The Special Pleading Of Jews and Muslims as Warfare


I suspect the author of the Twitter post below was trolling and using a fictional name – but it’s an opportunity to address the current state of our civilization, that has been more than a century and a half in the making – and the eternal conflict between Europeans(Europe), Hindus(South Asia), Chinese, Africans versus the Semites (South Eurasians).

“The Jews of America are no longer safe. I’m devastated for them and I’m desperately hoping they understand the threat they are facing. The Post-Holocaust ‘Golden Age’ of guilt-based acceptance of Jews is over.”— Ben M Freeman

So that we can try, once again, to avoid another bloodshed, and this time to prevent another dark age, and possibly, even more so, to prevent humanity’s failure to pass through the Great Filter, then perhaps the present crisis – repeating a long history of such crises, provides sufficient incentive and opportunity for Resolving a long-standing problem for us as Europeans, for the Jews, for the Muslims, and for Mankind.

The Great Filter: “Given the age of the universe, the long time for advanced life to emerge, and short time for technology to emerge from it, and absence of other life in the observable universe, there must be one or more barriers to advanced, stellar, interstellar, galactic, and inter-galactic life, that prevents abiogenesis, multicellular life, tool using life, abstract intelligence, technological innovation, and colonization.”

Part I – Group Evolutionary Strategies

Civilizational Context

All proto civilizations, in order to unify larger numbers for larger scales of defense, trade, and cooperation, develop a group competitive evolutionary strategy dependent upon geography, climate, available means of production, present technological development, method of warfare, demographic composition, heterogeneity of, and number of competitors. The strategy is institutionalized by a mythology that provides a paradigm, vocabulary, logic within that paradigm, method of arguing for it, and a set of rituals (debts of loyalty) to reinforce it, including the relation between man and nature, between one another, between the classes, and the authorization of the legitimacy of elites, the hierarchical organization of the polity, and the status signals both good and bad that we call virtues, that demand, justify, and reinforce cooperative behavior at increasing scales.

We Don’t Know Our Group Strategies

We call these  ‘metaphysics’ or values as if they are arbitrary – and they aren’t.

Within each strategy, classes develop sub-strategies

There are a limited Number of Strategies – and we can Enumerate Them

There are only so many human strategies – and we discovered and exploited all of them.

The Conflict of Civilizations

All Surviving Strategies Succeed, Some are Moral or Immoral, and advance man, hinder, or regress man – They Aren’t Equal or Relative or Subjective but Physics at Scale


The Axial Age (Civilization Formation) Anchored Our Strategies

—“Axial Age (also Axis Age, from German: Achsenzeit) is a term coined by German philosopher Karl Jaspers in the sense of a “pivotal age”, characterizing the period of ancient history from about the 8th to the 3rd century BCE. During this period, according to Jaspers’ concept, new ways of thinking appeared in Persia, India, China and the Greco-Roman world in religion and philosophy, in a striking parallel development, without any obvious direct cultural contact between all of the participating Eurasian cultures.”— Wiki

We are Midway through a new Axial age, Failed, and are entering a New Dark Age

( … )



The Value of Cooperation within Group and their Strategies

( … )

The Ternary Logic of Cooperation

We are unfortunately indoctrinated into the logic of inference used in verbal and textual interpretation, rather than the logic of operations – a sequence of human operations first, and then the logic of verbal and textual communication and interpretation of those operations. So, we find in the logic of operations, instead of just True and False:

There are three states of logic, in order from more certainty to less:

1. False certainty
… 2. Truth candidatate (actionable)
3. Undecidable (In-actionable)

There are Three States of Truth in the Spectrum of Demand for Truth

Incoherent – Meaningless
1. … Coherent but inconsistent with satisfying the demand for decidability
2. … … Coherent and Consistent but Insufficient to satisfy the demand for decidability
3. … … … Coherent, Consistent, Correspondent and Sufficient to satisfy the demand for decidability
Tautological – Meaningless.

There are Three states of Testimony

1. Honesty – Surviving Due Diligence against deceit
2. Testifiable Truth – Due diligence against inference bias: loading, framing, obsuring…) – surviving due diligence by self-testing.
3. Untestifiable Ideal Truth – If one had perfect knowledge, paradigm, vocabulary – surviving application in the market – surviving market due-diligence against ignorance and error.

There are Three states of Knowledge in the Spectrum of Knowledge

( .. epistemology … )

There are Three states of Ethics in the Ethical Spectrum

( … ethics … ) Amoral, Ethical, Moral, Virtuous and Unethical, Immoral, Evil

There are only three states of cooperation

1. Irreciprocity: parasitism– to predation (conflict) Logically False
… 2. Reciprocity: exchange – to integration(cooperation) Logically True
3. Boycott: avoidance – to separation (ostracization) Logically Undecidable

Interestingly enough there are only three corresponding methods of influence, persuasion, and coercion available to man, by rate of effect:

1. Force or Defense (imposition of harm, defense from harm)
… 2. Remuneration (deprivation of trade, or benefit from trade), and;
… … 3. Ostracization from and Insurance for membership: opportunity or loss of opportunity for cooperation, and the discounts on the opportunities that arise from membership.

We can Scale each of the three-axis of coercion by the three degrees of coercion:

1. Influence – informing others in their interests
… 2. Coercion – coercing others to follow your interests
… … 3. Power – organized coercion of others for your or collective interests

We can scale each axis of coercion by dree of certainty:

1. Undecidability
… 2. Possibility
… … 3. Potential
… … … 4. Probability
… … … … 5. Likelihood
… … … … … 6. Certainty

Giving us: Axis(Force, Remuneration, Undermining) > Coerciveness > Certainty

Interestingly, these reflect human specialization in the evolutionary sexual division of labor:

1. Force and Political Construction by the Dominant Males that hold territory using physical super predation
… 2. Trade and Productive Construction by the ascendant males that use cunning and opportunity and economic super-predation
3. Undermining and Social Construction by females that raise children using social super predation.

These reflect moral biases

These reflect personality biases

These reflect expressed political biases

These reflect reproductive strategies

Male Reciprocity and Proportionality (Merit) = Eugenic: adversarial competition maintaining natural selection. Necessary for clan, tribe, nation, survival.
Female Reciprocity and Equality (Non-Merit) = Dysgenic: social conformity maintaining stasis. Rise and Fall All.
Male-Female Compatibilism: an equilibrium of Reciprocity between proportionality and equality wherein females agitate for male production of goods, services, and information (commons) in order to satisfy their want for consumption – in exchange for costly reproduction – while preserving competitive advantage and not surrendering competitive advantage, given that females are devoted to children but not loyal to males.

As such, we organize by the scale of polity:

1. Kin (Tribe) – Law (Law, Economic)
2. State (Nation) – Force (Military, Political)
3. Cult (Civilisation) – Ostracizaton (Mythology, Social)

As such we develop elites and elite institutions in each method of coercion:

1. Force by State and Command – serving interests of upper classes
… 2. Remuneration by Commerce and Law – serving interests of middle classes
3. Religion by Priesthood, and Tradition – serving interests of lower classes

And the elites naturally gravitate to servicing clientele:

1. State->Military or Military->State (Top Down) -> Upper Classes
… 2. Law->Commerce (Center out) -> Middle Classes
3. Religion->Peasantry (Bottom up) -> Lower Classes

Resulting in Example Archetypes:



Evolution is limited by Path Dependency in a Group Strategy

Path dependence is when the decisions presented to people are dependent on prior decisions or experiences made in the past. So whether the information is genetic and invisible to us, metaphysical (a paradigmatic interpretation of the universe, world, man and our societies, presumptive habit

Adaptivity by The sequence of the development of State, Law, and Religion, like the foundation of any evolutionary structure, is anchored by the first institution the people develop, and the strategy, mythology, wisdom literature, method of argument, institutions that evolve in that series. Thereafter the civilization is somewhat a prisoner of that initial choice just as all alliances, organizations, technologies, and ideas are bound by previous decisions.

First Institution
Strong Foundation
Second Institution
Supportive to Foundation
Third Institution
Weak or Failed Foundation
Religion State Law
Religion Law State
State Religion (or Philosophy) Law
State Law Religion
Law State Religion
Law Religion State

And this order dominates all thought throughout the civilization and throughout history.


State -> Law -> Religion ==> (China)
State-> Religion(Confucian) -> Law  ==> (China – Failed Law)

Law > Religion > State  ==> (no one)
Law > State > Religion(Philosophy) ==> (Europe)

Religion(Theology) -> State > Law ==> (Middle east)
Religion(Mythology)  -> Law -> State ==> (India)

Political power originates in the ability of humans to organize by individual influence, group coercion, and institutional power.

Influence: Individual Influence > Group Coercion > Institutional Power

1. It just so happens that we use gossip to rally and shame and ostracize people from production and opportunity for consumption: Religion. But then we scale.

2. It just so happens that you need to use violence to suppress parasitism sufficiently for a market to form, at that scale: State. But then we scale further.

3. And then to use law to suppress cheating, fraud, and to impose performance, and restitution, and if necessary, punishment: Law. But then we scale further.

4. And then we use wealth created by the application of violence and law and to force market participation rather than parasitism, to pay off those who cannot be forced.

5. And then, we hit the novel inflection point, and scale further:

6. And so we then use force, law and gossip to suppress the suppressors, and rely entirely upon rule of law, without a group of elites or institutions that exercises power.


So the sooner one develops rule of law, the sooner one starts suppressing the parasitism of the monopoly.


The disproportionate returns on increasing scales of cooperation in a division of sensation, perception, cognition, prediction, memory, wants, advocacy, negotiation, and labor.

The Competitive Value of Marginal Increases in the Rate of Adaptation by Physical and Caloric, Social and institutional, Cognitive and Technological means.

A Group’s Founding Relationships with the universe:

To The Natural World,
To Choices toward Others,
By An Organizational Model,
By Means of Mythology, and Paradigms
By Means of Persuasion and Negotiation,
By Grammar of Communication

The Spectrum of Relationships with The Natural World

Peers, Ascendants, Transformers, Conquerors of Nature (Europeans)
– In Harmony with Nature – bias mankind (East Asians)
Interwoven Supernatural and Natural — bias supernatural (Hindu)
Subjects of the Supernatural (Semitic)

The Spectrum Three Axes of Choices Toward Others:

Predation, Parasitism, Rent Seeking, Free Riding, Undermining
Competition by the degree of Non-imposition, Cooperation, and Trade
Boycotting Avoidance of con?ict or cooperation

The Spectrum of Three Axes of Organizing Order and Elites Internally

Force/Defense: Military/Judiciary — Authority (positive)
Remuneration/Deprivation: Finance/industry – Markets (exchange)
Undermining/Inclusion: Priesthood/intellectuals – Resistance (negative)

Rule by Spectrum of Three Axes of Decidability

1. Reason andCommand (China India) – Requires Justification
2. Empiricism(science) and Law (Europe) – Requires Truth
3. Sophistry and Propaganda (Semitia) – Requires Sophistry

The Spectrum of Mythologies

History (truth), Essay, Science
Literature (analogy), Mythology
Deceit (fraud), Scripture, Theology

All civilizations produce these elements of group evolutionary strategy:

(a) A Group Evolutionary (competitive) Strategy,
(b) A Group Organizing Strategy to Pursue it
(c) A Mythology to explain and justify it,
(d) A Wisdom Literature (or hierarchy of) to communicate it,
(e) A System of Argument to persuade and defend it, and;
(f) A set of Institutions to persist it.
(f) A set of Elites to Regulate it (Govern)
(g) A set of Traditions, Values, Norms, Habits to Act within it.
(h) A Continous Stream Of Cooperation and Competition and Conflict.
(i) Survival (Persistence)
(j) At different Rates of Adaptation, stagnation, decline.

|STRATEGY|Strategy > Organizing Strategy > Mythology > Wisdom Literature > System of Argument > Institutions > Traditions, Values, Norms, Habits > Actions.

Part II – A Comparison of Group Strategies

The Evolution of Man

( …. )

The Evolution of Groups

( …)

The Problems of Scale

The Neural Economy

The Neural Economy, Uncertainty, and Worry (neuroticism)

The Demand for “Meaning”

The Demand For Agency (Will to Power, or control, or survival)

The Demand for Mindfulness

I mean the physical, cognitive and emotional discipline to control the subject of attention on the present intent, insulated from distractions whether personal, environmental, or interpersonal.

—“People are not evolved for producing statements of secular epistemic purity but rather for survival through cooperation negotiated by language.”–

Decidability and mindfulness are market goods. We require these goods to compensate for a complex unpredictable (kaleidic) world.

Traits Agreeableness, Extraversion, and Neuroticism

  1. Personal: The market demand for personal mindfulness (Spiritualism) whether empathic-feminine (theological), moral-masculine(rational), or analytic-masculine(scientific) exists, and all three demands exist for most of us.
  2. Interpersonal: The Market Demand for interpersonal mindfulness by creating a standard dialog, set of signals, and manners that are costly to learn and practice, but that by practicing display to others you are worthy of honest cooperation on the same terms.
  3. Social: The market demand for social mindfulness (limitation of fear and comfort in the ethical, and moral. These are moral rules that serve the group’s competitive strategy – and all reflect the environmental challenges of the age of transformation in which men invented religions.,
  4. Political: The market demand for political mindfulness (limits on political action and on rulers actions). I won’t cover each of them here.
  5. Strategic: The Market Demand for a group strategy – gypsy parasitism, Jewish parasitism, Muslim parasitism, predation and conquest, Christian undermining of the truth, knowledge, reason, law, property, aristocracy by rallying the peasantry and women and slaves against all and being as expansionary as islam – to counter islam. Buddhist submission and obedience Hindu class duty and function in the ‘harmony’. Chinese hierarchical family (bureaucracy). Anglo aristocratic egalitarianism (entrepreneurship and corporation).

