An Indictment: 2 – Religion

Part 6 – Religion

Evolution of Religion over time.

Phase 1: Burials > (Possible 1a: Marking as Monument?) > Phase 2: Sacrifices > Phase 3: Seasons > Phase 4: Politics > Phase 5: Education

Each of these is rather obvious in progression as complexity increases.

What’s The Oldest Religion?


Which is the world’s oldest religion? What is the evidence of it? The correct question is “What is the oldest political religion?” Because that is the function of all surviving religions from the Axial period. Sumerians first wrote down their religions in 3500 BCE and most political religions evolved from competition with theirs. We see evidence if organized religion in Anatolia from 9,000 BCE, predating Stonehenge by 6000 years.

It appears we developed religious practices (what we call sacred, but is more correctly, suppression of all self interest, status signal, and dominance expression ) no less than 40k years ago. There was our first and longest dark age around 20-21k BC. Then practices resumed, around 13k BC.

It wasn’t that long – about 8000 BC – until farming, and farming creates folk religions in an and around Anatolia -still burial focused.

Around 5500BC the Indo-Europeans developed sacrificial religion, and spread it – man then bargaining with the gods.

And again, by 3300BC we see the rapid development of political religion in every region of Eurasia.

|RELIGION|: Burial > Sacrificial > Political > [Therapeutic]

All Religion Is The Construction Of Debt



The universe is in fact what enabled earth.
The earth in fact what enabled man.
Our Ancestors in fact who enabled us.
The Heroes among them who we imitate.
The Peers among us that persist their memories.

The only debts we owe are:
– nature/planet/the universe. (in truth)
– our ancestors, who made us possible (in truth)
– exemplary ancestors who made us possible (with truth)
– our peers who persist the gains of our ancestors. (in truth)


The Abrahamic Jewish, Christian, Muslim lies: false debt for false crime, with false promise, of false reward.


All gods are lies by those lacking memory of worthy ancestors or worthy ancestors whatsoever.


We are the gods among men.

And the fake gods were invented to undermine, weaken, and destroy us – and that is why those gods mandate everything counter to our ascendance into gods ourselves: ignorance, mysticism, sophism, pseudoscience, deceit, dysgenia, and monopoly. A god would be more like Aristotle Jefferson and Darwin than the god of the Semites – whose thoughts words commands and deeds look far more like the devil in our oldest myth – our founding myth: the Blacksmith and the Demon. Or what we know of today, wrapped in Christian dogma as Faust. The god of the Abrahamists is evil in thought, word, command, deed, and consequence.

When we pray to our god, we are praying to the god of our people. Sky father. Dayus Pitar, Dayus Phater, Zeus Pater, Jupiter, Sol Invictus, Sol, the eternal sus that ask us to rule, to reign, to join them. Our Heroes and Saints are dressed in clothes of political theatre to oppress us and deny us our ambitions of joining the gods. But we have our own:

|WESTERN CIVILIZATION| Transcendence (Evolutionary Velocity) via Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Truth and Duty, The judiciary of the natural law, and the consequential markets in everything. Where there the militia constitutions a private partnership and there is non above them to perform the function of insurer of last resort, every man demonstrates reciprocity by performing the function of insurer of last resort.

This is a religion of gods. Men who would become gods. Heroes who have approached godhood. And peoples who follow them into godhood.


There is no substitute for a initiation in group of warriors (pack), and ritual thanks to one another, a king, ancestors, and nature. Everything else is education, therapy, and medication.


—-“In Indo-European civilizations,” writes Francois-Xavier Dillman, “magic definitely cannot be disassociated from all of the beliefs, representations, religious rites […] on the contrary, it is one of the most prevalent components, one of those that resists the most against Christianization. The same author underlines that runic writing and Germanic magic are often “one and the same.” Patrick Moisson also emphasizes that there is a fine line between magic and religion, but he notes that whereas religion seeks to conciliate divinities with sacrifice and worship, magic “constrains divine powers with appropriate rites,” which assumes the existence of impersonal forces and “means to constrain the supernatural world.”—

Small differences in large numbers over many years produce vast differences.

Religion: what we can get away with? (mysticism),
Philosophy: what I can get away with? (sophism),
Science: What we can’t get away with (warranty).
Law: What you can’t get away with (liability).

Why are Mythology, Oath, Prayer, and Ritual Necessary for a Polity? Debt. Contract for Payment.

Three Reasons: Decidability, Opportunity Costs and Transaction Costs.

We coordinate our actions a little bit by clear deliberate choices. But mostly we cooperate by many thousands of tie-breakers that we default to loose theories of the ‘good’: narratives.

In other words, religions provide means by which, in those many thousands of choices, where no choice is preferable to us, to prefer the choice that contributes to the advancement of the commons. Otherwise like Bouridan’s Ass we must find some method of choosing. This insight is profoundly important. Think of religions as a wishing well into which we toss the spare change of choice. But these choices reflect a group evolutionary strategy. And these strategies are not equal. The many small defeat the few grand.


Religion provides us with personal, social, and political rituals to train us to into mindfulness(tolerance), forgiveness, and cooperation at increasing scales. It serves as the institutionalization of harmony so that We Can Tolerate Anonymity, Lack of Reinforcement, Expansion of Hierarchy, Loss of Agency, in Markets, in The Division of Labor in Exchange for the Dramatic Lowering of Costs From That Division of Labor.

If you understand this then you will understand the purpose of religion, where it evolved, and when and why it evolved, and how and why a religion or any given aspect of a religion succeeds or is good, or fails or is bad. Religion trains the intuition, reason trains us in understanding, negotiation and planning, and skills train us in production in that division of sensation, perception, cognition, memory, advocacy, negotiation, and labor.

With Religion we scale the hunt. Which in turn consists of the phases of the prey drive. Which is the eternal cycle of our lives. To search, to hunt or gather, to come together, to feast, to celebrate, to reproduce, to rest, to care, to want or need, and to begin again. Religion is a celebration of the cycle of life from the reptilian, mamilial, and human brain. We can never fully leave the animal behind, we can only satisfy it’s needs so that we can be human and take advantage of the returns on the division of labor.

