The Choice – Episode 0013 – The Whiteness Conspiracy Theory – The Economics of Whiteness Part One

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This Podcast, as is often the case with painful truths about culturally taboo subjects, may be offensive to just about everyone other than the most scientific and intellectually honest of us. But it is necessary in order to resolve the great conflicts of our age. I do my job. My job is the truth regardless of the consequences to the feelings of others.





This is the Choice. Episode 0013. Whiteness conspiracy theory: The economics of whiteness part one.  I’m Curt Doolittle

On The Whiteness Conspiracy Theories

The history of human development consists of great leaps that were caused by genetic isolation, adaptation, and hybridization, with the hybrids almost always eradicating the prior generations. Most of our evolution consists of evolving increasing rates of adaptation faster than all competitors do. And the entire suite of body morphology, domestication, cooperation, intelligence, language, and technology have rapidly improved our adaptability.

Our early adaptation was to environmental conditions; then we evolve into a super predator in those environmental conditions; then we  domesticated ourselves to further the disproportionate gains of cooperation; we develope langauge to increase the complexity of our cooperation, then informal and formal institutions to increase the complexity of our cooperation and competition, then to use those adaptations to domesticate plants, animals and even one another for our benefit.

Domestication is made possible by a reduction in aggression producing, in exchange, an increase in agency – meaning patience, conscientiousness, and the opportnity to use predictive intelligence, and recursive trials, that together assist us in improving adaptation – in particular cooperative adaptation.

Intelligence  refers to nothing more than to the rate of adaptation of the brain to conditions. This is why the term intelligence is confusing to most people. It only describes the rate of auto association, prediction, permutation, and recursion. And decreases in friction of thought limit the cost of energy, and therefore the time that one can spend in adaptive thinking – meaning learning. So just as some of us are physically more fit and biomechnically superior to others, some of us are more cognitively fit, and biomechanically superior to others. And just as some of us can’t perform physical feats the way superior physical athletes can no matter how hard we try and train, some of us can’t perform superior cognitive feats the way cognitive athletes can no matter how hard we try. But in the norm, meaning, ordinary life. most of us can get through the normative challenges of life without having to be physical or cognitive athletes.

All groups evolve in the direction of domestication, and domestication is produced by neoteny and resulting pedomorphism, and all groups vary in their degree of domestication and degree of neoteny. All groups practice a group evolutionary strategy that reflects their degree of self deomistication, their geography, means of production, homogeneity or heterogeneity, and local competitors. And all groups have adapted to that evolutionary strategy in competition with other groups. And all groups (except for those who read this work) are largely unaware of their strategy: instead they assume the behavior of the universe, nature, the polity, society, individuals, and the good and bad without reflection – just habit and intuition.  The strategy varies by race, civilization, nation, class, and sex.  Within each nation, civilization, and race, each group’s strategy is internally consistent. Meaning, it evolved to assist people at each level or class within the civilizational hierarchy to cooperate with each other while cooperating with and competing successfully with and against others. But interestingly, these group strategies differ in consistency with formal (logical), physical, natural (meaning behavioral), and evolutionary laws of the universe. Some are more consistent, correspondent, and coherent with the formal, physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe. And some are less so. Some are antithetical to them.

Europeans, it appears, are the newest macro subrace – formed five thousand years ago by the hybridization of european hunter-gatherers, Anatolian farmers, and steppe herders, with the steppe herders the inheritors of the most recent race, the Ancestral North Eurasians – who themselves hybridized and gave us both Europeans and Amerindians.  As a side note, the Ashkenazi might be the newest hybrid subrace at around 600 years ago by interbreeding with european females, practicing upward redistribution of reproduction to their best and brightest, then being pressured through genetic bottlenecks as they were ostracized from polity after polity for specializing in organized crime against the commons using baiting into hazard – something that we’ll explore in detail elsewhere.

Because of these european steppe herders, for reasons we will address elsewhere, Europeans evolved to discover, adapt to, and apply the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe including continuing natural selection by their ancient law of self-determination by sovereignty, reciprocity, and resulting markets. In other words, the steppe herders, domesticating horse, cattle, sheep, turned to domesticate conquered humans like they had domesticated every other animal, and set about domesticating the natural world for profit as well.