( … title … )

1. Dominance (Real, Techne-Science, Materialism, Action)
Statism Nationalism (Tribalism) Achieves mindfulness because of participation in state
Soldiery Achieves mindfulness through military fraternity
 Achieves Mindfulness because of achievement or success

2. Utility( Idealism, Philosophy, Reason, Choice, Mind)
-Anglo Philosophy
Continental and Platonic European Philosophy
ConfucianDaoist Philosophy

3. Insulation (Accommodation, Ritualization, Thought, Intuition )
 achieves mindfulness through small daily task completion in a virtuous manner.
achieves mindfulness through the precise repetition of ritual in a respectful manner.
Buddhism achieves mindfulness through meditation and escape from reality.

4. Submission (Supernatural, Theology, Empathy, Feeling)
 achieves mindfulness by personal and collective prayer (and song).
 achieves mindfulness by many memorizations and ritual prayers during every single day.
Judaism achieves mindfulness by separatism and deep indoctrination

The question is, given how the various religions solved mindfulness (Stoicism-epicureanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Abrahamism) which produces agency (stoicism), which produces optimism (Hinduism), which produces withdrawal from reality (Buddhism) and which denies and escapes reality (Abrahamism).

The Geographic Origin of Group Strategies

    • Hostilelands: African Ethics (pre-Christian). Africa is akin to the Desertlands because of the sheer number of competitors, the hostility of the disease gradient, the plethora of wildlife, combined with the primitiveness of the available technologies. This is the only possible strategy until one or more core states can evolve, and create suf?cient stability in some regions. (this is occurring now).
    • Desertlands: Muslim Ethics: (I am still working on this one because I don’t get that it’s causal – but opportunistic.) What can I justify now in order to make this minor advance now? And thereby accumulate wins by wearing down opponents over long periods. The ethics of opportunism. As far as i can tell Islam is just an excuse for justifying opportunism. We can consider this the combination of religion and justifying opportunism – a long term very successful strategy because it’s very low cost
    • Steppelands: Russian(0rthodox) Ethics: What can I get away with now by negotiation and subterfuge, and hold by force later? (steppe raiders) The ethics of steppe people surrounded by competitors, always hostile and unpredictable. This is a dif?cult and expensive but only possible strategy, when one is surrounded by hostile opportunity seekers. While seemingly expansive, it’s actually a fearful one, aggression as the only possible means of controlling defensive positions across open territory.
    • Borderlands: Cosmopolitanerish) Ethics: What will someone consent to Regardless of future resentment and retaliation? (borderland/subculture/ deontological ethics: rules) The ethics of diasporic, migrating traders, or herding peoples who can prey upon the locals who hold territory. This is a very low cost (parasitic) ethics that avoids all contribution to the host commons, but requires preserving the ability to exit (migrate). it is the raider strategy by systemic and verbal rather than physical means.
    • Forestlands: Family, Clan Farms, Villages. Transportation expensive. Forests are dark and scary places full of brigands. Aristocratic Ethics: What will someone not retaliate against even if we agree to it?(rulers/teleological ethics: outcomes) The ethics of warriors who must hold territory. This is a very high-cost strategy because while professional warrior aristocracy is militarily superior, smaller numbers mean threats must be constantly suppressed when small, as soon as identi?ed. (Pro?ting from the domestication of man)
    • Riverlands: Riverlands strategy defends against Steppland and Desertland strategies. (Pro?ting from the domestication of man) Chinese Ethics: What can I get away with now, but over time make it impossible to change later? The ethics of long term ruling bureaucratic class. Sun Tzu strategy, and Confucian hyper familism. This is an exceptionally cost-effective strategy if one possesses a territorial resource (heartland), and can fortify that heartland.
    • Fertile River Land: (Pro?t from the subjugation of man) (Cyrus was lost). Bias to Empire.
    • Coastal-Island Lands – Athens, Scandinavia Bias to Trade
    • Island Lands – Cyprus, Crete, BRITAIN, Naval bias to Trade.
    • Diasporic People – Gypsies, Travellers, Jews

We All Evolved Through Wisdom Literature and Systems of Argument

Burial …
… Ancestor ….
… Animism ….
… Seasons (Agrarianism)
… … Sun Tzu Realism ( Martial Realism)
… … … Confucianism (harmony)
… … … … Daoism (Tolerance)
… … Proto IE Religion
… … … Proto Vedic
… … … … Hinduism
… … … … … Buddhism (stoic)
… … … … … … Buddhism (supernatural)
… … … … Zoroastrianism
… … … European Sky Father (martial realism)
… … … … European Common Law (legal realism)
… … … … … Platonism (idealism)
… … … … … … Aristotelianism (Epicureanism) (realism naturalism)
… … … … … … … Roman History, Law and Administration
… … … … … … … … (The Dark Ages)
… … … … Germanic Common Law
… … … … … English Common Law
… … … … … … The Aristotelian (Classical) Restoration (Italy, England)
… … … … … … … The Aesthetic Restoration (Renaissance)
… … … … … … … The Empirical Restoration (England)
… … … … … … … … The First Scientific Revolution (Theoretic)
… … … … … … … … … Agrarian, Commerical, Financial, Industrial Revolutions (Applied)
… … … … … … … … … … The Second Scientific Revolution
… … … … … … … … … … … The Technological (Applied) Revolution
… … … … … … … … The French Counter-Empirical Revolution (Enlightenment)
… … … … … … … … The German Counter-Empirical Revolution (Phenomenalism)
… … Proto Semitic (Animism)
… … … Proto Judaism
… … … … … Abrahamism <- Zoroastrianism (Authoritarianism)
… … … … … … Rabbinical Judaism (Justificationism)
… … … … … … … … The Ashkenazi Rationalization (Mendelsohn)
… … … … … … … … … The Ashkenazi Pseudoscientific Counter-Revolution
… … … … … … … … … … Boaz, Freud, Marx, Gould Marxism (Science Denial)
… … … … … … … … … … … NeoMarxism (Cultural Marxism)
… … … … … … … … … … … … Postmodernism > PC > Woke > Cancel Culture > Deplatforming
… … … … … … … … … … … … … Anti-Colonialism >Anti Whiteness > White Replacement
… … … … … … … … … … … … Anti-Male Feminism > Mysandry
… … … … … … Christianity (resistance)
… … … … … … … The Augustinian Conflation (compromise)
… … … … … … … … Orthodoxy – Catholicism, (settlement)
… … … … … … … … … Protestantism, (reformation)
… … … … … … … … … … Evangelicalism (folk-religion restoration)
… … … … … … … Islam (7th c+)
… … … … … … … … Fundamentalist Islam (11-12th c+)
… … … … … … … … … Wahabi Fundamentalist Islam (20th c+)

Adaptability Of Wisdom Literature Response Times

Just as methods of influence produce different response times (effect rates) so does wisdom literature.

Natural Law instantly and continuously evolves with each court finding. Continuous Adaptation

Least Prescriptive.
Most Chance of Rotation.
Most personal and social stress.

State Command responds slowly by necessity, but fast. Selective (crisis) Adaptation

Selectively prescriptive.
Selectively adaptive – usually by shocks.
Life of Stasis and infrequent Shocks.

Philosophy requires generational revision or replacement, but slowly. General (Great Change) Adaptation Truth Before Face
Wisdom Literature requires intergenerational reinterpretation to changes. But very slowly. Consistency regardless of a change Contingent
Scripture requires frequent re-justification in response to change, but never changes. Stagnation or prohibition on change.

Most Prescriptive.
No Chance of Rotation.
Least personal and social stress.

Face Regardless of Truth



1. China (Northeast Asia) developed the State, and institutionalized philosophy, but failed at law, limiting adversarial competition in commerce and invention, but succeeded by mastery of statecraft – using a rational basis of thought – at the cost of slow evolution in technology.

China: Military -> State -> Religion (Philosophy) -> Failed at Law
Imported reformed Hinduism in the form of Buddhism.
Strategy:  Delay, Deceive, And Trickery to Overwhelm, Assimilate, by Incremental Expansion, applying overwhelming numbers to push forward the walls of the fortress with cultural, institutional, and genetic conquest. The China myth is just that, and the longest it’s been a unified empire was a century. China has better demographic trait distribution than India but to some degree – as the Great Khan learned – her numbers make her unconquerable, only temporarily governable.

Lao Tzu, Sun Tzu, and Confucius, (Wisdom: What should be) All 6th-5th C BC wrote Philosophical Wisdom Literature. Lao Tzu crossed the line into the questionable.  Note that Buddhism was developed in India in the 5th Century BC, but did not succeed there. Buddhism succeeded where the people still retained “Natural Religion“: Ancestor, spirit, and nature worship.

2. Japan (Northeast Asia) is perhaps the world’s most successful state and second only to England and Germany because of her distance from the empirical revolution. To some degree, adaptive Japan is to authoritarian China as adaptive England was to authoritarian and backward France.

Japan: Miliary Success -> State Success -> Law Success -> Religion Unnecessary, Limited Buddhism imposed.

3. India (South Asia) adopted Religion, failed at state, and failed at law, succeeded by numbers that despite numbers demographics and poverty produced a nearly idyllic civilization – using a practical basis of thought – at the cost of castes to prevent dysgenia at the top, failing to shrink the bottom, and making the evolution of the civilization next to impossible.

India: Military Failure -> Religion -> State Failure -> Law Failure
Imported UK Law, State, Education. (Unfortunately, French Socialism)
Strategy: The Immovable Object: Use the massive population and deeply ingrained culture to resist them with kindness, at the cost of tolerating frustration and extractive rule.

Indians (WISDOM, RITUAL, PRAYER, What should be) Wrote both mythology and wisdom literature, bordering on political science, from 1500 to 500 bc, then developed gods through 500AD, and continued to evolve through contributions of ‘saints’ through 1500AD despite Islamic conquest and interference.

4. Iranic Persia ( …. )

The Persians (INDIVIDUAL UTOPIAN UNIVERSALISM) wrote supernormal and supernatural wisdom literature. Zoroastrianism 6th C BC.  They did not make the full leap from religion to philosophy.

5. Semitia (South Eurasia) adopted religion, then religious law, then failed at the state, and civilizationally succeeded by religion – using a supernatural basis of thought, at the cost of generating demand for superstition and resistance to change.

Semitia: Transient Military (State Failure) -> Religion -> Law (Religious) -> State Failure
Importing State (failed) Importing Law (failed)
Competition between kritarchic Priest Law vs State Law.
Strategy: Continuous insurrection by non-adaptation and zero tolerance for adaptation at the cost of non-productivity.

The Semitic Abrahamists , from 6th c BC, to 6th c AD, evolved traditional Semitic polytheistic religion into monolatry, then monotheism, then branched into Christianity, rabbinical Judaism, and Islam (and others). (Wrote Mythology, Resistance, Rebellion, Separatism, and Lie and Destruction of all of the above. (COMMAND, UTOPIAN LIE) They conflated theology, philosophy, and law into authoritarian religion.

The Egyptians  (Lost Civilization ) wrote no systemic text for their natural religion (mythology, animism, polytheism,  They practiced traditional trade: RITUAL AND SACRIFICE Supernatural (Animism, Anthropomorphism, heathenism ) Doctrine and Ritual.

7. Europeans (West Eurasia) developed law, then the state, and failed at religion, succeeded by law –  using the empirical basis of thought – generating the fastest culture of innovation and adaptation humanly possible at the cost of the necessity of market suppression of reproduction continuing human domestication, and importing a foreign religion for the masses. Unfortunately the combination of overextension, immigration, religious conversion,

Europe: Military -> Law -> State -> Religion Failure (Philosophy)
Imported Religion (Christianity)
Strategy: Quality over Quantity: small numbers on the edge of the bronze age must maneuver, innovate, and adapt rapidly, to pressure from hordes of superior numbers.

Aristotle, Epicurus, Democritus; (TRUTH, What is.) Wrote Proto Empiricism: Reason, Naturalism, Proto-empiricism, Law, Calculation. So the greeks and romans crossed from tradition into philosophy and then empiricism (science). Truth Regardless of Cost.

7. Russian Europeans (Eastern Europe and North Eurasia) were following the general European technical and intellectual dispersal eastward but were interrupted by the Mongol invasion, their reconquest of their territories, their successful expansion, rapid Europeanization, but exhaustion from the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution, resulting terrors and the enormous sacrifice fighting the Germans. So Russia’s national myth is excessively one of world war two, not their series of triumphs over adversity, despite being on the edge of European civilization and surrounded by hostiles to south and east – and unfortunately west.

Russia: Military -> Weak State -> Religion (Orthodoxy) -> Now Law
Russia imported orthodoxy deliberately (almost Islam) just as did Japan Buddhism, in order to educate, govern, and tax the peasantry.