Where worship means demonstration of appreciation for inheritance: debt.
– Nature worship (debt)
– Kin and Ancestor worship (debt)
– Gods, demigods, heroes and saints worship (debt)

And training in mindfulness:
– Action: heroism – achievement – contribution and competition (cost)
– Reason: stoicism – self authoring – tolerance and cooperation (cost)
– Experience: epicureanism – peace and security (cost)

And the Ritual of the Feast – building community.
– The Gathering, The Fire, The Call (reward)
– The Parable, The Oath, the Testimony (reward)
– The Sacrifice, The Feast, The Thanks (reward)
– The Celebration (festival), The Sport (competition), The Dispersal ( sex, rest, care) (reward)

And there are three sets of laws evident in the structure of the universe whether those laws were made by structural consequence, the design of divinity, or the hand of god.
– The laws of nature. (physical limits)
– The natural law of Sovereignty and Reciprocity (personal limits), with the christian via positiva law of love improving upon the via negativa natural law.
– The evolutionary law of transcendence of man into gods. (political limits)

This constitutes the law of religion.

A Precise Language For The Discussion Of Religion.

We have been misled to thinking that ‘religion’ requires superstition. But that idea is a product of the authoritarian dogma created by the Church under Christianity. It’s simply not true.

Deconflated, Religion Consists Of:

1) Narrative: historical, mythical, supernatural
2) Metaphysical Judgments: (in many forms)
3) Group Evolutionary Strategy: (in many forms )
4) Debts: (intergenerational transfer of strategy)
5) Costs: (Demonstrations of conformity.)
5) Normative Rules: (in many forms to persist it)
6) Registries of Familial Accounting (birth, maturity, marriage, death)
7) Rituals both private and public: (mindfulness in its forms)
8) Feasts, Sports, Arts, and Festivals:(in their many forms)

Religion Satisfied Market Demand By:

1 – Providing some variation on ‘mindfulness‘ in which we can escape the problem of being honest with ourselves independently of all our accumulated intuitions and biases.

2 – Forming associations between the ‘pack-response‘ and group participation, and eliminating the problem of stress from post-tribal life’s lack of feedback, thereby extending trust bonds across kin groups, class groups, and market groups, which decreases transaction costs of all kinds in all walks of life.

3 – Establishing normative rules for familial and cross familial behavior, that made (and continue to) reduce natural frictions between genetic variations in gender, class, tribe, race that (truthfully) translate in to different demands for association, reproduction, economic cooperation, and rule – and the status seeking that affects each of those demands, dramatically.


1) Mindfulness refers to  the physical, cognitive and emotional discipline to control the subject of attention on the present intent, insulated from distractions whether personal, environmental, or interpersonal.

2) But with preference for the stoic method (self authoring, virtues of action), the epicurean objective (within one’s control), testimonial (scientific) knowledge, the play (ritual), and team sport, festival, and feast (celebration).

3) The buddhist method, originally practical and insular evolved into semi-mystical, and survived the attack by monotheistic abrahamism, where the western schools that were practical and action oriented, were destroyed by design by the Abrahamic conquest and dark age.

4) East asian ritual, and Hindu ‘way of life’ survived as well. Each of these methods of physical, mental and emotional discipline reflects local demand given local degree of agency during the period of transformation. (although buddhism was imposed on japan unfortunately).

5) So I use ‘mindfulness’ in the sense that all groups sought to meet demands for some technique of achieving mindfulness of their eras by slightly different means. Since buddhism developed the most direct analysis of the objective, the terminology evolved into a universal.

6) But as in all things, the stoic method, epicurean objective, and scientific(empirical) paradigm, and pursuit of agency(dominance) rather than withdrawal (submission), reflect the european rather than african, semitic, hindu, east asian metaphysics: realism, naturalism, agency.


The Constitution of Religion

Religion Consists of:

|RELIGION| Mythos (strategy) > Debt > Repetition (ritual) > Recital (oath) > Feast and Festival.

But so does every other category of education:

|EDUCATION| Mythos (Logic) > Repetition/Ritual (Grammar) > Recital (Rhetoric) > Reward (Recognition of Achievement)

All education follows the same process:

|LEARNING| Logic > Grammar > Rhetoric > Success by accolade, application, or achievement.

All knowledge follows the same process:

|EPISTEMOLOGY| free association (+ test) > hypothesis (+ test) > theory (+test) > law ( survival).

All due diligence in the production of knowledge follows the same process:

|DUE DILIGENCE| identity > consistency > correspondence > demonstrated possibility > rational choice > reciprocity, coherence > limits > and completeness.

So, we have a rather odd misconception of ‘religion’ as something other than training the emotions such that we intuit values and relations that are coherent with our group evolutionary strategy (embedded in our mythos), which we rarely if ever understand – those rules of evolutionary strategy are obscured at the metaphysical level. This invisibility makes them sturdier because they are less vulnerable to argument and criticism and therefore more likely to persist due to simply imitation of myths and rituals that produces that strategy by externality rather than by direct apprehension.

There is nothing special about religion. If we look at the hierarchy of choice:

|REACTION| Physical Response (Automatic) > Emotional Response (intuition) > Rational Response(reason) > Calculated Response (calculation) > Computed Response (Computation).

… then EACH ONE OF THOSE STEPS allows for an increase in precision in the PRESENCE of knowledge and GRACEFUL FAILURE in the ABSENCE of knowledge.

This hierarchy means that at about every Standard Deviation in human mental (cognitive) ability,  there exists a grammar (methodology) of decision making from the base animal up to the most skilled professionals.

Humans are very simple creatures. It’s the lies we tell ourselves that confuse us, and keep us mere animals, responding by intuition and automatic reaction, rather than possessed of agency and welding reason, calculation, and computation, such that we evolve into the gods we imagine.

Everything There is to Understand About Religion

Religion consist of a category of education for the purpose of training the intuition (emotions), such that we are less dependent upon reason, calculation, and computation.

So just as we have:

|ANALOGIES| children’s stories, fairy tales, myths, legends > young adult stories > stories > novels > biographies > histories > the sciences and law > mathematics

And we have:

|ETHICS| Imitation of Parents > Hero Ethics > Virtue Ethics > Rule Ethics > Outcome Ethics

We also have:

|EDUCATION| Physical Training > Emotional training > Calculation training > Knowledge training > Professional Skills Training

And so we have developed these institutions to provide training:

|INSTITUTIONS| Play/Sports/Work(physical) > Church (emotion) > Primary School > Secondary School > College > University



“What I will rebel against, what I have chosen to conduct war against, is the cult of lies that originates in theology, is exacerbated under obscurantist language of rationalism, and worsened under pseudoscience and propaganda.

I will protect me and mine from nature. I will protect me and mine from virus and disease. I will protect me and mine from beast. I will protect me and mine from violence, theft, fraud, conspiracy, immigration, conversion, war and conquest. And the most important means of protecting me and mine, is to punish the smallest infraction of our promise of cooperation: lying.”