The unconscious, unintentional, purely accidental novelty of these steppe herders was in creating a fully militarized people, functioning purely entrepreneurially,  in the absence of any central authority, by rule of law of meritous tort (property by demonstrated interest), thereby bypassing the religion and state phases of development – both of which, like all bureaucratic systems, will always and everywhere produce corruption, resulting in markets in every aspect of life, that fostered competition to discover optimums: the formal, physical, logical, and evolutionary laws of the universe. Not as intellectual insights but as entirely unintentional byproducts of their social, legal, and political order.

Conformity to the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, using sovereignty, reciprocity, and markets in all walks of life, provides an adaptive advantage by reducing frictions of opportunity cost, risk, rent-seeking, and corruption, and hindering the formation of stagnation, by the continuous reformation of Pareto distributions within those markets, at the cost of suppressing the reproduction of the unfit, where the unfit are self-selecting by demonstrating incapacity for self-determination by self-sufficiency, in markets, that are a substitute for pre-industrial natural selection.)  In other words, europeans evolved by accident of their original military and economic order such that they slowly evolved what we would call a scientific civilization with the least impediments to adaptation.

Religion calcifies and adapts very slowly.  The State calcifies and adapts slightly less slowly. But self-organizing civilizations (organized without authority or pretense by rule of law) adapt more quickly, and european rule of law adapts as soon as either someone innovates in reciprocity and competes successfully with it or someone innovates in an irreciprocity and is taken to court over it. Because the moment the case is decided we have discovered a ‘new application of the law’ without government or religious interference, that is purely empirical.

Europeans alone pay the high cost of self-determination by sovereignty and reciprocity in display word and deed, especially (a) the personal high cost of testimonial speech (scientific speech) in public speech, regardless of cost to the dominance hierarchy  (b) duty to commons before self, (c) the direction of dominance to heroism for the benefit of the commons, rather than self, family, or kin. As such, europeans evolved the lowest corruption lowest crime greatest trust and economic velocity, despite small numbers on the edge of the bronze age revolution that they mastered, creating the indo european expansion.

But this european group strategy of continuous adaptation is an extremely costly strategy that no other people has succeeded in adopting save perhaps the Japanese. And so, europeans, meaning Whites, earn their advantages in adaptation – every single day, by paying the costs we don’t see, by not taking the personal gains we would normally see.

So while the left uses the term “whiteness” without grasping its meaning, they’re referring to the group strategy of the european people. The group strategy of the european people is an advancement in evolutionary velocity, because of a cooperative advancement in adaptive velocity. That group strategy is more adaptive because it is the most conformal with formal (logical), physical, natural, and evolutionary laws. So whiteness = science. Science = Truthful testimony. And no other people institutionalized empirical truth before face regardless of cost, duty before self regardless of cost, commons before self regardless of cost, by the militarization of the entire society so that no matter what rank one is due respect for adherence to european laws and the laws of the universe, that grant the entire population the extraordinary benefits of more rapid adaptation to the changes in the universe, and the forcible transformation of the universe to fit the needs of man.

This is why it doesn’t matter if whites were first, even if they were first more often than all the rest, or that they were smaller in number, or that they were poorer in wealth. By specializing in greater adaptability they were first with all but the margins, and passed all other civilizations from behind, in just a few centuries in the bronze age, a few centuries in the iron age, a few centuries in the steel (modern) age.  And the only delay in our excellence has been the bronze age collapse, the Jewish-Christian-Muslim dark ages of superstitious ignorance, and nowt he new dark age of Jewish sophistry and pseudoscience begun in the last century as a revolt against Darwin, Menger, Nietzsche, and Spencer – in fact the entire modern period that threatened their ancient investment in superstition, free riding, and non-productivity.

So populations that have failed to adapt to the laws of the universe claim Whites are oppressors, rather than the painful truth: that the universe is uncaring and only whites are willing to pay the cost of adapting to it. And all other peole want the gains of living with and under white civlization without themselves paying the costs of full integration into that civilization by paying those unseen costs. Why? Because their demographic distributions are insufficiently domesticated to compete in an advanced society against europeans without dragging europeans down to their own level, by continuous undermining by taking advantage of the fragilty that a high trust high tolerance civilization is exposed to.

So, QED:anti-whiteness is an unscientific conspiracy theory. An attempt at theft by fraud at the subrace, race, and civilizational scale.

The weakness in Whiteness is High Trust and Self Determination produce the highest tolerance, and allow ‘baiting into hazard’, and ‘guilting into hazard’. Whiteness conspiracy theory attempts to exploit this denying the obvious: others’ unfitness.