8. Africa, or at least west Africa, given her remoteness, was on the cusp of her first empires when interrupted by colonialism. The same is true for North America.

Africa: (Military and State Formation Interrupted)
Christianity imported, and Islam enforced. Experimental but hopeful.

9. Mesoamerican early civilization, again remote, and perhaps the most brutal and gruesome in history, was terminated by colonialism. As was Stone Age north Amerindian proto-civilization.

Americas: Military -> Religion -> State Failure, Law Failure
Exterminated by Europeans and Neighbors

10. Gypsies, Jews, Arabs, and Turks ( … )

(Under Suppression)
While the list of disaspora is long, only the various gypsies and jews completely gave up territorial holding and state formation. The gpysy strategy is low-level parasitic specializing in begging, black market, petty crime, gambling, prostitution, entertainment (music, dancing, singing), fortue telling, . And resorting to manual labor when necessary.

—“They pool resources to start and operate fortune-telling businesses. They work together in teams, tarmacking, tinning, and roofing houses. To restrict competition in their fields of work, Gypsies also collude. Kumpaniyi carve up geographic territories, each receiving the exclusive right to operate in a given area. For example, in Gypsies’ most lucrative economic activity—fortune telling—kumpaniyi divide economic territories into three-block areas.

In non-Gypsies’ eyes, Gypsies are thieves. Gypsies have contributed to this stereotype by stealing from and/or defrauding opportunistically. gadjo (non-romani, like Jews use Goy for non-jews or as we Europeans call barbarians, primitives, or even animamls’) For Gypsies, using one’s cleverness to relieve a gadjo of his money or property is a virtue, not a vice. Thus Gypsies don’t scruple at defrauding fortune-telling customers or engaging outsiders in other confidence games. Abusing and defrauding government welfare programs is also a popular and important economic activity for modern Roma.”— Peter Leeson, Economics, George Mason University 2012

As such gypsies functionas a low level infection, and since they are rarely a threat to the sate or economy they are only persecuted for excesses.

Gypsies practice various religions but they also practice supernatural customs, particularly of cleanliness and sexuality – the most dramatic of which is that outsiders are unclean. The severity of this superstition is as demanding as most formal religions.

      • Nepotism (Sustaining Judaism and Jewish People)
      • Separatism (a state within a state), (Buiding Support for Israel)
      • Parasitism (avoidance of broader commons, privatizing commons)
      • Manual or Craft, Construction Labor 
      • Moral Crime
      • Petty Crime 

(Undermined England, Germany, France, Ukraine, and Russia)
The Jewish religion was the first to require literacy. While philosophy required literacy, religion came to literacy late and last. Literacy both prohibited a bottom class, and gave access to higher-paying administrative jobs. By the second century, nearly all jews had given up farming – or given up on the religion. The Jewish “Avoidance of work” has remained an enduring feature of jewish civlization.

The resulting diaspora, selection for ingroup bias, the exit of failures, upward redistribution of reproduction to Rabbis, and frequent retaliatory prosecutions and bottlenecks produced expected results.



Differences In Civilizational Colonization (Expansion)

(Formal Institutional intentons of conquering: Burma, Laos, Northern India, Vietnam, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Ryukyu Islands, 300 islands of the South China, East China and Yellow Seas, as well as Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Taiwan, South Kazakhstan, the Afghan province of Bahdashan, Transbaikalia and the Far East to South Okhotsk.)

(Destroyed and reduced to dysgenia and ashes all the civilizations of  North Africa, Egypt, Levant, Mesopotamia, Persia, Indus-India, Anatolia, Caucuses, Byzantium, Old Europe (Balkans). Then Turkey Lost back to Islamism. Islam is now destroying Europe through immigration, reproduction, parasitism, undermining, and conversion once again.)

( Conquered Golden Horde, Conquered Sibera, Lost SE Europe, Lost East Europe, Lost Uzbekistan )


Creating Macro Competition between Civilizations: A Vicious Cycle of Civilizational Warfare

( … )

1. Anatolian Hittites versus Egypt enabling the bronze age collapse
2. South Eurasian Iranic Persians versus European Greek Anatolians
3. Alexander Crossing the Bosphorus versus Persia resulting in infection of the west with oriental authoritarian mysticism while spreading Greek Reason, Langauge, High Culture, and Monetary systems across south Eurasia
4. Rome versus Semitic Judea resulting in the Diaspora and the infection of Europe by Jewish seditious mysticism
5. Jewish Christians versus Rome resulting in the Fall of Rome and the Semitic Abrahamic Dark Age
7. Muslims vs the world, and against West Europe in Spain, and Old Europe in the Balkans, and European Anatolia.
6. (Jews Versus Spain)(slavery)
7. (Jewish Facilitation of European Warfare)
8. Jewish
6. Jews versus Russia resulting in the horrors of the Soviet Union – Maoism and Cambodia by imitation.
7. Fascists versus Jews resulting in the Fall of European Empires
8. Postwar Jews versus the EU and USA leading to the present collapse – and the present beginning of the second Semitic Dark Age


Normative competitions within civilizations: The Enlightenment Failure

( … )


More Evidence that Every Bad Idea Begins In France

( … )

Micro Competitions within Nations

( … )


( … )


( … )

In the modern world, Europeans alone are tolerant of hostiles.




In Contrast with the European Group Evolutionary Strategy

European Group strategy is consistent across European Steppe Herders practicing entrepreneurial cattle raiding and warfare; European mixed herder agrarians practicing conquest of Europe – killing the men and keeping the women as they had captured cattle and women on the steppe; With the only example in written memory being the Spartans, who for all intents and purposes retained the strategy by which the European steppe herders conquered the European continent for profit. As such, they commercialized with the other Greeks conquering locals and overextending; Romans conquering locals and overextending; Franks conquering Europe and overextending. Conquering the Levant and overextending. Conquering the new world and overextending; the British restoring the Roman Empire an overextending – all in the greatest commercial enterprise in history: the domestication of animal man for profit. And by overextension, collapsing, as did Rome, out of unwillingness to use middle eastern or far eastern brutality ‘on their inventory’.

The West’s Group strategy is a universal militia maximizing speed, maneuver, adaptation, innovation, by the continuous domestication (farming) of agency, through self-determination, sovereignty and reciprocity, oath and truth before face, dependent on meritocracy, absent authority, leaving only adversarialism as a means of decidability, voting for production of commons, rule of law for dispute resolution, and markets for the production of goods services and information, and the necessity governing those with less agency, and culling those who lack agency, by natural and market selection, producing the civilization with the greatest conformity to and discovery of, adaptation to and application of the formal, physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe.

The European group strategy is consistent whether steppe raiders, continental conquerors, Greeks, Romans, Nordics, Vikings, English, pirates, and American settlers: democracy rule of law, and empiricism, is the only method of governing a militia of voluntary entrepreneurial warriors. And that tradition has survived five thousand years – including the dark ages.  The critics were right. And this is why the Americans most, Australians next, and British least maintain that ethic. And why the American constitution differs little from that of their pre-literate ancestors.

“An army of all, of a universal militia, of universal entrepreneurs, self-governed by the Natural Law of self-determination, by self-determined means, by the reciprocal grant of, the defense of, the inalienability of, and insurance of, individual sovereignty in all demonstrated interests, and reciprocity in all display, word, and deed, to all members of the polity that are demonstrably able, willing, worthy, and sworn to exchange them, producing adversarial markets in all aspects of life: association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons, polities, and war – and as a consequence, the fastest innovation and adaptation of knowledge, technology, economy, polity, war, and man, by the continuous evolution of human agency, producing the greatest transcendence of man, in the shortest time, under the greatest prosperity, with the greatest certainty – and the continuation of natural selection by suppression of the reproduction of those demonstrating unfitness for those markets – an aristocracy, holding to the primacy of man, profiting from the incremental domestication of the human-animal into peers. And as a consequence, institutionalizing and industrializing the production of human agency – rapidly evolving man from animal, to slave, to serf, to freeman, to citizen, to sovereign and into the gods they imagined.”

(See The Economics of Pirates” )

While that’s a formal description in legal prose, our law of sovereignty and reciprocity says only ‘Do no harm to private or common’. And it does not limit that harm to the person or physical goods. It includes the personal, physical, familial, shared, common, normative, traditional, and civilizational assets upon which all of us depend for our disproportionate wealth and choice compared to the rest of the world: demonstrated interests. That’s not an opinion on, or theory of, human behavior. The evidence of human behavior.

The Importance of Great Ambitions for European People

( … ) An army requires risk action and material costs and is a higher cost than organized religion and is most rapid and influential; an organized religion requires social and psychological costs and is a higher cost than an ideology and is more durable, and an ideology requires political advocacy and is a higher cost and more actionable than a philosophy.

The Importance of trifunctionalism to the European People

The Importance of Truth To European People

( … )





Understanding Jewish Group Strategy


… Normal = Via MacDonald
… Italic* = Via Doolittle
European Cultural Origins
(Territorial and Political Control)
Jewish Cultural Origins
(Lack of Territorial and Political Control)
Evolutionary History Northern Hunter-Gatherers + Anatolian Farmers + European Steppe Herders

Via Militial Entrepreneurialism: Low Clannishness
Via Metalsmithing: Technology
Via Domestication of Horse and Man: Primacy of Man.

Middle Old World Pastoralists (Herders)
South EurasiansVia Long Poverty: High Clannishness
Via Writing (Egyptians): Theology
Via State Failure: Resentment: Primacy of Gods
Kinship System Bilateral; Weakly Patricentric
(Share Capital In Security)*
Unilineal; Strongly Patricentric
(maintain capital b/c insecurity)*
Family System Simple Household; Extended Family; Joint Household
Marriage Practices Exogamous
Marriage Psychology
Based on Mutual Consent and Affection
Based on Family Strategizing and Control of Kinship Group
Position of Women Relatively High Relatively Low
Social Structure
(Social Organization)
Individualistic; (Self Determination, Merit)
Republican; (Aristocratic Egalitarian, Merit)
Democratic; (Militial, Merit)Maintain Adaptivity and Maneuver, to maintain military and political success.
Collectivistic; (Survival not merit)
Authoritarian; (Intolerant)
Charismatic LeadersMaintain Group Coherence despite political and military failure.
Ingroup Identification,
Obligations to Kinship Group
Self Direction Deliberate Choice in Political Marketplace Social Construction in Social Marketplace
Self Correction Altruistic Punishment Threat of Ostracization
(No altruistic Punishment)
Intellectual Stance Reason;
Submission to Ingroup Authority and Charismatic Leaders
Legal Organization* Neutral Judiciary between Military, Economy, and Faith Rule by Judiciary (priesthood)
Legal Interpretation* Scientific and Transactional
Forcing Continuous Adaptation;
Adaptive, Evolutionary
Promoting Eugenia
Sophistic, and Reinterpreted (Pilpul)
Prohibiting Adaptation
Maladaptive; Devolutionary
Promoting Dysgenia
Institutional Evolution Military > Empirical Law > Philosophy > (Religious Failure) Priesthood (religion) > Theological Law >  State Failure > Landholding Failure
Argumentative Evolution Military-Technical > Legal > Mathematical- Philosophical (rational) > Historical-Empirical > Scientific > Operational > Computational Priestly-Social > Theological > Theo-Legal (mendelsohn) > Pseudoscience (marx,boaz, freud, frankfurt) > Sophistry(pomo) > denial (woke-pc) > hate (anti-whiteness)
Political Organization* Trifunctionalism;
Military, Legal Neutral, Faith
Combined Religion, Law, and Politics
Economic Organization Productivity Parasitism Upon Hosts
Military Organization Physical Warfare (Political, Material) Sedition Warfare (Social, Informational)
Military Alliances Military Alliances Political, social, economic clientelism 
Border Signaling Physical Borders, Flags, Uniforms Signal Borders: Hair, Hats, Clothing
Moral Stance Moral Universalism:
Morality is Independent of Group Affiliation
Moral Particularism;
Ingroup/Outgroup Morality;
“Good is what is good for the Jews”
Ethnocentrism Relatively Low Relatively High:
Xenophobia Relatively Low Relatively High:

Understanding Jewish Mythology and Cohesion

( The Problem of Confronting Reality: physical natural evolutionary laws)

(The Importance of Social Construction for Jews)

(The difficulty in maintaining the illusion of virtue in crime)

(The importance of Enemies for Jews to Prey Upon )

(The Importance of Access To Enemy Territory)

(The Limite Number of Enemies They Can Prey Upon) – Soros and the open society.



The most racist of peoples, Jews can claim they aren’t because they aren’t responsible for the consequences.