Understanding Religion

1) Each social order (Wisdom literature), whether legal(western), rational(Chinese) theological(Semitic), or literary(Indian), relies on criteria of decidability and method of argument in support those criteria.

2) We can train physical abilities, intuition-emotion, reason, and skills of transformation. We have developed ritual, religion, stoicism, and philosophy to train intuition & emotion and intuition, and developed calculation for reason, and techne for skills

3) Semitic argument consists of the sophisms of Pilpul, Critique, false promise, moral hazard, monopoly control of information, using threats of ostracization, disapproval, shaming, gossip, rallying and reputation destruction to impose a monopoly by suggestion and intimidation.

4) We call this combination of sophism (pseudo-rationalism), supernaturalism (occult), false history (pseudoscience) ritual indoctrination, false promise (fraud) to create a monopoly of conformity to falsehoods a “Religion” even though doing so is unique to the Semitic Religions.

5) This form of argument like mathematics, logic, writing, language or any other technology, is traceable throughout history as the incremental evolution of a technique of deception. It is used to produce natural neurochemical (opiate) responses and functions as an addiction.

6) So just as the Romans invented empirical law with the help of Aristotle and Zeno, the Greeks invented idealism and ideal argument, the Semites invented the sophistries of Pilpul and Critique and threats of ostracization thus weaponizing the female group strategy in argument.

7) meanwhile the west produced hero-worship, civic ritual, the cult of the empirical law of tort, reason, rationalism, empiricism, science as an evolution of their criteria of decidability: individual sovereignty, with disputes resolved by law of tort, and a MARKET for ideas.

8) It’s not that I don’t understand religion. It’s that I understand it completely; how to replace its falsehoods completely; and that Abrahamic religions were responsible for the dark ages, and the destruction of all the great civilizations in the ancient world – and modern.


Is Religion Necessary For The Individual?

Mindfulness is necessary. Religion provides us with mindfulness in the personal, interpersonal, social, and political realms by the use of ritual, feast, festival, and myth. There are biological and circumstantial reasons why we need mindfulness in a world no longer consisting of hunter gatherer bands.

You need a myth (archetypes), ritual (sacrifice), festival (feast), and Law, each of which produce commons most optimum for your people: mindfulness, discounts on cooperation, and material and institutional commons.

We all require mindfulness outside of hunter gatherer lifestyles where we know our ‘place’ with everyone around us. We need Personal mindfulness. Interpersonal Mindfulness. And socio-political mindfulness. We evolved as pack animals. A strange mixture of chimp and wolf. We all long for the security of some aspect of the elation, power, comfort, and security of pack. Yet the more advanced our civilizations the more isolated we are as individuals. This was the problem religions solved, and religions solved them by evolving all at about the same time, in response to the needs of living in greater numbers with less certainty in our relations.

We fail to grasp that religions are vast lies that provide mindfulness. We can achieve mindfulness through intentional discipline, a variety of rituals, participations in feasts, dances, parades, sports, celebrations, and especially in oration, ‘theater’, and Myth.

But we can obtain that mindfulness by truthful, half truthful, or entirely untruthful means. And there are profound consequences for any people given the means of mindfulness they choose.

If we were all taught mindfulness like we are taught table manners, reading-writing, arithmetic – even if we had to teach it by half a dozen different means in order to satisfy the needs of peoples with different brain structures, then we would have little need for religion.

It’s rare for humans to accidentally develop the intellectual agency to react to their emotions as nothing more than reactions changes in state of property given uncritical valuations of that property equally accumulated by accident. It is entirely possible to train humans to develop the intellectual agency to react to their emotions as nothing more than change in state of property to critical evaluations of property. Just as we taught humans all other forms of calculation that reduce the world to the simple and comprehensible and neither magical nor mysterious. Just as Buddhists teach the same principle through various forms of nonsense. In other words, it is possible to resurrect and expand stoicism – our natural religion. A religion forcibly taken from us by the Byzantines. A religion of lies replaced by a religion of truth

As ability declines demand for intuitionistic fictions increases, and conversely as ability increases demand for rationally decidable criteria increases. Meaning those of lesser ability require we appeal to intuitions, and those of greater ability require we appeal to reason. This is because those of lower ability have not been sufficiently domesticated (produced agency) by those of greater ability.

Literary analogy using archetypes and archetypal story lines (we can list both archetypes and story lines) can be decomposed into rational terms and tested. Literary analogy allows loading and framing so that individuals can learn by intuition rather than reason (ie: by suggestion). But if we cannot decompose these analogies to scientific statements we do not know if they are false, or harmful or ‘evil’ as Abrahamism has been.

People require a means of calculating (reasoning, thinking) in the broadest sense, and the most simple units of measure are anthropological. In the absence of tribal feedback they need what we call mindfulness but is better thought of a means of selecting and ignoring impulses (some of us call this agency). and in the absence of tribal community and dependence we need festivals and feasts. And to establish the limits we need an oath. All civilizations address this spectrum of mindfulness to oath, to feast, to festival to compensate for the competition produced by production, and the hierarchy that evolves form that division of knowledge, labor, and advocacy involved in the production of private, commercial, and public goods. This is because too few of us are evolved enough to survive without institutions that provide help to our remaining animal intuitions.

Addiction to Emotional Self-Indulgence.


Mindfulness can be provided truthfully or untruthfully. Mindfulness is extremely rewarding. So rewarding that we defend it. Religion provides an addiction response, and the natural response of addicts to defend the source of their addiction.

The purpose of most religions is not mindfulness but supplanting it with addiction to emotional self-indulgence.

The purpose of buddha’s teaching was, originally, submissive mindfulness.
The purpose of stoicism’s teaching was dominant mindfulness – action.
The purpose of Epicureanism was evidentiary mindfulness: supplying the human with real demands instead of status competition.

And while the stoic METHOD – today’s cognitive behavioral therapy (training) – is superior to all others, the Epicurean objective is superior to all others. And this is in part why the anatolian, syrian, middle eastern fought so hard to destroy western heroism and it’s status competition by demonstrated action, sacrifice to earn the franchise, truth and duty to preserve the franchise: because all of these demands force us to obtain status through contribution to the commons (farmers and men ), rather than hyperconsumption of any available commons (shepherds and women), and emotional self indulgence.

Why? Because while the division of labor provides discounts on production, status provides a discount on opportunity. So if we can construct high status (sexual, social, economic, political, or military market value) we obtain more and better opportunities with more and better people.

The innovation in Abrahamic religion was to provide competition against aristocratic stoicism, truth, duty, and contribution to the commons, with self indulgence, justification of cowardice, and elimination of contribution to the commons – which is what we see in communism, neo-liberalism, and libertarianism: how to consume the commons rather than contribute to them.

