The Choice – Episode 0018 – The Right’s Judgement and Sentencing of The Left

This ‘Speech’ Summarizes in Scientific Terms the Right’s Complaint, Judgement, and Sentencing of the Left, Progressives, and Democrats.





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The Choice – Episode 0018 – The Right’s Judgement and Sentencing of The Left

—“You can’t run on a civil war footing hopped up on conspiracy theories hating everyone who lives in cities, mainlining [conspiracy theories], threatening to kidnap governors and shoot protesters, without people trying to figure out how to reverse the brainwashing.”— Typical Democratic Party Member

You have it backward. The fact that you’ve succeeded in brainwashing the majority is only evidence of the relative incompetence of the majority. Here is the evidence. We don’t presume you conspire intentionally, but you do conspire by common interest, and fail to perform due diligence against error, bias, deceit, fraud, theft free riding, parasitism and predation.  So let us see how you failed due diligence. In the resolution of disputes, we do not need consider intent, only harm, where harm is the result of the failure of due diligence to prevent yourself and others from doing harm. Intent only increases the severity of the three categories of sentencing: restitution, punishment, and prevention of repetition. And once aware that one’s actions are a crime, a harm, a violation of reciprocity in display word and deed,

These words constitute as ‘service’ making you aware of your crimes, demanding you cease and desist from your crimes, or you shall suffer the increased severity of restitution, punishment and prevention you are due for having continued your crimes.

What are those crimes?

Our Core Dispute: the success of Europe over the rest is the development of the institution of rule of law before state or faith; all civilizations are anchored in group strategy, mythology, tradition, method of persuasion, vocabulary, and logic of their first institutions. Those first are sometimes modified by the second, and the third rarely has any influence.  The european Common law is five thousand years old, it is empirical, and the institution of that empirical law resulted in the empirical discovery of formal(logical), physical, natural and evolutionary laws, and caused european markets, and european soft market eugenics: culling of the underclasses tht other peoples failed to cull.

The left can’t tolerate that it’s entire pseudoscientific and sophomoric project, including gould’s evolution,  boaz’s anthropology,  freud’s psychology, marx’s economics and sociology, the frankfurt school’s history culture and aesthetics, derrida’s sophistry, friedan’s feminism, the political-correctness and woke movements, cantor’s and borh’s mathematics,  are COUNTER REVOLUTIONS against the Darwinian explanation for the success of the west over the rest: our maximization of adaptation using rule of law, Markets rewarding innnovation, and the market Eugenics that result – continuing the process of natural selection, leaving the europeans by the beginning of the 19th century with an extraordinary genetic, institutional, cultural, and technological advantage of continuous rapid evolution and adaptation – that was undermined the largely jewish postwar attack on the american and european eugenics movements – and expanded into immigration of undesirables that has all but eliminated our genetic, institutional, political, cultural, social, technolgical advantages in less than a century.

The right is masculine, militaristic, hierarchical, conformal, role-finding (position finding in the hierarchy), limiting consumption, limiting reproduction, capitalizing gains in family and commons. The left: dysgenic hyperconsumption and reproduction: CANCER.

You are, quite unknowingly, by your revolt against western civilization, it’s rule of law, empiricism, markets, hierarchy, and soft eugenics, against science, against, truth, are nothing more than a pseudoscientific cult repeating the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim dark ages. The decline in human ability over the past three decades is due to YOU.  The loss of productivity do to YOU.

You took advantage of the media to industrialize your lying, your baiting into hazard, your false promise of freedom from the natural laws; and you accused european men of oppression rather than observance of the laws of the universe, and preservation of their gains, and the vast disproportionate gains for mankind by continuing their traditions. Traditions for which lesser evovled peoples are empirically unfit by their failure to integrate and adapt to them, and their failure in economic and social markets because of iit.

What is the immense cost of your crimes? Is it measurable?  It’s so vast it’s incomprehensible. You have spent down into reproductive number and dysgenia over a thousand years of civilizational, territorial, institutional, traditional, cultural, normative, intellectual, and genetic capital – in just a century. You are worse than any plague – plagues take lives but cultures endure. You’re even worse. You’re informational, behavioral, and social cancer.  And you are doing to the west what you did to mesopotamia, egypt, north africa, persia, old india, the romans, the byzantines, and old europe. If science had an equivalent of the devil or the antichrist it would be the left, and leftism the woship of evil itself. You are nothing but a war against evolution and man itself with the false promise of violation of the laws of nature if you destroy those who discover. adapt to, and apply them as proxies for hating the universe who finds you unfit for it. A truth that  you cannot bear.

Christianity provided the only possible comfort for adherence to the laws of nature and nature’s god: reciprocal insurance in the community of every member of it. It came a the price of false promise of life after death.    The Christians only sought to expand charity by interpersonal(empirical) redistribution to others in exchange for conformity to our traditions (Europen group strategy is uniquely scientific).The LEFT tried to WAR AGAINST US – against every aspect of our civilization – against all our capital in all its forms – through the new institutions of mass media, fiat money, the debt expansion, our charity in opening up democarcy, our presumption of the good that it wouldn’t be abused, using the descendence of slaves to impose undue guilt our virtuos self image could not bear, the frailty of our laws, our courts, and ourconstitution, the poisoning our education and our academy and finally our bureaucracy, and our entertainment, and our news media and social media – meanwhile spreading immigration, reproductive distribution from te middle class to the underclasses and immigrants, and justifying  the parasitism of trillions every year from our people through financialization, made possible by it,

The fact that european practiced this tradition of ‘scientific government of civilization’ by tradition rather than articulated expression is something I’ve solved for Europeans, by writing it down as their group strategy: the formal logic of the natural law of cooperation.

And in doing so I’ve also demonstrated you are the equivalent of the great plages, responsible for 100M recent and 1B ancient deaths, the loss of 5 great civilizations of the ancient world – an intellectual, social, economic, and political cancer of uncontrolled dysgenic growth.

So you and your lies, your pseudoscience, your revolt against the formal(correspondence with reality), physical(scarcity), natural (reciprocity, amorality), evolutionary(regression to the mean, the defeat of the red queen), is just another cult we must stop to prevent your Dark Age.

You violate the only law necessary for cooperation: reciprocal grant of self determination, by self-determined means, using reciprocity in display word and deed and duty of reciprocal insurance of reciprocity in display word and deed, and markets for voluntary association, cooperation, reproduction, production, commons, and polities . If you violate that one law, then we may negotiate an exchange, you may pay restitution, but if you persist in your crimes, and do not willingly separate, then we have no choice but war.  War to separate, war to conquer, war to rule, or war to eliminate.

We have, obeying that law, chosen reciprocity. The choice of response is yours. Any choice other than separation means war, and you will bear the full consequences that decision.

You deserve every act of retaliation, retribution, punishment, and restitution for your crimes.

Natural Law(Tort) does not require intent to do harm – it requires only you fail due diligence.

You failed.

You are accused, prosecuted, convicted, sentenced, and awaiting your punishment.


–“if you had not sinned, your gods would not have sent us to punish you.”–Genghis Khan

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