The Blacksmith and the Demon


Understanding Jewish Group Tactics

Technically speaking the Jews (and Muslims) hide behind special pleading (pretense of innocence, pretense of victimhood) – and plausible deniabilty for race, for religion, and for past (justified) persecution, while they practice warfare from within by treason (priority of external loyalty), sedition (undermining from within) rather than warfare by physical violence, to conduct their war against informational, social, political, economic institutions by evasion “gossiping, shaming, outraging, rallying, moralizing, psychologizing, loading, framing, false and exaggerated accusation” ) to undermine rather than offer (“trutful, reciprocal, possible, survivable and beneficial”) competing alternatives, and using critique (criticism to undermine a proposition rather than advocating an equally criticizable competing solution), social construction (false narratives),  pilpul (sophistry), fictionalism (pseudoscience, idealism, supernaturaalism), baiting into hazard (seduction, enticement, entrapment) using historical obscurantism and revisionism (disinformation), false promise (freedom from probability, determinism, scarcity, and self interest, reciprocity, kin selection, and regresson to the mean, genetic load, and natural selection), and financial warfare (concentration of incentives to produce concentration of force), legal contrivance (abuse of juridical defense) exploiting our unique european tolerance for adversarial ideals *within the law*, and using conspiracy (ethnocentrism, separatism), to profit from war from within against european peoples who uniquely (falsely) concieve of warfare as limited to physical conflict – because of the western indo european founding principles of self determination by self determined means, by adversarial(scientific) resolution of disputes, under the rules of reciprocity in display word and deed, including testimonial speech ( truthful, empirical, warrantied, liable) including trifunctional adversarial conflict between elites in military, law and faith, with military limiting it’s dominance expression to returns on the commons, the law holding to the oath of neturality, the faith holding to the oath of non-aggression under the law, and all three eliets to the oath of ‘do no harm’ within the polity.

( jewish nepotism etc here)

A Long History of Profiting From Harm (And reveling in it)

( … )

Baiting Into Hazard

( … )

Defining a Hazard – “In old English law an unlawful game at dice, those who play at it being called ‘hazardors’. In modern law, any game of chance or wagering.”

Creating a Hazard – A failure of due diligence in defending others against a hazard you are either aware of or have created. i.e. a failure to cover a well-hole that a child can fall into. Old but common one: refrigerators with locking doors left at junkyards with the door on, so that children can get inside, suffocate, or starve, and die.

Moral Hazard – When a party with more information about its actions or intentions has a tendency or incentive to behave against the interests of the other party with less information. Usury, Prostitution, and Drugs are the most common moral hazards. The most common topic on law involves insurance schemes, where one is incentivized to commit arson or murder simply because one has insurance on the building or person.

Defining A Moral Hazard

  • The lack of incentive to guard against risk where one is protected from its consequences, lack of incentive to guard against risk where one is protected from its consequences
  • In Insurance. The risk, danger, or probability that the event insured against may happen, varying with the circumstances of the particular case.
  • In Fire Insurance. The risk or danger of the destruction of the insured property by fire, as measured by the character and interest of the insured owner, his habits as a prudent and careful man or the reverse, his known integrity or his bad reputation, and the amount of loss he would suffer by the destruction of the property or the gain he would make by suffering it to burn and collecting the insurance.
  • In Economics. Moral hazard occurs when an entity has an incentive to increase its exposure to risk because it does not bear the full costs of that risk.
  • In Tort Law – “A tiger trap presents a hazard not only to the tiger, but to man.”
  • In Politics

Examples of Moral Hazard

1) If I entice you into buying drugs, I’m baiting you into a hazard, since addiction is a spiral. (Pushers)
2) If I lend you money or extend you credit to buy alcohol or drugs, creating a vicious cycle of debt and addiction.
3) If I suggest you might win at gambling (you can’t), that’s baiting you into hazard. (Gambling houses)
4) If I lend you money or extend you credit to gamble. (Bookies)
5) If I lend you money at usurious prices that will entrap you in debt cycles. (Loan Sharking)
6) If I offer you a loan to get what you want under impulse or duress, but I can extract interest from you, and then seize your property in restitution.
7) If a woman implies access to friendship, affection, or sex, in exchange for goods services favors opportunity – which she will never deliver.
8) If I promise you life after death if you obey and undermine the upper classes. (Abrahamism)
9) If I promise you salvation in heaven if you rebel against the government that is trying to create order and prosperity over the next few decades, that is baiting you into a hazard.
10) If I promise you power and equality if you undermine the political system (Marx)
11) If I promise you equality if you undermine men (feminism)
12) If I promise you status if you undermine the status hierarchy (postmodernism)
13) If I appeal to your morality and pass the hart cellar immigration act. (frankfurt school)
14) If I promise you equality or socialism when it’s genetics that cause our differences, and you act to destroy your civilization, then that’s all baiting into hazard.
15) If I promise you the end of whiteness and whites will improve your condition when it is only under whiteness –  meaning sciences – and their rule that has improved your condition, and that your condition reflects that of your ancestors.

In other words, you are entering into a voluntary exchange that is not in your interests, simply because for whatever reason you are vulnerable to the trap. These are all lies that bait you into hazard (risk and loss).

Using False Promise, Pilpul, and Critique

That should cover Hazard. Now let’s deal with False Promise, Pilpul to ‘sell’ it, and Critique to undermine opposition to it:


1. Dismissal of the Evidence, History, Argument, Incentives, Norm, or Tradition

2. Evading providing a competitive, equally criticizable and testable alternative.

3. Equating Desirability-Undesirability and Approval-Disapproval or Denial with Truth and Falsehood

4. Face-Before-Truth rather than European truth-before-face, or threat to the dominance or competence hierarchy.

4. NAXALT – “Not All X Are Like  That” – Denying a general rule describing a distribution is false because there are some cases at the tails.

Undermining by Ad Hominem

Outraging, Shaming, Moralizing, Psychologizing, Ridiculing, Rallying,

False Promise – The most common type are psychological false promises: Life after death as Freedom from Death, followed by freedom from knowledge of one’s value to others: Marxism as Freedom from Competition for Production in the Market between Classes, Feminism as freedom from the compromise between the genders, Postmodernism as freedom from sexual, social, economic, political, and military market value, freedom from paying the costs of conformity to high trust norms, traditions, institutions, and laws, and even freedom from Truth, Reason, and Science.

Pilpul –  Using sophism and overloading to make excuses that convince you (sell you), baiting you into the hazard. Where sophism is a fallacious argument used deliberately to deceive. Among the sophisms are the ‘big lies” that involve the three techniques of constructing big lies that we call fictionalisms.

Why does pilpul work so effectively? Because all speech functions by incremental suggestion using continuous recursive disambiguation.

Suggestion: Using suggestion or partial information letting the audience fill in, and not 
Conflation, Incremental Conflation, into Overloading
Adding emotional context or value judgments to influence the audience.
Adding information or incentives or narrative structure to influence the audience.

(Storytelling or Fictionalizing) into Suspension of Disbelief, Suggestion, and Overloading
: Using Magic to Pseudoscience, Surrealism to Idealism, or Supernatural to Theological examples or claims.

Critique – Using undermining and sophism and deceits – particularly straw man false arguments – to undermine your due diligence or falsify the experience and evidence.

Heaping Undue Praise or Fabricated Criticism

Social Construction – Using numbers of people, propaganda, information, symbols to overload your reason and cause you to fall prey to false promise, pilpul, and critique so that our primary means of defense from falsehood – competition in a market for information with others who might disagree – is impossible.

Asymmetric Nepotism:

Nepotistic Conspiracy:

Nepotistic Supremacy:

Secrecy and Motive Secrecy:

Specializing in Distrust

Inability form productive organizations

Inability to innovate materially

The Importance of Asymmetry of Knowledge in Baiting Into Hazard
( … )

The Importance of Secrecy in Baiting into Hazard
( …)

Specialization in Baiting Into Hazard by False Promise of Freedom From The Laws of the Universe

So how does one or a group increase the scale of baiting into hazard from prostitution, gambling, drugs and alcohol, loansharking, black market trade, as an organized crime family, into an organized crime industry such as credit and finance, to an organized crime Nation State within a State? One shifts from baiting individuals into hazard by freedom from determinism and probability of one’s personal environment, to baiting classes and polities into hazard by freedom from the determinism of the universe itself. But what is the bait? Freedom from the Laws of The Universe.

Given the immutable Constraints of the Formal (logical), Physical (realism, naturalism, determinism, probability, scarcity), Natural (self-interest, amorality, reciprocity, kin selection), Evolutionary (genetic load, regression to the mean, natural selection, differences in group evolutionary neoteny, differences in aggression and intelligence ) Laws of the Universe, the Jews and Muslims specialize, institutionalize, and mass-produce a counter-revolution against the European, Asian, and Hindu civilizations’ spectrum of levels of success in discovering, adapting to, apply, and institutionalizing the inescapable laws of the universe – and this explains the hierarchy of civilization achievements by Europeans, East Asians, Hindustanis, and the failure of the Islamic civilization to convert it’s capture of the arts and sciences of european, north African, iranic, and Hindu civilizations, into an equally evolutionary civilization, and instead, restored fundamentalism and destroyed every civilization it had conquered, reducing it to ignorance, poverty, and dysgenia from which it cannot – because of its Abrahamic religion – seem to escape.

The Formal Laws (Mind, Logic, and Language) Words: Measurements of bodily(physical, sensory, cognitive, emotional) relations
Logic: Constant Semantic Relations,
Math: Constant Physical Relations,
Operations: Constant Transformal Relations
Simulations: Continuous Transform Relations
The Physical Laws (The Physical Universe) Primary Physics (Unsolved), Wave Density(particle) Physics, Atomic Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Genetics,

And most importantly: scarcity.

The Natural Laws (Behavioral Laws Within The Limits of the Physical) Sentience, Awareness, Consciousness, Psychology(Acquisition), Sociology(Cooperation), Economics (Cooperative Production), Politics, Warfare, Group Evolutionary Strategy

And most importantly: the self-interest of man, the amorality of man, the kin selection of man, the higher value of the ingroup to man, the difference in neoteny and rates of adaptivity, the genetic distribution of rates of adaptivity between groups.

The Evolutionary Laws (The consequence of our behavior over time) Entropy, Efficiency, competitive reproduction; Genetic Load, Regression to the Mean, Rate of Mutation; Rate of Adaptation, Natural Selection, The Red Queen, The Window of Opportunity before a Great Filter.


Creating Plausible Deniability

( … ) How does one or a group hide from plausible deniability, and why are Europeans the only people vulnerable to it?

  • Hiding Behind Moral Pretense
  • Hiding behind Voluntary Choice
  • Hiding behind Sympathy for Hyper consumption (experiences)
  • Hiding Behind (Selective) Evasion of Responsibility
  • Heaping Undue Criticism (Persecution) and Undue Praise (Einstein, Holocaust industry)

Specialization in Organized Crimes Using False Promise and Baiting into Hazard

Similarly, the Jews, desperate to retain their parasitic means of existence, and incompetence at productivity, innovation, producing commons, or polities, doubled down on their production of sources of ignorance, deceit, and parasitism and producing nothing other than an organized crime family for two thousand years – until tolerated by the Europeans in the industrial revolution, at which point they immediately invented a counter-revolution against the evolutionary superiority of western civilization just as they had in the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim revolutions against the superior and evolutionary civilizations of the ancient world, specialize in industries of unaccountable, unproductive, parasitic, baiting into hazard, profiting from other’s loss, profiting from the destruction of our high trust commons, under the pretense of plausible deniability:

Selling signal goods (trinkets), gambling, prostitution, alcohol, drugs all on credit, organized black market crime, moneychanging, entrapment in loansharking, entrapment by usurious credit, entrapment into default and takings, entrapment into slavery, slaving, slaving host peoples, entrapment into political policy, entrapment into service of the state, entrapment by alliance with the state against the people, fraudulent tax farming, the purchase of productive institutions and converting them to rent-seeking institutions, nepotistic conspiracy against the people in all of the above; seeking opportunities for unproductive, unwarrantied, positions in entertainment, media, press, advertising, marketing, and the academy from which to promote their false promises and baiting into hazard;  and the ultimate means of exploiting trust and profiting from others hardship by unaccountability in finance, and law – with medicine alone a virtuous pursuit.

Specialization in Construction of False Promise (Hazarding)

Specialization in Construction of False Promise by using the three fictionalisms of Magic to Pseudoscience (Physical), Sophistry to Idealism (verbal),  Occult(Supernatural) to Theology (intuitionistic: imaginary and emotional).

The Four Dimensions of False Promise

For each of the four sciences: The formal or logical, the physical or material, the natural or behavioral, and the evolutionary or survival, the Jews produced a set of false promises that undermine ‘sensemaking’ by undermining each of these universal laws.

    1. False Promise of Freedom from Formal Laws (logic, truth) by the use of social construction of repetitive feedback of information counter to formal, physical, natural, and evolutionary laws.
    2. False Promise of Freedom from Physical Laws (scarcity, false promise of endless growth). by the false promise of endless growth, an end to scarcity, and an end to human competition by demonstrated acquisition.
    3. False Promise of Freedom Natural Laws (of self-interest, rational choice, amorality, reciprocity, competitive organization), by the false promise of an end to kin selection, koinophillia, ethnocentrism, sex, class, subrace, and racial differences, and the sexual, social, economic, and political value of organization by ethnocentrism given the class, subrace, and subrace differences in sexual, social, economic, and political value to one another, given the substantial evolutionary difference between the races and subraces.
    4. False Promise of Freedom from Evolutionary Laws ( ending natural, and market selection, accumulating mutation and regulation, the impossibility of isolation, inescapable regression, accumulated genetic load, dysgenia, and the red queen of resources, competitors, biological, climatological, geological, solar, and galactic risks. ).