The structure of this religion is dependent upon your learning to lie in the face of reality in exchange for denial of that reality, denial of truth, duty, commons. It is a narrative structure that recreates the nepotism and insularity of the wandering shepherds who have no land but live off common lands, and preserve insularity and non-defection in a condition of permanent competition against others of the same ilk, rather than the forces of nature.

Our gradual domestication of this religion the purpose of which was to undermine the aristocracy, by converting its women and underclasses, who could not obtain status in the meritocratic order in that era where industrialization and gunpowder had not yet produced multiples of force, and all was still dependent upon military participation and fighting.

The demand for mindfulness is largely a demand for means of training our demand for status. As the division of labor increases, the classes diverge in ability, productivity, and interest, and as power distance between bottom and top increases, we find those with the least agency seeking status by alternative means, and a caste of ‘talkers’ providing status (success) by alternative means – where are alternative does not refer to production contribution to the commons, or defense of the private and common.

Gods provide a means of obtaining approval without competing in the sexual, social, political, economic, and military markets for status and therefore opportunity.

Mythical Archetypes, heroes (masculine pagan markets), gods and saints (feminine Abrahamic monopoly), provide a diversity of heroes and interests as suits those with agency in a division of knowledge and labor.

The monotheistic archetype creates an anti-hero, in which the victim who suffers for his lack of ability and agency is somehow heroic. But the purpose of this anti-hero is the undermining of those who demonstrate innovation, excellence, competitiveness, production, and contribution to the commons, that increases the division of knowledge and labor, increases competitiveness, increases power distance, and decreases the opportunity for status in those lacking ability, training, and agency.

The Jesus-hero is a contribution to the heathen (ancestors, nature) pagan (heroes, archetypes) when one of many. But a disaster, like Mohammed, and the jews when a monopoly – for we are only equal in ignorance, lack of agency and poverty. We are always unequal in knowledge agency, and wealth.

It is not that we didn’t need the jesus-hero, since there is no equivalent of the feminine archetype in the european pantheon. and the teaching of forgiveness and love in christianity is commercially optimum for all peoples. Unless it is applied (as do christians) beyond our kith and kin.

There is no better method of training our emotions and intuitions other than the stoic method. There is nothing better to seek in life than the epicurean. And just as we domesticated christianity into a germanic folk religion, and just as we manufactured chivalry to direct aryan men to christian ends. These are the needs of the many ordinary men, while nietzsche, aristotle, alexander, jefferson, and frederick are examples for those of us who are not ordinary men. And it is only aristotelianism, heathenism, paganism , and christianity together that produce a religion for all the classes.

We have always been an aristotelian (natural law), heathen (nature and ancestor) and pagan (heroes and tribes) people. With competition between the martial, magical,literary, and rational in competition.

Addiction to The Submission Response


—“What do you tell people who have had very spiritual experiences that they attribute to their religion? Tell them they just imagined it? I don’t see how that’s going to work.”— Mitchell Ryan

They had the experience. They felt it. That it was produced by imagination is no different than if they imagine a ghost in the dark, or a car coming around a corner that isn’t there, or an argument with a loved one that didn’t or might happen. We feel all these things. We experience both the imagination of the context, the imagination of what might happen, or is happening, and the feeling of being in it, and we remember it.

Our brains work all the time by filling in with memory or prediction the ‘model’ our senses are continuously composing for us out of sense, memory, and prediction, with continuous recursion of the context.

Those Experiences existed. The conditions that cause them are either real or imaginary. We possess the ability to predict or forecast. That is the purpose of memory. We can predict all sorts of outcomes and then ‘feel them’ (imagine ourselves in them).

The fact that you can imagine yourself in a ‘religious experience’ or imagine yourself as king arthur and feel that experience, is just a matter of context you imagine and practice.

Most ‘intense’ experience I ever had was being very ill with a fever, reading a conan novel, and then experiencing myself in his place. it’s STILL the most intense experience I have had.

Is it a religious experience, or is a religious experience just a different story in just a different dream?

The question is only whether you are an addict reinforcing your addiction or not.

Most of us no. Some of us yes.

The question is whether you retain your agency (and experience) or retain your addiction in lieu of agency (and experience).



Why Teach Religion?


—“Religion is just sh-tty law, worse literature, and bad education. Heathenism is just thanking one another, our ancestors, and nature for bringing us into being. Debts. It’s just debts. Debts as a means of incentivizing us to repay them with conformity.”—

Myth must only be envisioned and accepted. Philosophy must be reasoned and understood to be envisioned and accepted. Science must be measured, reasoned, and understood, to be envisioned and accepted.

Myths are easier to teach than measurement, calculation and reason. Myths are false in that they are mere analogies, but having stood the test of time they produce ‘true’ or ‘correspondent’ actions.

It is easy commit error with measurement, calculation, and reason – and hard in myth. Why? That which we convey by myth requires only analogy to experience. That which we must measure calculate and reason is de facto outside of our direct experience. In other words, there is more falsehood but less error in religion.

Along the same lines, why do we possess these forms of ethics:
instinctual, imitated, mythical, virtue, rule, and outcome?
Answer: Pedagogy.

Why do we possess fairy tails, myths and legends, history, literature, and philosophy?Answer: Pedagogy.

Why do we teach arithmetic, mathematics, geometry, calculus, non-euclidean geometry, and statistics?
Answer: Pedagogy.

Why do we argue with one another using emotive approval and disapproval, morality, reason, rationalism, historical analogy, empirical evidence(direct), economic evidence(indirect), and ratio-operational-empirical argument?
Answer? Ability. 

Religion Is a Grammar of Cognition

All language consists of storytelling (changes in state). We program our generations with stories. We calculate with stories. Every grammar requires only a means of telling a story, a means of disambiguation, a means of internal consistency, and a means of decidability.

The question is only whether the lessons need be false. Germanics use fairy tales to demarcate between teaching children to be aristocracy (and therefore free of want).   The Russian fairy tales teach children to be skeptical (and therefore free of want). The Abrahamists lie to replace present wants with future false promises – at the cost of ignorance mandated by falsehood. Parables that are so obviously only parables make no pretense.

Gods Exist As Information: A System of Measurement

Gods exist like numbers, counts, weights, and volumes exist: their objective function is to provide a standard of weight and measure, and to do so for those human values that assist us in cooperating on some given group evolutionary strategy.

Such an anthropomorphized standard of weight and measure told in narrative form is both intuitive independent of one’s knowledge and ability, and insulated from rational argument and therefore contrived mismeasure.