Unfitness is the failure to, or inability to, adapt to the physical (scarcity) natural (reciprocity, amorality), and evolutionary (regression to the mean, race with the red queen), and anti-whiteness is an attempt to avoid reform once aware of one’s cultural failure.

“Whiteness” is a test of genetic fitness in an increasingly safe, prosperous, evolutionary civilization, because we continue natural selection using Self-Determination by Sovereignty, Reciprocity, and Adversarialism (absence of authority), that maximizes the rate of adaptability by maximum prosperity.

Every objection to whiteness is an objection to the fact that the gains of white civilization are produced by conformity to the laws of the universe – or in religious terms, the laws of nature, and nature’s god, including natural selection – by market eugenics – of god and nature’s god. And those that object cannot compete and have failed nature, and nature’s god.  And those complainers want the benefits of adhering to the law of nature and nature’s god or to steal from whites to drag whites down with them in violation of the laws of nature and nature’s god.


The difference between classes is genetic load (defect). We are, unfortunately, unwilling to solve the social, economic, political, and evolutionary problem of those with birth defects: those unable or unwilling to conform to ‘Whiteness’: The physical, natural, evolutionary laws. The solution of course is to take care of them despite their behavioral birth defects, but prohibit their reproduction, thereby ending that chain of defects.

You may try to find fault with these arguments but you cannot – all you can do is lie and deny. Which is the group strategy of the left, and the argumentative technique of the Abrahamic method of deceit upon which the three monotheistic religions are constructed.

Group differences are the result of genetic load (Defect), more so than genetic (behavioral) advantage. So if equally evolved (neotenically), fully integrated, without exception, and in single-digit percentages, the genetically upper middle and lower upper classes of other groups (races, subraces) can participate in our high trust civilization. Otherwise, they cannot. Not just theoretically, not just logically, but demonstrably. Even East Asians (Han, Korean, Japanese), now that they are a measurable minority, are pressing for group-specific benefits and resisting full integration.

A PROOF of universal Racism is rather simple: “Whiteness” is a test of genetic fitness in a high trust, truth-before-face, commons before self or family, increasingly safe, prosperous, evolutionary civilization. The problem is that because ALL PEOPLE ARE IN FACT RACIST (practice kin selection) they are unwilling to EVOLVE their group by suppression of underclass reproduction.

Multiculturalism cannot succeed because Whites cannot afford, and lose the incentives to continue to pay for the high cost of impulse suppression, high trust commons, economic velocity, and evolutionary adaptability while bearing the burden of suppressing their behavior and reproduction in order to pay for the those that cannot GENETICALLY or CULTURALLY compete (survive) because their ingroup(race, culture, religion) preference is higher than their reform preference, so they engage in undermining and parasitism: Anti-White Conspiracy Theory.

Lesser humans, and yes I use that term as an objective scientific judgment, can distance yourselves from formal science (logics), and physical science (physics, chemistry, biology), but you can’t from behavioral (language, psychology, sociology, econ, law, politics, war) and evolutionary sciences (group strategy under evolutionary pressure).

I’m equally capable, and do, describe all group evolutionary theories in equally scientific terms. The one I try to focus on is the Jewish and Muslim because both survive only by parasitically exploiting the weakness in higher trust, more productive civilizations.

As such, Judaism and Islam are anti-science, anti-evolutionary, attempts to undermine: rally equally maladaptive peoples to drag others into equal failure because they cannot or will not adapt to the laws of the universe. (Nature and Nature’s God).

Christianity is equally devolutionary and communist but had to be Germanized to convert the Europeans. The aristocracy then used the church as a holding company, and the theology had to compete against european military and legal traditions. This is why the Catholic Church has ‘Gone Full Communist” in this century: Europeans have abandoned it, politically ostracized it, economically isolated it, and it reverts to form as a Semitic cult of undermining adaptation to the laws nature’s (god).

I can list a whole series of very popular practitioners of the Semitic (counter-evolutionary), Jewish (female), group strategy(undermining alphas), seeking attention and reward in exchange for casting Whites as oppressors – as a proxy for hating the universe (nature’s god).

There are only three thought-leading groups in the world, Europeans, Ashkenazim, and Chinese. Only Europeans and Jews use persuasion. The Chinese just command and perform.

So Europeans, whites, practicine whiteness, meaning science, must stop trying to convince liars not to sell lies for profit. Instead, as I recommend, expand the law against false promises (fraud, conspiracy, sedition), and prosecute them instead, until they adapt, depart, or must be physically removed.

The most intolerant wins.

This is Curt Doolittle. Thank you for listening.

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