They industrialize the sale and distribution of these false promises by the tactics of:

    1. Faith Healing, delaying into hazard. Faith Healing consists of providing temporary psychological relief while allowing the cause to persist, grow, and evolve.
    2. False Story Telling, baiting you into empathy, loading, framing, obscurantism, suggestion, suspension of disbelief and overloading.
    3. False Promise, baiting into hazard. Baiting into hazard consists of making false promises of freedom from the laws of the universe. arguing them with sophistry to idealism, magic to pseudoscience, or occult to theology.
    4. False Criticism, undermining into hazard.
    5. Duplicitous, Double Standard, Irreciprocal, and Poly Logical Ethics, like their polylogical unequal laws,

They escalate from the least burdensome to the most burdensome tactic:

    1. Faith healing at every opportunity (lie and deny)
    2. Selling false promise if they can (fraud)
    3. Evading or silencing at every necessity (shaming, moralizing, psychologizing)
    4. Undermining if they have opportunity to (sedition)
    5. Attack if they can get away with it (de-platforming, conspiracy)
    6. Hiding behind plausible deniability of freedom of choice (non-coercion)

Jewish Warfare Methodology

Given low numbers, inability to hold territory, failure at state-building, cultural disposition for avoidance of productivity, and history of parasitism, the Jewish Group Strategy consists of Total War from Within, using:

“Delay, Deceive, Undermine, Sow Discord, and destroy genetic, normative, cultural, institutional capital, by disinformation, deceit, defamation, sedition, and treason, using Baiting Into Hazard, by False Promise of freedom from constraints of formal, physical, natural, and evolutionary law, Advocated by Pilpul, Defended by Critique, Escaping Liability and Warranty, by Pretense of Plausible Deniability, Despite Deliberate Avoidance of Due Diligence, And Deliberate Evasion of Warranty, Deliberate Escape From Liability, Given the Asymmetry of Knowledge, the dependence on instincts, the Presence of Malincentives by both Agent(s) and Victim(s) – And Pursued for the Purpose of Attention, Reward (pro?t), Influence(power), Undermining (Power), of the Trust and Cooperation, of a Population in Normal Distribution, Thereby Generating accelerating Cycles of Internal Con?ict, Generating Demand for Authority to Control by the Hazard Maker.” In other words, they function as did the ancient fertile crescent priesthoods, faith healers, and usurers: parasitic rather than productive citizens.”

It takes a little effort to remember each of these terms, tactics, and strategy, but with a little practice you’ll find you can identify their use, and once aware of it, you’ll see that you are, we are, saturated in as much sophistry, pseudoscience, deceit, fraud and parasitism, as medieval Christians and today’s Muslims are saturated in superstition that is contrary to all evidence before them in observable reality. Because the power of social construction takes advantage of our dependence upon one another for providing commensurable, coherent, actionable explanations to the world around us. And the more empathic one’s personality traits, the more vulnerable one is to social construction because the more one’s intuition seek cooperation, consensus, conformity and non-conflict. That’s why religions survive. It’s why natural religions survive. Why theological religions survive among the less sophisticated. Why philosophical wisdom literature survives is the educated classes, and why scientific, economic, legal, and military wisdom literature survives in the most capable.

Their Method of Argument, Persuasion, Advocacy, and Propaganda.

Just as we refer to the structure of thought in Confucianism(reasonableness), Platonism (idealism), Aristotelianism (Empiricism), and Epicureanism (realism) we refer to “Abrahamism” for the argumentative technique of using Pilpul (via-positiva), and Critique (via-negativa) to construct sophisms (the argumentative equivalent of numerology and astrology) via use of loading, framing, suggestion, obscurantism, overloading, the Fictionalisms, appeals to reasonableness, and false promise, to create and bait high trust people into hazards.

All three Abrahamic Religions, Kantian philosophy, Marxist argument, and Postmodern thought all make use of this technique of argument, often stated as “Dialectic” but operationally consisting of Social Construction via Overloading of human reason with False Promise advanced by Pilpul (sophistry) and defended by Critique (undermining and disapproval rather than falsification).

Abrahamism: consists of undermining truth reason probability and evidence by use of  False Promise, Baiting into Hazard, Pilpul (positive), Critique (negative), straw-manning, and heaping of undue praise, and propagation into social construction, to use suggestion and overloading to force individuals, groups, and polities, to appeal to your intuition rather than reason and evidence. it’s the same technique used by faith healers, priests, and con artists. And the higher a group’s trust the more susceptible they are to it.

War Against Every Single Institution of Cooperation

( … classes etc …)

Makets of Cooperation ( … )

The Marxists





The Neo Marxists (Cultural Marxists)

Gramsci – politics is downstream from culture and culture is downstream from education and religion is just education.  countries resisted becaue they had deep culture and institutinos.


The Postmodernists


The Neocons


The Feminists


The Libertarians and Anarchists


As we see in evidence by their specialization in the production of authoritarian religion, pseudoscience, sophistries, deceits, and frauds that falsely and unaccountably promise freedom from physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, again, profiting from the destruction of our high trust commons under the pretense of plausible deniability:

Cantor-Bohr in mathematical re-platonization (sophistry), Gould-Boaz-Freud in behavioral sciences (pseudoscience and historical revisionism), Marx-Lenin in political economy (the possibility of authoritarian underclass rule and violation of evolutionary law), Trotsky-Strauss-Kristol in neoconservatism to convert the USA to advance Jewish globalism, Adorno-Marcuse-Fromm (Frankfurt school) in cultural marxism to undermine European aesthetics and values, Gramsci-Derrida in postmodernism to undermine truth itself, Friedan-Steinem in anti-male, anti-familial feminism, Rand-Rothbard in anti-rule of law anti-nationalist libertarianism,  and perhaps the most insidious in Raz-Kelsen-Dworkin-Hartt in positive or pseudoscientific law, in order to make European evolutionary, scientific, and neutral law devolve into Jewish pilpul (sophistry) law, relativism, and interpretation and kritarchy (rule by judges). And that’s before we address their intentional destruction of the architectural, monumental, visual, literary, and entertainment arts.

War Against Every Single Discipline: Europeans vs Jews: The Pattern of Engineers (Scientists) vs Sophists (“Hucksters”)

Legend:  *= Substantial Damage to Group Cognition, ( ) = Opposite Position

Discipline European vs Jewish
Many vs
Babbage vs
(Wolfram), Turing
Galileo to Maxwell vs
Economic Philosophy
Economic Science
Smith vs
Menger, (Keynes*) vs
Marshall, Hayek, Jevons vs
Mankiw, Taylor, and Cochrane vs
Marx*, Simmel
(Friedman), Krugman, Stiglitz,
Samuelson, Picketty, Goolsbee, Sayer
Mathematical Physics
Euler, Boole, Poincare vs
Schrodinger vs
Hilbert vs
Linguistic Philosophy
Logical Limits
Russell vs
Frege vs
Godel vs
Durant, Toynbee, Gibbon
Darwin, Dawkins vs
Watson and Crick vs
Darwin, Spencer vs
Weber, Spencer, Pareto vs
Jung vs
Zinn*, Harari*
Gould*, Lewontin*
Boaz*, (Reich)
Military History
Hayek, Scalia, (Rawls*) vs
Machiavelli vs
Keegan vs
Clausewitz, Liddel-Hart vs
Rez*, Kelsey*, Hart*,
Dworkin*, (Epstein)
???? (Van Creveld)
Organizing Bias
Scale Bias
Persuasive Bias
Blame Bias
Confrontation Bias
Physical vs
Reporting, Testimony, Fact vs
Empirical vs
Political vs
National vs
Truth (adaptation) vs
Consideration, Acceptance vs
Truth, Decidability vs
Storytelling, Loading, and Framing
Reasonableness (non-adaptation)
Evasion, Denial
Delay, Evade, Excuse, Justify
Conflict Strategy Bias Argument, Duel, War vs Social Predation and Undermining
Cognitive Bias
Developmental Strategy
Male Paternal Hierarchical vs
Paternal Independence (Autonomy) vs
Female Maternal Egalitarian
Female Maternal Infantilization (Dependence)


Evolution Of Three Generations Of Jewish Warfare
The restatement of reformed Judaism (Christianity) from supernatural to Marxist pseudoscientific:

Yahweh Dialectical Materialism Pomo/Woke/PC/HB-Denial
The Messiah Marx Democratic Party
The Elect The Proletariat The Oppressed (Non-Whites)
The Church The Communist Party The Woke Academy
The Second Coming The Revolution White Replacement / Genocide
Hell Punishment of the Capitalists Punishment of Whites
The Millennium The Communist Commonwealth Globalism / White Minority
Mesopotamian Slavery Centuries of Oppression Colonialism
Conquest of Judea-Diaspora Bolshevism USSR – Holocaust  ( ??? ) – To Be Determined

– Original by Bertrand Russell

Summary of the Jewish Strategy

(a) Preservation of separatism (non-integration) (Tribalism)
(b) Intolerance, maladaption, non-integration
(c) Evasion of payment for the cost of the commons (manners, ethics, morals, traditions, institutions, common property) (Free Riding);
(d) Evasion of production or productivity, and therefore contribution to the world. (free- riding)
(e) Preference for Parasitism: Pro?t from baiting into hazard (usury, alcohol, prostitution, slave trading, gambling, organized crime); (Parasitism)
(f) Pro?ting from (Undermining)
(g) Specializing in use of the state against the people (tax collection, money changing)(Corruption)
(h) Investing assets from these criminal activities into rent-seeking (non-productive parasitic returns) (Rent-Seeking);
(i) Undermining Moral and Ethical Markets and Trade: Slowly migrating capital into mixed criminal, black market, grey market, and open market industries (Undermining Markets)
(j) Undermining the information system (Propaganda)
(k) Undermining the state, the law, their knowledge, their traditions, their culture, the institutions, and their norms in order to convert the state from suppression of local rents to maximization of rents (Undermining Political Cohesion).

Producing Jewish Goals Consisting of:

  • Racism and Identitarianism
  • Separatism (state within a state), (Buiding Support for Israel)
  • Supremacy
  • Nepotism (Sustaining Judaism and Jewish People)
  • Serial Monogamy until Late.
  • Poly Logicalism (Asymmetric) Ethics
  • Fictionalism Loading-Framing->Storytelling-> Fictionalism( occult->supernaturalism, magic->psueudoscience, Sophistry->idealsm, )
  • Parasitism (avoidance of braoder commons, privatizing comons)
    • Specialize in free riding or rent-seeking (avoid production, concentrate extracted capital)
    • Concentrate capital in nepotistic networks (concentration of forces)
  • Hazarding
    • Physical Degeneracy ( avoiding integration )
    • Financialiaztion, Gabmgling, Usury, Baiting into Hazard, Unproductivity.
    • Marketing and Consumerism (Propaganda, False Promise, Hyperconsumption,)
    • Propagandism (social construction )
  • Undermining 
    • Prevent adaptation, innovation, and evolution so that parasitic extraction can be maintained by approval-disapproval, undermining-heaping of undue praise, and – this is the strategy fo the unregulated female to her children rather than producing generations capable of independent adaptation, innovation, and evolution of self economy, society, polity, knowledge and mankind.
  • Sedition
    • Propaganda, Disinformation, pseudoscience, sophstry, historical revisionism, social construction of mythology.
    • Fomenting destruction – like the female, utter destruction, of information, norms, tradition, values: organization that they call power.
    • Use all of the above to create a parasitic ‘priesthood’ caste producing nothing other than a continuous system of propaganda and deceit to maintain a slave underclass with nothing but false promise of freedom from the laws of the universe – a promise that can never be fulfilled, but for which they can infinitely claim they are pursuing.
  • Insurrection
  • Rebellion (Tikkun Olam – Repairing the world (making it safe for jews))
  • Revolution
  • Murder and Destruction
  • Civilizational Destruction and Degeneracy
  • Globalism (making the world safe for rebellion, parasitism, separatism, nepotism, by eradicating other’s choice of self determination)


Framing in Political Science

In terms familiar in political science, the technical framing of Jewish Group Strategy is an attempt to rotate Out productive elites and rotate in their own parasitic elites by means of “Parasitic Clientelism” consisting of building coalitions of false promise, parasitism, dysgenia, and decline, by consuming and redistributing others accumulated capital whether genetic, civilizational, institutional, national, cultural, or normative, and generating demand for their authority as a redistributive priesthood that increases the burden of demand for individual income (ergo our present condition under global financialism). In this sense, it is no different from traditional organized crime in goods, services, and information, other than an additional degree of abstraction so that the civilizational capital is being stolen less so than private or public goods.

This ancient Jewish strategy is the very opposite of the equally ancient European group strategy of “Entrepreneurial Clientelism” of the rapid evolution of knowledge, technology, organizations, institutions, societies, markets, and man, through adversarial innovation and adaptation by the production of competitive information, services, goods, monuments, arts, and letters – all of which increases the capital of the commons, thereby performing indirect redistribution of goods, services, information, and opportunity, that reduces the burden of income of the individuals of the polity. Ergo, European innovators, producers, and the protestant work ethic, vs Jewish (Semitic) consumption of the commons by parasitism and the avoidance of all productive work, their specialization in parasitic industries.