Whereas, buddhist rituals, the stoic virtues, deliberate choice of rational philosophy, or purely scientific knowledge each increase the demands upon the person, and increase his choice.

The beauty of tort law, pagan gods, and western hierarchical disciplines all of which provide a means of mindfulness is that they adapt to the individual and provide a market for individual needs.

The beauty of monopoly gods is that they are very inexpensive, require little or no comprehension, and create a monopoly and relative equality of understanding the world.

The fact that monotheism brought about a more than one thousand year dark age via monopoly should not be lost on us. Whereas but a few centuries in the ancient and modern worlds using the market for mindfulness by a hierarchy of increasingly complex technologies that like virtue, rule, and outcome ethics, or myth, wisdom literature, reason, and science, can mature with each of us.

It is a fallacy to ask whether or not gods exist. Standards of measure exist. Gods are a standard of measure. A rich standard, like numbers are a rich standard – with many applications. So gods exist as standards of measure.

Do they exist as in ‘persist’? Then no. But neither do numbers. Nor do positions. The universe cannot remember so it cannot use positions, only states and forces in time.

So gods to not exist in any other form than as a various set of weights and measures by which we are provided mindfulness and decidability in personal, interpersonal, and community strategies of cooperation, satisfaction, fulfillment, conflict and war.

Now, we humans can speak of constant relations in many different grammars:
from logic to math, to algorithms, to processes and procedures, to models and simulations, to markets and reality’s high causal density, to descriptions, to ideal fictions lacking understanding of causality other than internal correspondence, to fictions that inform by analogy or inference, to the conflationary fictionalisms that combine magic(technology): pseudoscience, myth(history): Pseudo-history, wisdom literature(law): pseudo-rationalism.

And those grammars either provide continuous relations between the physical universe and speech describing our imaginings, or they do not.

Some of our grammars produce ‘stories’ that correspond to reality and some that don’t, some to a possible reality and some that don’t, and some to parable that corresponds somewhat or not, and each of these correspondences provides us with mindfulness or not, and agency in reality or not.

Thankfully we can measure both mindfulness and agency, and their consequences.

And in general, like anything else, there exists an optimum medium between the twin axes of (a)mindfulness and worry, and (b) correspondence and fiction.

And it’s fairly obvious (empirically) that it’s cheaper to teach mindfulness and allegory by fiction(acceptance), and more expensive to teach worry and truth (ambition).

And that higher intelligence discounts the cost of teaching truth and lower intelligence limits us to fictions.

Intuition (analogy) is always cheaper than reason(measurement).

The Geometry of Meaning : The Demand for Narrative

From the series:

math/logic > science > philosophy > religion

We can construct the series:

physical > mental > emotional,

And the series:

logic > description > fiction,

And the series:

associable > reasonable > calculable > computable.

And we can use them to calculate the series:

lack of agency > potential agency > demonstrated agency

Demand to Satisfy Our Wills

The weak of will want religion, to defend against others’ wills;
The able of will want philosophy, to advocate their will and;
The strong of will want science, to put their will to work;
And those who are strongest will want Law:
Because law is the means by which the strong impose their will.

We all want what our Agency demands.

Can We Eliminate Religious Education?


—”However unrealistic of a goal it might be, wouldn’t the ideal situation be a world without organized religion? Or is there some benefit to religion that I’m not seeing?”—Dan Hopkins

Religion is just education. that’s all. Period. The ‘trick’ of both church and state is to claim church does no education, or that state education is sufficient.

We need training in physical fitness, mindfulness, manners-ethics-morals-rituals (payments to the commons), the laws, the means of calculating that we think of as the 3R’s, the skills to run a household, and the skills for employment.

It does not, as it once did, provide for physical fitness. It provides mindfulness in the personal, interpersonal, and public spheres of life. It provides the some of the manners, ethics, morals rituals that are the positive laws of the social order (not negative laws as is law proper). It provides a venue for public contract making (this is my child, this is my promise to the community, this is my mate, this is our property, this person has died and his or her property may be distributed). It is, to some degree, a computational necessity – meaning that it is very bad not to have that mindfulness. It provides child-level parables and myths which are no less a form of calculation about action in the world than are laws, logic, and mathematics. But there is no reason we cannot have lessons, parables and mythos and histories for each class of people at each stage of their lives, all of which contain the same messages.

There is no reason the church rather than the school, post office, or library is not still the center of civic life, and that government is not relegated to the production and maintenance of material commons, just as we keep commerce out of religion.

What We Learn from Religion

What we learn from religion can be taught by many methods, and that Abrahamic religions are one of the worst possible methods because they have a record of manufacturing ignorance. Despite being the most literate people in Europe the Jews contributed nothing to mankind for two thousand years until converted to Aristotelianism (Testimonial Truth).

Christianity created order cheaply but maintained ignorance that cut the rate of literacy, learning, and innovation to near zero for over a thousand years. Islam destroyed the accumulated capital of every single great civilization of the ancient world other than India, China, and southern Africa who were all geographically isolated from Muslim Raiders, and their continuous destruction of capital, and mandated ignorance through religiously enforced predetermination.

Of the major religions of Abrahamism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Ancestor and Nature Worship, and Stoicism, it is quite clear without exception that Nature and Ancestor Worship and Stoicism are the optimum methods – Particularly for the optimum group evolutionary strategy: ethnocentrism and nationalism. In fact, every other strategy is far worse than ethnocentrism. And only ethnocentrism leads to beneficial continuous eugenic evolution by resisting regression to the mean by continuous dysgenia of underclass reproduction.

That does not mean church(education and universal cults) and temples(banks and personal cults) aren’t a good thing. Church (communal ritual, of lesson, oath, and feast) is a good thing if it’s actually transmitting temporally useful content. (its not currently.)

But the lies of the Abrahamic religions are horrifically destructive compared to the Trials of Achilles, hero, ancestor, and nature worship, or the continuous self authoring of virtues in stoicism and Buddhism – and our original religions of nature, ancestor worship (thankfulness) and Stoicism (mindfulness)were far superior at making mentally healthy people who are able to adapt to constantly changing conditions – and possessed of independent minds: something the authoritarian Semitic religions could not tolerate, and actively suppressed.

Religion is dying everywhere. And it is being replaced with things that are almost as bad if not things that are worse. The question is how we provide the necessary services of religions in a manner not constituted by lies that do not decompose in to scientifically testable, and therefore indisputable prose.

The problem is…. we all love our little lies.

And in my world, it is the lies that cause all the world’s problems, and justify all the world’s crimes, and encourage all the world’s evil.

