’t have to imagine them as supernatural because I understand that they exist as information and information hosted in a vast distributed computing network called ‘worshippers’ who pay debts to these gods (thanks) in exchange for wisdom and the consequences of wisdom obtained from their counsel.

Gods exist like numbers exist.
They do not exist in supernatural form.
They’re just information.
And that is enough.

The Universe Is Godless. the Mind of Man Is Not

How many proposed Christian structures have there been? They’ve all been wrong, right? Instead, we see a largely dead, empty universe, where man is irrelevant, nearly all of which is hostile to life, organized by very simple rules – rules which mean there is no information outside of the universe itself, and nothing exists other than the universe itself, boringly contracting and expanding in time cycles so vast that they are meaningless for any and all life within them and ending any and all life within them. We should see SOME evidence of supernatural power somewhere. Instead we see tedious forces of energy in motion desperately trying to exhaust itself.

Gods Exist as Information

We Can Change the Universe.

The Universe Is Godless. But The Mind of Man Is Not?
How does one cope with this fact?
Why acquire agency for the sake of acquiring it?

To work together to become the gods we desire. That is the end result of the Natural Law.

And the only alternative is NOT to work together, but to dwell in the self for selfish reasons instead – that is the blanket of deception the majority of the faithful hide underneath and cower.


1 – Conservative (Aristocracy – Meritocracy. Tripartism.)
2 – Tripartarian (Inequality. The natural hierarchy of the prisoner/slave/serf, laboring/commercial/financial, legal/military, and scientific/philosophical classes.)
3 – Reactionary (Anti-Abrahamist. Every one of the enlightenment programs has failed in social science and politics and has succeeded only in replacing the Abrahamic superstition, with Abrahamic Psuedo-science, and Institutionalized lying by gossip.)

1 – Empiricist (scientist, naturalist)
2 – Operationalist (post-analytic[set] philosophy)
3 – Nomocratist (Rule of Law)
4 – Propertarian (Market Fascist)
5 – Monarchist (Judge of Last Resort)
6 – Pagan ( Universe, Nature, Ancestors, Nation, Monarchy [royal family] )
7 – Ethnic Nationalist (Universal. For all peoples. Nations are markets that can fail.)


( … )



Which lessons can we learn from Aristotle’s Politics?

I) Fatherland, family, and property are the foundations of a free society.
II) Ethno-cultural homogeneity produces ‘philia’ (trust), necessary for a sovereign polis. Diversity produces anarchy and tyranny.
III) Massive uncontrolled immigration is a fundamental cause of civil wars.
IV) Communism is contrary to human nature and cannot but fail.
V) Socialism is an economic system which has always impoverished the country following it.
VI) A stable society rests on an abundant and prosperous middle-class.
VII) Direct democracy often produces good results, because it allows ‘the common sense’ of the people to prevail over the vested interests of corrupt elites.
VIII) A political system is worth the quality of its citizens, therefore the importance of eugenics, economics, and education.
IX) A good political regime is one in which government serves the common wealth.
X) A bad political regime is one in which government just serves itself.

(A modest contribution to the Aristotelian legacy, irritated after reading several recent books on Classical Antiquity: How to be a Stoic?, Aristotle’s Way, Tending the Epicurean Garden. In each case, the defence of Classicism ends up coming off more as a defence of the current centre-left status quo. It is particularly blatant in the case of Massimo Pigliucci, evangelist of ‘cognitive bias’ and reliably blind to his own).

( .. )


I view economic schools as class philosophies using various forms of pseudoscience especially innumeracy.

The underclasses need serfdom, the lower classes need socialism(managed labor), the middle classes need markets, the R&D people need a subsidy, and the aristocratic people need to create socialism, markets, and rule of law that make both possible.

State-Dependent: Keynesian Economics = Marxism restated, favoring state and  underclass at the expense of society and civilization. Useful for shocks, Useless for everything else.  Targeting employment was the worst of all solutions.

Finance: Austrian economics = Jewish economics (favoring the lender at everyone’s expense.) “`Ghetto Economics”

Entrepreneurial: Chicago economics = anglo rule of law economics with insurance against harms and calculable redistribution  (favoring the entrepreneur.) Possibly the best solution.

Middle and Working: Testimonial Economics = The measurement of the success at the production of institutions of cooperation, by a full accounting of changes in Capital (balance sheet) by the test of each (monthly) income statement, given the demographic at hand.

Underclass: Marxism: Not-Economics at all, but a false promise by pseudoscience of the labor theory of value on upward. Labor has no value. Machines prove it. The value is in the hypothesizing, theorizing, organization of production, of goods services and information. Surplus labor is is dead weight others, the planet, and the universe.

Nothing Else is Economics. It’s just Finance.

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