Jewish backing of the Hart-Cellar act, reversing the centuries of European, British and American market eugenics, and the Darwinian limitation of immigration especially from 24 to 65, and sponsorship of massive third world immigration despite Ethnic European promises that wouldn’t be the case, serves the Jewish strategy of Parasitic Clientelism after Marxist clientelism failed in its competition with rule of law consumer capitalism. What was unexpected was the ability of Jews to turn young American women into equally parasitic clients with the invention of the pill, and subsequent no fault divorce, with the predictable consequences of the destruction of the family, family capital, and rates of reproduction.

Note the use of economic and legal analysis that eliminates the possibility of moral relativism, and the possibility of moral justification. These are crimes, and acts of war by sedition from within host populations. They are not moral opinions. They are facts that explain the depth of the thefts from host peoples, and the long chain of harms that result. 

Framing In Economics and Political Economy – Explaining the 2oth Century Hyper-consumption – Civilizational Baiting Into Hazard

( … )

The banking crisis as baiting into moral hazard

Socialism as baiting into moral hazard

Social Security as baiting into moral hazard

Medicare Medicaid as not baiting into moral hazard

Slow Deceptive Jewish War vs Fast Declarative European War: War is Still War No Matter The Speed

We see evidence of their strategy of Incremental Undermining by Delay and Deceive. Where the Chinese rely on their cultural institution of the ancient method of “Accumulate Forces by Delay and Deceive from Without” the Jews likewise rely on their cultural and religious institution of the ancient female method of  “Accumulate Clients(dependents) and Assets and Undermine Incrementally by using Delay and Deceive From Within.” (The “boil the frog” strategy). This is why zero tolerance must be a constitutional requirement.

So it’s a mistake to label either Judaism or Islam as primitive. It’s as advanced a system of Deception and Harm as Greek Reason And Mathematics and Roman Institutions. It’s the ultimate end of female warfare, just as Europeans – at least until the postwar period – practice the ultimate end of male warfare.

Jewish Warfare in the Context of Semitic Civilization’s Method of Warfare

The three stages of Abrahamic Semitic method of conquest of the evolutionary peoples by conversion and conquest of women and underclasses (those yet not ‘domesticated into agency’).

  1. Stage 1 – Small external population (vanguard) undermines the main by straw man criticism and ridicule of the organization and its categories relations and values The purpose of Judaism is subjugation (submission). (Judaism – GOSSIP: Reputation Destruction)
  2. Stage 2 – The population is undermined into submission by sale of a false promise – the verbal equivalent of a physical drug. The purpose of Christianity is subjugation (submission). (Christianity – FRAUD: Selling a false promise ).
  3. Stage 3 – The major external population conquers the submitted through raiding the trade routes, immigration, conversion, and conquest and population replacement. The purpose of Islam is subjugation (submission). (Islam – FORCE).

“Judaism to undermine, Christianity to weaken, and Islam to destroy.”
“Judaism to undermine, Marxism,  Postmodernism, Woke/PC to weaken, and Declared Anti-Whiteness, and Immigration to destroy”

The consequence is the reversal of civilization of the hierarchical pack and the restoration of primitivism of the equalitarian herd. Producing a genetic, cultural, and institutional race to the bottom.

Abrahamic grammars of pilpul and critique are simply well-constructed lies that through repeated use produce an addiction response, the same way that membership in (submission to) the pack or tribe produces an addiction response.

Women are the most vulnerable because they evolved to be irrationally dependent upon the ‘cover’ of the herd. The underclass as well. the less capable classes out of utility. The middle class out of profit from it, and the upper class replaced by a priesthood (frauds) rather than a military (science).

It’s a Very Simple Process once understood. Evil. Brilliant.  There is a reason throughout history, and until the Victorian age, women were considered the root of all evil – disloyalty, and sedition, gossiping and undermining, shrills. And there is a reason that historically the number of women in asylums was similar to the number of men in prison: because the sexes demonstrate warfare, conflict, cooperation, and cognition, by female verbal emotional and social versus male physical political and military means.


It’s Not Money Alone But Dominance Expression

heroism in cheating

It’s not Dominance alone but Warfare

( … )

It’s Not Just War but the Total War of the Semites, Not the Martial War of the Europeans

The Culture of War  – A Product of Group Strategy

Rock Paper Scissors of Civlizational Differences in war:  Endure (India), Trade (europe), Conquest (China), Undermining (Semitia) … Notice I rely on ternary logic at all times, whether it be undecidable, truth candidate, or false, the three

“You must fight wars on your terms, not the enemy’s but you must defeat the enemy on his terms not yours.”

The Laws of Nature, and the Natural Law and the Organized application of science, law, and violence to force correspondence with them, in order to complete the transformation of man in to the immortal gods mastering nature that he imagined.

Chinese Total War by Comparison

( … )

Thousands Of Years of Revolt Against Aristocratic Meritocratic Productive and Evolutionary Peoples

All of these techniques of Jews and Muslims consist of thousands of years of revolts against the laws of the universe, (of the indo European Persians, Anatolians and Europeans) and the European institutions that discover, adapt to, apply and institutionalize them, and the unique and extraordinary ability of European civilization to drag mankind kicking and screaming out of ignorance superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, the tyranny of man, and the vicissitudes of a nature all but hostile to advanced life, in a few centuries in the prehistoric bronze, ancient iron, and modern steel ages.

We face over 2000 years of systemized hatred of European people, our history, heroes, literature, arts, culture, institutions, for suppression of non-productivity, poly-logical asymmetric ethics, and their specialization in parasitism from within by profiting from baiting into hazard, hedonism, hyper-consumption, discord, conflict, and dysgenia, and hiding behind plausible deniability because of our fundamental right to self-determination, freedom of speech, and truthful, reciprocal, adversarial competition in markets for ideas.

Anti-Whiteness, Critical Race Theory, Anti-Aristocracy, Anti-Military, Anti-Colonialism, Anti-Christianity, Freud-Boaz-Gould pseudoscience, Marxism, Neocon, Pomo, Libertarian, Anti-Family Feminism, Anti-Rule of Law Positive Law, Anti Democratic Judicial Activism, Anti-Testimonial Truth, PC/Woke

So for ‘emancipation’ (freedom from suppression), it’s not enough for a group to abandon its religion, or to secularize its religion, or language, but it must abandon its group strategy, mythology, judgment of history, their method of influence, persuasion, argument, and laws. It must abandon all but its foods.

Marx and Braun, in the debate over the emancipation of the Jews, in Marx’s “The Jewish Question”, attracted the attention Isaac Deutscher who answers in similar terms, “that idea of socialism and of the classless and stateless society expressed in the essay is as universal as Spinoza’s ethics and God”. A less technical than the present analytic and operational, description of the same observations I’ve made here.

Benjamin Ginsberg’s “Fatal Embrace” takes a defensive position explaining how Jews seek protection from the people by alliance with the state against the interests of the people – but fails to account for either Marx and Deutscher’s observations, that (a) the people need an incentive to despise them, (a) usurious and extractive 300% interest simply because the economy was dependent on hard money (money proper, commodity money) is enough incentive to produce that hatred, (b) but that European communities dependent on social cohesion are even more resentful of traitors among them (c) slaving, usury, alcohol and prostitution on credit bait the fragile into further suffering (d) specialization in parasitic and unaccountable occupations that require public trust, and (e) exploitation of the population, (D) and the universal treatment of just in every host country, and that this problem has resulted in persecutions everywhere in the world since at least the fourth century bc.

Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together provides insight into the Jews of Russia and the pale, who despite being given land, multiple times, were considered lazy and unproductive and always reverted to the same parasitic criminal occupations that baited the people into hazards.

(I came to my understanding from prosecuting multiple Jewish families for various forms of racketeering, mortgage fraud, investment fraud, mail and wire fraud, tax fraud, criminal coercion, and legal and process abuses, and from my early work in the automation of (weak AI) legal arguments, documents, and docket management. But my later work in scientific method, legal and economic thought convinced me, like Deutscher, that the problem was universal, institutional, cultural, and possibly genetic – not religious, since every one of those I helped prosecute was secularized if not atheist.)

Jewish Warfare by Intention, Institutions and Culture, Consequence of Group Strategy, Or Evolutionary Instinct

It doesn’t have to be intentional. It’s the human female strategy of warfare against dominant males to control their reproductive choice. And the use of female means of conflict explains why in the roman age, Christianity spread among women and slaves, and only to men later once political power was available by making use of Christian organizations. And it explains the failure of marxism in the west by fomenting male class envy, and success under cultural marxism, postmodernism, and feminism, in turning enough women in the population that under democracy – an only turning men once political power was available through the defection of enough women to use the institutions to destroy the European civilization’s institutions, traditions, values, norms, history, rule of law, military culture, civil society, education, and Christian religion by the use of legal attacks on the constitution, and pseudoscientific religious conversion of the academy, media, and entertainment to the state.

For The Immoral And Unscrupulous it’s Profitable

( … ) henry ford quotes


But For Elites It’s Intentional – And We Can Take People At Their Word

While at most times, we practice our group strategy our of habit and repeat it through institutions, tradition, norm, and moral tropes. In any civilization, any society within it, in every great era of change within it, there emerge a few thought leaders that do understand a group’s mission and strategy and explain it. Burke … Spengler … and my technical expression of it. We have failed for the full scope of the twentieth century the question is why? ( darwin )

And for Some Jewish Elites It’s Intentional


And Jews don’t Constrain their Elites – Because They’re Not Moral, Only as moral as require to get away with it.




Evolutionary Context

Demale dysgenic strategy reversing evolutionary gains. ( … ) without providing female reproductive returns – just the opposite, limiting western reproduction.

Evolution provided women with verbal means of warfare just like it provided men with physical means of warfare. And in all statistics both criminal and mental illness, and in all forms of political speech, and even in all forms of argument and discourse, men bias to truth and falsehood under physical threat, and women bias to approval and disapproval under threat of undermining.

Men are Political and Military super predators but Women are Social and Political super predators. This is the reason for women’s disenfranchisement from political participation in history, and the reason for women‘s historical reputation as the root of all evil “discord”.

Europeans are productive male superpredators, and Jews are parasitic female superpredators, with the only difference being that Europeans dominated the production of bene?cial rewards for mankind, and jews and Arabs dominated the production of harms to mankind.

There is only one civilization open to internal competition between elites – the west. And so we see two competing elites from two different races. The Europeans function as the male cognitive and strategic elites maintaining adaptation and the Jews function as the female cognitive and strategic elites resisting adaptation. And the Muslims as the competing males in the adjacent territory, trying to expand their territory.

Technically, Ashkenazim – the European Jews – are partly European. With about one in two-hundred european introgression into the european jews. And originating in diasporic male Jews moving to Rome (ie: new york), marrying local european women, then returning to inbreeding (consanguninity). Genetically, Jews are indistinquishable from palestinians and other north semitic peoples in a spectrum between the north mesopotamian-levantine and the south arabic bedouin. Morovere jewish cognnitive exceptionalism is due to (a) european ingression, (b) Polygyny, and (c) upward redistribution of reproduction to Rabbis (d), and (e) bottlenecking from repeated retaliations against them (repressions) for their crimes against host peoples.

Genetics, Religion, Institutions, Culture or All Of The Above

Whether Jewish and Muslim behavior originates in culture, religion, or genetics or a mixture of all three is as yet unknown but will be uncovered within the next few decades. Long-Standing evidence suggests that regardless of origin it’s genetic – beginning with no less than Aesop in his fable of Hermes and the Cart of Lies, to the difference in average aesthetics, speech pattern, and verbal versus mechanical aptitude, to the difference between European intuitions that favor reciprocity and high trust commons (middle-class market ethics of assumed honor of warranty of freedom from externality), and Jewish intuitions that favor irreciprocity ( in ethics of the Bazaar under assumed virtue of cunning of gains by externality) in low trust commons – and the resulting inability of middle easterners, in general, to form large scale institutions without clientelistic incentives, including successful states, as is common in all of Europe and at least in bureaucratic China.

European People’s Unique Susceptibility to Jewish Warfare From Within and Without

Convincing Europeans of their own immorality, Falsely Positioning Jewish Ethics as Moral, Europeans Destroying themselves Through Altrustic Punishment, largely by women, by claiming oppression rather than continuing the domestication of man by baiting into the false promise of  freedom from the laws of the universe, reversing european radical rapid evolution and the benefits to mankind.

Regarding Guilt Based Tolerance Because of Our Altruism

So in response to the opening question of our discussion, the guilt-based narrative can’t survive for a number of reasons:

1 – The World War Two generation is almost gone and with it their sentiments – reinforced by their many hard sacrifices.
2 – The technique of undermining and distracting from discourse and debate by accusations (shaming) of Racism, Colonialism, Slavery, and Nazis, has been exhausted through overuse.
3 – The accumulated evidence of the Jewish postwar repetition of 2000 years of their strategy is as undeniable today as it was at every other period, in every other country, throughout all of history – most blatantly in today’s DC-New York-LA, France, and Ukraine – that caused their repeated evictions from the country after country – and bloodshed when they weren’t – especially by their abuse of the people of Ukraine, Russia, their Bolshevism in Russia, their Communism in Germany and the Austro Hungarian Empire, and the consequences when their propaganda was imitated in every other country that suffered it.
4 – Centuries of work by multiple authors not the least of which include Marx, Nietzsche, Solzhenitzen, and most recently and thoroughly Kevin Macdonald.