The problem, religion is the ABSOLUTELY WORST POSSIBLE way of achieving mindfulness. And of the worst possible kinds, Abrahamic Monotheism is the ABSOLUTELY WORST POSSIBLE religion – regardless of whether Jewish, Christian, or Muslim.

The Hard Problem


Religion is, surprisingly, the ‘hard problem’ of social science. Every other problem I have set out to solve (or at least understand) has been trivial by comparison. Truth took me a year. The grammars took me less than six months. And those are very hard problems. Religion was much harder.

People are ignorant of the available options and their intuitions have been so successfully trained by the one technique they already hold, that they cannot imagine training their intuitions by any other means.

So (a) man needs mindfulness, and (b) and man needs mindfulness to different degrees, and (c) the mindfulness is dependent a bit on genetics of mindfulness (males less than females in general, and females more in general), (d) personality needs, (e) class circumstances, (f) cultural-political circumstances – all of which generate (or do not generate) demand for mindfulness.

Now, that mindfulness can be provided by the Hindu Means (literary immersion), the three Abrahamic monotheistic means (organized indoctrination) of low(Islam), working(Christian), and middle (Jewish) religion; the Buddhist means (training); the rather ‘new age/European’ (philosophy-as-religion-substitute) means; the Shinto and ritual means (ritual); or by cognitive-behavioral education that we call ‘Stoicism’ for context.

And there is a great deal to lean just from the ORDER of those methods of training: how much infrastructure is needed to preserve the ‘illusion’ of the mythos vs. argument vs. ritual vs. education. And how much ‘ability’ given the means of training (immersion in Hinduism through individual education in stoicism). But this is just a matter of WEALTH sufficient to pay for the means of TRAINING vs. a given period of time: i.e. producing the mass illusions of the ancient religions required an informational vulnerability (absence of knowledge and alternatives) that existed only in the past – and no longer does.

So if one wants to produce a religion that is not made of lies, it is entirely possible to do so – with a total absence of religious parables. And instead, a reliance on parables of history, and training in the virtues.

Christianity has a very simple set of underlying principles that are constituted in only four statements. Islam and Judaism can also be, but to do so is horrifying. Christianity’s four statements are quite simple and will in general produce consequent goods.

There is just no need to lie to people and train them to be vulnerable to lies, and train priests to lie, and politicians to lie by the same means in order to teach those four rules.

No more lies by Judaism, devolves into Christianity, devolves into Islam, evolves into Marxism, Postmodernism, Feminism.

No more lies. People need “imaginary friends, parents, leaders” for very well understood reasons: they have been failed by those around them, to provide positive socialization and training by existential means.

We are able to teach truthful speech (science) and there is no reason we cannot provide positive socialization and training (mindfulness) by equally truthful means.

Convergence on the Truth: continuous increase in the precision of correspondence between reality, perception, cognition, recollection, description, negotiation, and advocacy.

Religion via Negativa

So, when you say we need ‘religion’, we all need the services provided by ‘religion’ whether or not we consume them directly or indirectly through others.

The question is whether we need supernaturalism, fictionalism, and outright falsehood. The answer is demonstrably no.

On the other hand – more precisely – it means those of us with a great deal of agency do not need it, but we desire it’s consequences.

It means that those with the pretense of agency – the ‘atheists’ need a substitute for it, and have chosen pseudo-rationalism and pseudoscience.

It means that some of us mouth pretense to it because we understand the value of religion but find the superstition, supernaturalism, fictionalism, and outright falsehood merely an absurd cost of obtaining the good produced by the rituals and discipline.

And it means that those without the ability to trust those with more agency than they, need the superstition to sate their emotions, the supernaturalism to grant authority to the fictionalism, and the outright falsehood as a means of insulating themselves from suggestion by those who would sway them from the strategies embodied in all of the above.

There is no reason we cannot cause the production of truthful religion by the suppression of fictional religion. History replaces myth. Fiction fictionalism. Science superstition. And the natural law of men, resistance against suggestion, deception, and predation.




Our Natural Religions

We Had No Religion. We Had Law, Festival, and Myth.

—”It is perhaps misleading even to say that there was such a religion as paganism at the beginning of [the Common Era] … It might be less confusing to say that the pagans, before their competition with Christianity, had no religion at all in the sense in which that word is normally used today. They had no tradition of discourse about ritual or religious matters (apart from philosophical debate or antiquarian treatise), no organized system of beliefs to which they were asked to commit themselves, no authority-structure peculiar to the religious area, above all no commitment to a particular group of people or set of ideas other than their family and political context. If this is the right view of pagan life, it follows that we should look on paganism quite simply as a religion invented in the course of the second to third centuries AD, in competition and interaction with Christians, Jews and others. — North 1992


Technically ‘pagan’ is the name of a Christian criticism of heathens the way Marxists used capitalism to criticize the middle class. Heathen means, as far as I can tell, ‘religion of the hearth’, or more correctly ‘folk religion’, or ‘natural religion’. Whereas monotheism is a political religion – an unnatural religion.

—”This process of accommodation resulted in the essential transformation of Christianity from a universal salvation religion to a Germanic, and eventually European, folk religion.”—

The West Has Always Been Polytheistic Because Its Poly-Grammatic

While it is the secret to the west’s competitive advantage, we are sometimes misled by our (false) historical narrative: The west never engaged in conflation, by creating ‘one book’ so to speak. We have always had:

1) Law (limits) for the Ruling (fathering) Classes,
2) Commerce (pragmatism) for the producing classes.
2) Religion (utopianism) for Science / pseudoscience, philosophy / pseudo-rationalism, and Theology / fraud for the Educating (mothering) classes (church/academy).

And have always maintained the three estates of the realm using the three methods of coercion:

1) Law/Limits: Force / ostracization from movement/ resources / life itself.
2) Exchange/Utility: Payment / Remuneration / Ostracization from consumption.
3) Religion: Resistance / Undermining / Gossip / Rallying / Shaming / Ostracization from opportunity for insurance from the tribe.

Without the Supernatural: Stoicism


Stoicism consists of disciplined self authoring.
The purpose of stoicism is to teach mindfulness.
Not escapist mindfulness, but actionable mindfulness.
Not fantasy mindfulness, but actionable mindfulness.
Not victim mindfulness but actionable mindfulness.
Enumerate a number of virtues (these are open to debate)
Write a plan for your life that includes achievements and virtues.
Every day plan your day. Every night review your progress.
Repeat this process until you do it by nature.
The purpose is to insulate you from opinions, influences, and manipulations of others, while gradually achieving your ends, without falling into manipulation, influence, and opining others.
That’s it.
That’s all there is to it.
The rest is just a romance novel we wrap around that discipline.
It’s the best method we know of so far, with buddhism a far distant, and escapist, second.


Revilo P Oliver was one of the best classicists the USA had. It‘s a shame that – due to his political associations – his name is almost forgotten today.

In diverse essays‚ but mostly in The Origins of Christianity,‘ one can read:
„…Unlike Epicureanism and the New Academy, which were philosophic products of the Greek mind and expounded by Greeks, Stoicism was an alien doctrine foisted onto the Aryan peoples of Antiquity…

„…Stoicism was founded and to a considerable extent promoted by Semites, and although it included, by chance or design, much that was in conformity with the Aryan spirit and mentality, it was hybrid, a bastard philosophy, for it also contained much that was Semitic and alien to our race.

That criticism may make you uneasy. I understand. We all respect Stoicism because it was endowed with a glamorous prestige by the great men whose creed it was. We are Aryans, and by a racial imperative inherent in our blood, far stronger than ratiocination, we admire heroism and fortitude. Stoicism was in practice the creed of Cato of Utica and many another Roman aristocrat who lived bravely and died proudly, meeting his fate with unflinching resolution. We instinctively pay homage to such men, and we venerate even more women of exemplary courage, like Arria, the devoted wife of A. Caecina Paetus (“Paete, non dolet.”) Panaetius did make of an originally Semitic doctrine a creed that includes much that was consonant with the spirit and mentality of our race.
But much as we admire great Romans, we must remember that, as Gilbert Murray remarked, Stoicism retained from its origins a latent fanaticism in its religiosity and it professed to offer a kind of Salvation to unhappy mankind; despite its ostentatious appeal to nature and reason, it was a kind of evangelism “whose professions dazzled the reason.” It professed to deduce from biology an asceticism that was in fact fundamentally inhuman and therefore irrational, e.g., the limitation of sexual intercourse to the begetting of offspring. Although it was the creed of heroes, we cannot but feel that there was in it something sickly and deformed.

Stoicism, furthermore, was an intellectual disaster. It carried with it the poisonous cosmopolitanism that talks about “One World” and imagines that Divine Providence has made all human beings part of the Divine Plan, so that there are no racial differences, but only differences in education and understanding of the Stoics’ Truth. That is why we today so often do not know the race of an individual who had learned to speak and write good Greek (or Latin) and had been given, or had adopted, a civilized name. Our sources of information were so bemused by vapid verbiage about the Brotherhood of Man that they forgot to discriminate…”



Epicurus was an Athenian philosopher who lived at the beginning of the Hellenistic period (341-270 BC) and founded the philosophical School of the Epicureans, called the “Garden”. Epicurus teachings is a timeless source of inspiration, because the philosopher understood the nature of humans and the universe and described the way to achieve a happy life .

He was the first humanist philosopher because he was interested in the happiness of all people. In an era when the Platonic Academy and the Aristotelian Lyceum taught only rich men, the Epicurean Garden taught equally rich and poor, men and women, prostitutes and slaves. Epicurus was the first existential psychotherapist, according to psychiatrist Irvin Yalom, because he was interested to soothe mental agitation, which is caused by subconscious fear of death.

He was the first enlightening philosopher because he realized that people would be able to save themselves from superstition and irrational metaphysical fears only by observing nature and having objective scientific knowledge. He was the first philosopher who taught that true reverence for the divine is respect and admiration for the wonderful and blissful nature of the gods, while it is nonsense and disrespect to fear the deities or to want to use them as servants who satisfy our desires.

For Epicurus there is no pleasant life unless it is accompanied by wisdom, goodness and justice and there is no wisdom, goodness and justice if there is no pleasure in life. Justice is not self-existent in nature but results from the agreement of the people not to harm and not to be harmed, i.e. the social contract. Epicurus considered any idea of duty or objective that is not anthropocentric (human centered) to be a hypocrisy. The prudent, virtuous and pleasureable life with a relative self-sufficiency can ensure human freedom.

Before Epicurus, the disciple of Socrates and classmate of Plato Aristippus taught that the purpose of life is the constant enjoyment of carnal pleasures. Epicurus disagreed completely with this unrestrained and foolish hedonism of Aristippus. In contrast, he thought that the purpose of a prudent human is happiness (well-being), i.e. the lack of physical pain (aponia) and the lack of mental agitation (ataraxia). Epicurus taught that the blissful state of aponia and ataraxia can be achieved only using prudence to select fulfillment of natural and necessary desires (e.g. for food when hungry) and avoid unnatural and unnecessary desires (such as vanity ). Without rejecting the pleasures of the body, Epicurus thought that mental pleasures are superior and that the most pleasurable and undisturbed life stems from the scientific study of nature and from teaching a sound philosophy that promotes people’s happiness. According to him, wisdom is the most important personal virtue and friendship is the most important social good. For the Athenian philosopher acquiring friends is the most important means to achieve a the happy life (“we can be saved through each other”).

Epicurus combined the atomic physics of Democritus and the biological ethics of Aristotle, checking empirically and correcting each point of the previous philosophies with admirable consistency. Using an observation and analogy methodology he developed, the Athenian philosopher built an extremely coherent worldview without any conceptual contradictions. He was the first philosopher who spoke of the existence of chance in nature which allows the existence of human free will. He was the first who linked the free will with prudence, critical thinking, responsibility and pleasurable pursuit of virtue. He was the first to speak about progress of humankind from the primitive to the civilized era, based on the observation of nature, technology development and the moral and cultural maturation of humans. Utilizing observation data from several areas of knowledge Epicurus was able to express views that were confirmed in the last two centuries of Science: the weight of atoms, the new properties of molecules resulting from their atomic structure, the materiality of the human mind, the molecular basis of diseases, the evolution of living organisms, the numerous worlds in the universe. The ingenious philosopher suggested even the existence of extraterrestrial life, a notion that modern science still searches.

The Epicurean philosophy spread over almost seven centuries in Hellenistic and Roman eras assisting many thousands of people to live happily. With the advent of the Middle Ages human civilization retreated and the philosophy of Epicurus became defamed and forgotten for a millenium. During the Renaissance, the great scientific poem of the Roman Epicurean Lucretius “On the nature of things ” was discovered from obscurity and influenced many humanists. Two centuries later the Epicurean philosophy was revived by the natural philosopher and Catholic priest Gassendi. This revival led to the Enlightenment and Science eras influencing (among many others) Galileo, Newton, Locke, Diderot, the third USA president Thomas Jefferson, Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill and Charles Darwin.