MacDonald’s work is seminal – though he’s paid a high price for his efforts. So has Ricardo Duchesne whose epic explanation of European Group Strategy from philosophical and literary history. I’m loathe to mention Hick’s seminal work on Postmodernism, because while equal in value, I want to protect him from implication of intentional association that might impose equal costs upon him. My contribution to the subject is equal exposition of the group evolutionary strategy of europeans, comparative group evolutionary strategy, comparative methods of argument, and the primacy of economics, law, and warfare in group strategies rather than the literary tradition that Macdonald, Duchesne, and Hicks have covered in depth.

Because a people who hold territory must institutionalize behavior, norms, economies, and institutions, that construct sufficient commons for persistence and defense, and people who parasitically extract from those peoples can exploit that necessity to produce commons – by privatizing them.

European Failure of Self Defense Against False Promises Baiting Into Hazard

Unfortunately, as an army of a universal militia, our European excellence in Military warfare is offset by our European weaknesses in defense against Total War, whether by Jews internally, Muslims internally and externally, and now Chinese Externally. Why?

1 – Failure to defend Virtue signal spiraling by baiting into altruistic punishment – crossover from Christianity

2 – Failure to ( low ethnocentrism, homogeneity, church domestication, outbreeding, manorialism above the line ) – and failure to institutionalize this as the Russians have recently done.

3 – Failure to understand our unique high trust institutions and our unique underlying group strategy – as the only group strategy that didn’t fail to survive agrarianism without seeking to evade the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws.

(Note: Don’t underestimate the importance of that statement. It’s still possible that ‘the obsessive pursuit of Christian values in exchange for mindfulness from virtue signaling is nearly as bad as the Jewish and Muslim devolutionary values, and Christian universalist ethics without pairing with european aristocratic martial and nationalist adversarial competition, is equally likely to prevent mankind from passing through the Great Filter. By and large the aristocracy used Christianity as a *justification for* continued Steppe Aryanism.  

Instead, the lesson we must take from our analysis of history is that Christianity made the drudgery of peasant agrarianism tolerable and inspirational, even while aristocratic adversarialism and rapid evolution continued in the upper classes.

In the ancient world men were treated like any other domesticated animal until they proved themselves worthy of freedom – meaning trust to do no harm.  Just as the industrial revolution lifted the peasantry into the greater economy, Christianity made it possible to shift from a domesticated animal into citizen – not by achievement, but by non-aggression, and ‘doing no harm’. This was a technological innovation in social organization at the time – and remains so. Because Christianity solved the problem of the prisoners’ dilemma of cooperation – where the only solution is exhausting forgiveness. This solution is one of the reasons why Christian societies more easily transform into commercial modernity: their religion taught them to treat one another as we treat potential customers in every market of voluntary cooperation available to man.

Had Christianity integrated into the pagan cults preserving empirical european aristocracy and traditions rather than seeking to replace it with an oriental superstitious church as rulers, then it might not have lost a thousand years to a dark age, and as expected the industrial revolution would have occurred sometime before the Muslim destruction of the ancient world. In this sense, Judaism and the jewish invention of systemic deceit By false promise is the greatest crime in human history for both it’s catastrophes in the ancient world and the modern.)

4 – Failure to write down in ‘sacred’ text, our (complex) group strategy as law as have competitors.

(As I have partly outlined here and addressed more fully elsewhere, The works of aristotle, epicurus, hobbes, lock, smith hume, the federalist papters, and our british and american constitutions were good starts. They were only good starts. ).

5 – Our Presumption that other peoples of the world are willing and able to also adopt this strategy.

(They are demonstrably neither. The general understanding of the differences in the races as a series of at least for isolation events creating a series of speciation events, each of which increased neotenic evolution, exchanging decreases in aggression for increases in intelligence, and the resulting demographic composition of the civilizations, is continously evident in the relative ranking of world states by every single metric we are capable of gathering. As such even western civilization isn’t necessarily avvailable below our working classes – and we have the best most ethhica moral high trust working classes in the world. For the rest of the world, presuming education is their passport to advanced lifestyles, this is a false promise, since those achievers are held down not by their own abilities, but by the demographics of their own countries.)

6 – Failure to Reform the Christian or at least Catholic Churches toward Rational Natural Law and the Christian dogma and history as evolutoinary progress from faith to reason to science, and the evidence of christian ‘correctness’ and ‘approximate truth’ by the evidence of that progression, and legitimization of christianity over all other religion just as legitimization of reason and science over all the alternatives.

7 – Our Pre-Christian tolerance (Indo-Germanic, West Indo European, Aryan) because of our founding principles of self-determination and adversarialism producing competitive markets in all aspects of life. And our Christian Tolerance does not permit us the intolerance necessary to fight Total War across the spectrum of immigration, conversion, sedition, treason by informational, cultural, religious, financial, economic, and physical warfare.

(The Culture of War by Van-Creveld, and The History of Warfare by Keegan, and Trust by Fukuyama and Fourth Generation Wafare by Lind are necessary political literacy. However, only Lind correctly addresses urgency of the reality that van creveld explaind and predicted: that our culture ritualized warfare, and domesticated it incrementally through the Westphalian Peace that made states responsible for all actors within their realm thereby creating a monopoly of force in the central state, then domesticating war more so in the post world war era with the declaration of human rights – a benificent sounding bit of political theatre whose sole purpose was to limit states to existing borders, and the modernization of their own people, now that capture of territory for agrarian production was no longer the only method of improving a group’s condition. So westerners have ritualized warfare and narrowed it to wars of states. But this was a mistake. War can be conducted against any physical, institutional, religious, economic, cultural, normative, informational, asset upon which a people depend. And the age of the european domestication of warfare ended with the end of the American world redistribution of the civilizational miricale of the British Empire and vast European asymmetric demographic, human capital, institutional, and technological, advantages in empirical mind, empirical isntitutions, empirical law, and the agrarian, financial, commercial, trasportational, industrial, technolgical, medical, and informational sequence of revolutions. We are once again in an age of Total War with democracy a weakness under the burden of European populations full of marxst, postmodernist, feminist, woke-pc, anti-colonial, anti-whitness (empiricism), tolerance for judaism and islam and all else, and their false promise of freedom from the laws of the universe.)

8 – Our failure to understand and institutionalize in philosophy and law that religions, the mythology of those religions, the laws in those religions – all reflect a group evolutionary strategy – and that group evolutionary strategies are hostile to one another because that is their reason for existence. And that as such non-Christian (non-european) religions are methods of warfare. And that religions other than Christian, Germanic-Slavic pagan martial heroic, and Germanic-Slavic heathen-maternal nature) must not invade European civilization and undermine or compete from within.

Just as All Non-Natural (mand made) Religion is just as much of a means of warfare by sedition against a out group evolutionary strategy as it is a means of warfare to preserve group evolutionary strategy. And without a monarchy, or m ore rigorous constitution, westerners ahve no defense against devolutionary and dysgenic religions that are hostile to our unique discovery of rapid adaptation and evolution. Freedom of religion should have been instituted as freedom of Christian and pre-Christian European Religions, and religious tolerance is a greater mistake than tolerance for non-european non-upper-middle-class immigration. Any student of MacDonald’s trilogy, or my work on comparative group strategies, and means of perpetuating and arguing them, can no longer make the argument in favor of freedom of religion – only in favor of state mandate of doctrine.

9 – Our failure, especially during the 19th century, to code into law the evidentiary criteria for truthful, reciprocal, speech, in matters public, to the public – and to restore our Common Law Universal Standing in matters of the Commons, when combined with industrialization in all forms of communication, enabled the Jewish reformation of sophistry and false promise by the supernatural religion into sophistry and false promise by pseudoscience into a new secular pseudoscientific religion of even more virulent potential for another dark age.

(I’ve provided elsewhere the legal means, in legal form, for formal strict construction (from soveriegnty and reciprocity) of origionalist, textualist, legislation for outlawing all aspects of the jewish and muslim group strategies of total war in general, and in specific, by prevention of the techniques illustrated above that are juridical criteria for claims of truthful, testimonial, reciprocal speech, and enumerating the prohibitions on the imposition of costs by externality.).

10 – Our present failure to revolt and demand the restoration of our natural rights as European peoples – because there is no scientific, truthful, reciprocal moral reason to deny them that does not equally grant us the reciprocal scientific, truthful, reciprocal, and moral right of conquest of those who rebel against us.

Our country was founded by revolution and the founding documents provide the justification for revolution when necessary. There is no non-revolutionary means for redress of these grievances because (a) the public has no standing in matters of the commons without the gatekeeper of a senator or representative; (b) the total war against our people has been disproportionately successfy due to massive immigration; (c) Jewish clientelism has succeeded in controling the public discourse,by directing their parasitic gains to the control of commuication systems and media; and (d) the politicians, political parties, political activists, the federal bureaucracies, are demonstrably clientelle of the global and national financial sector. (d) the only solution is restoration of the constitution by the devolution of the centralization of the federal government to the several states, and the culling of the central bureaucracy, disempowering the unproductive sectors (politicians, political parties, political activists, federal buruacracies) and therefore the incomes and assets of those who pay for those clients at the expense of the people.

11 – Our relative inability to revolt, limited understanding of value of and limits of democracy, lack of the basic concept of political and revolutionary, strategy and tactics. Rebellion without specific actionable demands merely baits you into the hazard that they have created for you. Leadership must have a strategy of escalating demands, that are used to control the discourse, and are chanted with every action

(Why? Because of the demilitarization and demasculinization of the Post Eisenhower generations due to the postwar Jewish attack on our institutions from within. The prewar elimination of ‘looting’ as a means of compensation for troops. The emphasis on bureaucracy, techology, and combined arms rather than riflemen. The elimination of physical fitness in preparation for military service from our education system. The mixing of boys and girls and the ‘dubming down’ of boys by removal of adversarial competition to accomodate girls. The increase in uncompetitive verbal testing to ameliorate academic differences between boys and girls. The suppression by women in education of adversarial studies of geography, history, war, politics, ‘logic, grammar, and rhetoric’, or any semblance of the study of the long hard evolution of european empirical institutions; the relativism of institutional comparisons as if theyd idn’t matter rather than that institutional differences have overwhelming consequences. And in the absence of majority farmers and merchants for whom basic economics is a matter of daily life – the suppression of economic education and knoweldge to simplify the indoctrination of children into the false promise of democratic and state socialism. And the subsequent demonization of rule of law by the mislabeling it with the arbitrary Marxist term “capitalism”.  The suppression by women in education of adversarialism in the classroom which is what causes males to invest in themselves and society.The dumbing down of education to obscure the genetic differences in rates of development and learning between grops.  And our general ignorance and cowardice of youg men not evolved under adversarial conditions to traditional european aristocratic hyper competition.)

The Policy of Containment versus The Myth of Oppression

The Myth of Oppression And The Demand for Adaptation to Physical, Natural, and Evolutionary Laws within the limits of the group’s strategy.

Throughout history the myth of oppression is just that a myth. Instead, just as we contained Christianity and then failed, just as we contained Islam for 1400 years, just as we contained bolshevism, just as we contained fascism to resist bolshevism, and just as we contained the communist movement, just as we contained the soviets,  just as we have tried to contain the Islamist movement, just as we are trying to contain the Chinese Imperial movement, just as we are now trying to contain the Turkish Muslim and Iranian Muslim movements, we contained the Jewish movement throughout history. And the bolsheviks and the soviets were the only time the jews gained access to power to implement their culture at scale.  Most of our history consists of trying to contain authoritarian, non-market, anti-rational, anti-scientific and much larger populations to self-determination, markets, reason, and science. Despite the women and underclasses within, and the hordes without. And the simple reason is that we, the Japanese-Koreans, alone can trust one another, because of our defeat of tribalism, because of our homogeneity, and because of our empirical monarchies.  The three outliers today are (a) the gypsies that practice organized petty crimes, (b) the jews that practice organized social and political crimes of undermining, ( c) the Muslims that practice organized crimes of psychological undermining.  With the rest of the world practicing traditional warfare.


Lessons Learned 

The painful truth we learn from this? We must organize our society, nations, and civilization for Total War, not just Military War as we practice between ourselves. Secondly, we must swallow the bitter medicine that the Fascists were right. And as the present example, the Chinese have adopted fascism – not communism or socialism. The Russians less so. And increasingly the Indians are hinting at this direction. And they have justly done so, to defend against ethnic Europeans who have been captured by and defeated by Jewish undermining, and to defend against Muslims and Jews and themselves.

However, unlike the positivist fascists who must proscribe positive legal rules (what must be done), we can now proscribe negative legal rules (what must not be done) of truth and reciprocity under the law, and eradicate these seditions from within, preserving our rapid evolutionary advantage and our great prosperity under it. (I’ve written most of the constitution over for those purposes). So it is possible to have a Fascism of the via-negativa law that preserves our civilization and its a unique strategy, rather than a Fascism of via-positiva authoritarian command that eventually equally weakens us stagnation has weakened others. Unfortunately, for historical reasons I have explained elsewhere, with their century of pseudoscience, the Jews innovated in dysgenic non-adaptive false promise and deceit faster than we innovated in eugenic adaptive, truth and reciprocity.

As far as I know, I understand the group evolutionary strategy of European Civilization (and at least Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Chinese) as well or better than anyone living today. And European civilization is unique, in that our civilizational strategy is most innovative, adaptive, and evolutionary – because our institutions are most innovative, adaptive, and evolutionary – because our founding principles are most tolerant of continuous adaptation – because our unconscious presumptions, language, norms, traditions, and institutions, are by far the least divergent from and most adherent to, the formal (logical), physical, natural(behavioral), and evolutionary laws of the universe. Conversely, except for the Chinese, who strangely choose to retrench rather than conquer the world, all other civilizations failed the criteria for passing the great filter: acceptance of the necessity for continuous evolution.

We must adapt, not demand enemies adapt to us. Judaism (parasitism), Islam (predation) systematically produce falsehood, ignorance, superstition, dysgenia, and decline, and have produced in and of themselves almost nothing that was not captured from Europeans, Iranics, or indo-Iranics, that they prey upon under the guise of religion that is nothing more than warfare against the laws of the universe – producing the expected results.

We have only these choices in order of escalation:

1 – Use the Law: Outlaw the many crimes possible by the Abrahamic method of false promise, baiting into hazard, hiding behind plausible deniability, and demand for Jewish religious legal and cultural reform, equally prohibiting the Abrahamic methods of parasitism and deceit.
2 – Legislate A Great Silence: ending Jewish public speech in all forms
3 – Restoration of the prohibition from institutional participation whether in state, academy, media, finance, law, and property ownership.
4 – Restoration of the bans on Jews and Judaism (And Islam) in western civilization.
5 – Forcible repatriation.
5 – War.

So my advice to Europeans is the most peaceful: to demand the Legislatures outlaw these techniques of organized crime, and that the first set of demands in the necessary series of reforms – and revolution if necessary – is to legislate political affiliation as a protected class, and political speech as protected speech. The issuing additional demands for prohibition of the crimes against our people and restitution and punishment for those crimes, until we have enough control to end the enemy’s strategy forever, by nationalizing consumer credit at zero interest, nationalizing insurance as a non-profit, and nationalizing pensions as non-profits, and as are the Chinese, nationalizing investment in the production of competitive capital intensive industries, retaining partial interest in those investments, funding the government more from its economic returns, while impoverishing the ancient enemy for eternity, and driving them either elsewhere or into productive work. And this would be in the interest of both parties, and the world. Because Israel, if populated by American and European Jews, would have a population, population density, and an economy equal to that of the Netherlands, and given the evidence of their conversation to technological excellence upon owning their own country, will, over generations, reform them out of parasitic diasporic separatism, and into nationalists like they rest of the world. And to function as the ‘germany’ of the Middle East – dragging their peers slowly into modernity. Especially if the crimes of the Jews are as well documented and taught as the consequences of european conquest of the world. So that the Jews have neither the opportunity nor incentive to continue their warfare against others.

First Demands: Freedom of Testimonial Speech

Europeans were the only people to succeed in developing truth-before-face regardless of cost, rule of law, reason, empiricism, science, technology, relatively uncorrupt government, and large scale private organizations – and these achievements require verbal reciprocity by truthful, testifiable, empirical speech.

1. All Political Preference, affiliation, and self-identification shall be Protected Class.
2. All Political Speech shall be Protected Speech.
3. The Restoration of Common Law Defamation for any falsehood whether intended or implied and regardless of harm.
4. The Restoration of Common Law requirement for testimonial (witnessed) speech in public to the public in matters public.
5. The Restoration of Common Law liability for Interference in commerce, records, marriage, or personal life, limiting us to honest market competition, and honest resolution of differences in court, producing continuous positive suppression of irreciprocity in all walks of life, and forcing our competition and dominance expression into the production of virtuous cycles of increasing the capital of the Commons.
6. The statute codification of Testimonial Speech as satisfying the criteria for testifiability (witness), and any truth claim to satisfy the criteria of the Physical Laws by (a) realism (b) naturalism, (c) operationalism, Formal Laws by (a) categorical and (b) internal consistency, Natural Laws by (a) rational self-interest, (b) reciprocity), Evolutionary (),  Complete (), Warrantable (), and Restitutable ().

The result will be a profound restoration of our civilization by organic, market means as we use the common law courts and threat of court to profit from the suppression of sedition across the spectrum, immediately reforming (and economically collapsing) entertainment, media, reporting, political, academic, and educational speech.

That’s all we have to achieve, and it’s a position on the moral high ground, that by and large will disempower most of the strategy and tactics of sedition.

Second Demands: Nationalization of Consumer Credit, and Strategic Investment

Nationalizaton of consumer credit, and conversion to zero interest. Nationalization of pension funds. Nationalization of Insurance and insurance holdings. Nationalization of College and University Funds and Endowments. Use of those funds an endowments to pay down student loans – at least in STEM degrees. Nationalization of Black Rock. Nationalization of the Fed and all fed assets into the treasury. Establishment of  independent national investment administration.

Third Demands:

Centralization of price negotiation for medicine, goods, and services. Centralized funding of hospitals construction and maintenance at zero interest. Conversion of hospitals to local ownership and administration. Central insurance of catastrophic care.  (Half of medical costs are waste). Return staffing levels and customer service to local medical delivery staff.


These three sets of demands, when coupled with radical education reform (which we’ve covered elsewhere) will increase national revenues by well over 1/3 and over time, double them, while at the same time restoring the possibility of one income families, multi-generational families, at the cost of the parasitic and predatory financial, insurance, pension, academic, and media industries, and restore truthful reciprocal speech in public discourse, so that rational democracy is possible for the common people of common means.

Alternative Demands


Alternative if Demands Fail

civil war

In Closing 

There is no moral justification for the deprivation of others of self-determination by self-determined means free of negative externalities against the demonstrated interests of others. Conversely there is moral justification for ending the self determination of those whose self determined means is achieved by negative externalities against the demonstrated interests of others, and even more so for parasitism or predation.

If we cannot speak the truth, we cannot negotiate
If we cannot negotiate, we cannot settle
If we cannot settle we cannot share a polity
If we cannot share a polity we must separate
If we cannot separate we must fight a civil war

Nation Building and Multiculturalism are impossible because they are mutual exclusions.

I don’t advocate separation for separation’s sake.
I advocate separation because we do not and cannot negotiate.
I advocate separation because we will not and cannot settle.
I advocate separation because we cannot share a polity.
I advocate separation because I don’t want our children to face war.
And because no moral man tolerates sedition or treason against his people – even more so than war.

No More Lies.


Summary Poster

Common Tactics in Abrahamism

Civilizational Destruction from Within;
Instigating Construction of Internal Spirals of Capital Rivalry, Consumption, Destruction;
By Baiting into Hazard (certain risk);
Those who are ignorant, or lack agency;
By use of False Promise (circumvention of reality);
Under the persuasion by Sophism (pilpul);
Justified by Critique (lie, criticism, straw—manning)
Under the cover of Moral Pretense (lie);
Under the cover of Plausible Deniability (lie);
For the purpose of profiting (by harm)
From the consumption of accumulated capital (undermining): truth, reason, delay of gratification, manners, ethics, morals, traditions, cooperation between classes, organization of the classes,
By not specializing in,
… The production of innovation in goods services information, both private and common
Where one’s display word and deed is Warrantied
And instead by specialization in fields permitting Export of Risk And Absent Warranty
… Gossip for Undermining (Entertainment, Media, News, Opinion)
… Informational Destruction (Academy)
… Government (Facilitation of Conflict)
… Legislation
… … (Undermining by,
… … … Facilitation of Conflict,
… … … Facilitating Dissolution of norms, traditions, manners, ethics morals,
… … … Facilitation of Parasitism, Capital exhaustion)
… Rent—Seeking (special interests)
… Corruption (influence)
… Undermining the law (specialization in undermining the constitution via the courts)
… Law (specialization in coercion)
… Finance (Parasitism and entrapment)
… Tax and accounting (evasion)
… Marketing and Advertising (scams and undermining)
… Sales Scams
… Commercial Trade in Scams physical, service, and informational
… Black Market Goods, services, and Information.
… Check Cashing
… Loan Sharking
… Gambling
… Pornography
… Prostitution
… Drug Dealing
… creating conflict,
… destroying trust,
… generating demand for restitution
… generating demand for authority,
And authority that recursively issues another iteration of
… false promise,
… baiting into hazard
Causing a Continuous Conflict Spiral
And Tragedy of the Commons (Conflict for consumption)
until all accumulated assets, including:
… genetic,
… cultural,
… normative,
… artistic,
… economic,
… institutional and
… political;
have been consumed;
by the conflict between classes and interests;
and by the expansion of the underclasses;
whose numbers, invasion, reproduction, consumption, agitation, had been previously limited by;
… productivity, property, market, law, and natural aristocracy;
… And the surplus proceeds from production devoted to the production of commons;
… Providing the asymmetric returns on those commons.

Where Abrahamic Argument Consists of:

  1. Stating or Implying a False Promise, (of escape from physical, natural, and evolutionary laws)
  2. Without provision of Warranty, (skin in the game)
  3. For the purpose of Baiting into Moral Hazard, (failure)
  4. Where one can profit from others’ loss, by 
    1. Murder,
    2. Violence,
    3. Theft,
    4. Fraud,
    5. Free Riding,
    6. Socialization of Losses,
    7. Privatization of The Commons,
    8. Conspiracy,
    9. Statism,
    10. Conversion,
    11. Immigration,
    12. Conquest
  5. Persuaded or Argued by “Pilpul” consisting of the
    1. Sophisms of:
      1. Loading,
      2. Framing,
      3. Suggestion,
      4. Conflation (!!)
      5. False Dichotomy
      6. False Equivalency
      7. Double Standards
      8. Cherry Picking
      9. Obscurantism,
      10. Overloading,
    2. and the Fictionslisms of:
      1. Innumeracy
      2. Idealism,
      3. Pseudoscience
      4. “Magic” 
      5. Supernaturalism, and
      6. Deceit,
  6. Appealing to:
    1. NAXALT (‘not all x are like that’)
    2. Optimisms or Pessimisms as Medians (outliers)
    3. Reasonableness (limiting to interpersonal)
    4. Morality (limiting to global)
    5. Face (Status, Reputation, Honor)
    6. Norms (what others do)
    7. Authority (scripture, law)
  7. Instead of:
    1. Truth or Falsehood
    2. Rationality vs Irrationality (self interest)
    3. Reciprocity or Irreciprocity
    4. Probability or Improbability
    5. Possibility or Impossibility
  8. And defended by “Critique”, consisting of:
    1. Heaping of Undue Praise on Straw Men (positive)
    2. Criticism by Straw Manning (negative), and
    3. Poisoning the Well (Polluting the Informational Commons)
    4.  and GSRRM (denial, disapproval, ridicule, shaming, reputation destruction), consisting of:
      1. denial
      2. disapproval,
      3. shaming
        1. outraging
        2. ridicule,
        3. shaming,
        4. moralizing,
        5. psychologizing,
      4. reputation Destruction
        1. rallying,
        2. gossiping,
        3. and reputation destruction –
  9. Demonstrating
    1. deceit,
    2. distraction, and
    3. disapproval
  10. Instead of:
    1. True of False argument,
    2. Or Fully Informed Agreement or Disagreement
  11. Thereby
    1. Advancing a falsehood on one hand, and
    2. Attacking the person rather than argument on the other.
  12. In order to obscure:
    1. lying,
    2. cheating,
    3. stealing, to directly lie, cheat, steal, or
    4. baiting into hazards from which they can
      1. lie cheat and steal under cover of
        1. ambiguity and
        2. pretense of ignorance, and
        3. pretense of innocence for the harm done.
  13. Includes:
    1. Ridicule, Shaming, Moralizing, Psychologizing, Gossiping, Rallying,
    2. Sophism, Pilpul, Critique, Pseudoscience, Supernaturalism,
    3. Relativism, Straw-Manning, Misrepresentation, Cherry-Picking, Double-Standards, Half-Truth, False Equivalency,
    4. False And Impossible Promise, Framing Moral Pretense, Baiting Into Hazard, Evasion From Warranty, Pro?ting From Resulting Hardship,
    5. Nepotism, Privatization Of The Commons, Socialization Of Losses, Conspiracy, Organized-Crime, Rent-Seeking, Procedural-Abuse, False Accusation, Institutional Overloading, Intellectual Dishonesty, Coercion,
    6. Endemic Lying, Shouting Down, Propagandizing, Poisoning The Discourse, Polluting The Informational Commons, Traitorousness, And Personal, Social, Political, Cultural, Religious, Aesthetic, Legal, Constitutional, And Institutional Undermining,
    7. Thanklessness, Evading Introspection, Blame-Shifting, Avoidance Of Responsibility, And Cowering Under Plausible Deniability In Order To Avoid Any Semblance Of Truth, Reciprocity, Productivity, Duty, And Contribution To The Commons.
    8. And scaling from the individual to the polity to the society to the civilization by Social Construction using:
  1. Gossiping
  2. Biased Reporting
  3. Disinformation
  4. Propaganda
  5. Pseudo-Academic Publication
  6. Entertainment
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