–“Plato’s philosophy was for ‘the intellectuals’; the ethics of Plato are tied to his whole system of knowledge, including politics. The doctrines of Epicurus appealed chiefly to the middle classes, the bourgeoisie; the ethics of Epicurus are separated from politics and joined only with physics (and Aristotle). The teachings of Jesus were for the very poor, the lost sheep. The ethics of Jesus are isolated from both physics and politics and fitted into a development scheme of salvation.”—

Curt and I were trying to figure out why Epicurean philosophy was wiped out so easily after the fall of the Roman Empire. There were never strong Epicurean communities. Epicureans prioritized their small groups and chose not to engage in politics (a consequence of the civil wars that used to plague the ancient world).

I was recently reading “Liberalism: Ancient & Modern” by Leo Strauss. The central chapter and the longest chapter is his “Notes on Lucretius”. He identifies one of the main tenets of Epicurean teaching–that the world that we love is not eternal, because every world is mortal within the eternal universe of atoms in motion–as “the most terrible truth”.

Philosophers can live with this truth with a tranquil mind. But most human beings cannot. And consequently most human beings can find peace of mind only through the “pleasing delusion” of a religious belief that the world of human concern is supported by a loving intelligent designer.

I guess that the temptation for the Platonist “intellectuals” to lead the “lost sheep” and at the same time sandwich the middle classes has always been there.


The Anti-European Revolution


The most frightening aspect of this story is that it confirms that hell has no fury like a scorned woman, so to speak. The plebs, stirred up by the priests, was as destructive as an atomic bomb.

Democritus, father of modern science, nothing left. Aristotle, only lecture notes. Cicero described his literary style as ‚a river of gold’, we can just dream. The Epicurean tradition survived thanks to the discovery of the only surviving manuscript of ‚De Rerum Natura’

and the excavations at Herculaneum:

I can easily imagine the mob in a few decades burning Monticello down.






A Treatment of Christian religion.

As I’ve stated;

  1. Our next expansion of incremental suppression by Natural Law consists largely of the extension of fraud protection from commerce to all walks of political life. That extension has been necessary to save our people from extermination, because of their genetic, cultural, and religious vulnerability to false promise and sophism (fraud).
  2. Our people are being conquered in the present by the use of a particular technique invented by the ancient Jews, and practiced today: false promise and baiting into moral hazard, and argued with Pilpul (justificationary sophism) and critique (critical sophism).
  3. Marxism (working classes), Postmodernism(intellectual classes), Feminism( women) and Denialism (political classes) are simply another means of defeating Europeans in the present using the same techniques as Judaism (undermining) , Christianity (weakening), and Islam (conquering) in the ancient world. And we were only saved in the past by the restoration of Aryanism by the northern Europeans in both the old and new worlds.
  4. The Abrahamic religions are a cancer to mankind: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and they have destroyed or nearly destroyed (us), every great civilization of the ancient world. They are, figuratively, the most dysgenic thing that has ever happened to mankind, with only Manorialism, aggressive hanging of troublemakers, wars, and harsh Winters providing resistance to genetic cultural and institutional regression.
  5. However among those lies exists the optimum group strategy which is the reason that Christianity assists primitive people in developing a middle class:
  6. a) that the commons is sacred – meaning not for personal consumption or cost imposition.
  7. b) the eradication of hatred from the human heart.
    c) the extension of kinship love to non-kin.
  8. d) the demand for personal acts of charity and personal cost,
  9. e) the extension of exhaustive forgiveness before punishment, enserfment, enslavement, death, or war.

This strategy is, logically and empirically the optimum group evolutionary strategy – if limited to the in-group.

  1. But Christianity is not limited to the in group and universal meaning it is suicidal. The strategy has a very limited range of success, and that is about the rate at which we produce generations. And therefore we cannot use this strategy in concert with immigration (invasion).
  2. But Christianity says we are equal and we are not. Many people are either a dead weight or harm to the population and are best removed from it – but since others do the job of out-casting Christians ‘free ride’ (break Christian rule).
  3. But Christians do not perform personal acts of charity today. they do the opposite. They virtue signal. And as such are no longer Christian. Since without personal (not monetary, but interpersonal) acts of charity one is no longer a Christian just a claim to the benefits of Christianity, without paying the costs of it.
  4. The Churches and Christianity are in decline, impoverished, closing and absent a new generation of members (a certain death) for the simple reason: that the only religious group that reformed post-Darwin were the evangelicals. They moved to Jesus rather than god, they moved to mindfulness rather than submission, and they retained family, and they emphasized personal relationships and large scale gatherings. The Mormons have an exceptional social order but are running out of population to convert, have broken ethnicity, and have not adjusted accordingly. These are common problems of businesses that cannot produce results without new products or new customers. Orthodoxy is less political and more ritualistic and seems to have survived simply by not seeking to obtain or retain the political and economic power of the protestant and catholic churches. Catholicism as unabashedly given up on Europe and Anglodom, and is an African and south American and east Asian religion today – because it cannot reform nor can it survive without economic rents it had under the middle ages.
  5. I cannot and will not leave a ‘hole’ in the law for Abrahamists to use false promise, baiting into moral hazard, Pilpul(justificationary sophism) and critique (critical sophism), and the associated straw manning (distraction and overloading), to once again come back and attempt to harm my people with their frauds. This would mean not solving the problem permanently – and our law must do so for our survival.
  6. I have deflated and disambiguated religion into its requisite components. These components serve only one purpose, and that is to provide mindfulness that is necessary given the our prey response and related neuroticism given the uncertainty of human scale of cooperation – more so than the suffering (borderline starvation) and disease endemic under agrarian life. and even more so given the current problem of the dissolution of the family – the only remaining tribe in which can insure its members.
  7. These components consist of

(a) Some method of obtaining mindfulness, through some sort of ritual,
(b) some mythology that provides a common group competitive strategy across the classes permitting cooperation without conflict toward a shared end between peoples of vast difference in ability, value, and resources,
(c) ritual of recitation, oath and feast to demonstrate and reinforce and repeat investment in that strategy,
(d) festival feast sport and holiday that again reduce the differences between the classes, and reinforce the sense of reciprocity and proportionality that the (purely analytic) subconscious mind requires to maintain trust
(c) the intergenerational transfer of familial and social debt obligations.

And these religions evolved in this sequence:

(a) burying the dead (mindfulness over loss by paying debts)
(b) celebrating victories or hunts (by paying debts)
(c) sacrifice (making a deposit )
(d) seasons (deposit and debt payment)
(e) organizing plantings and harvests (forecasting)
(f) a political religion (organizing a large illiterate society under storytelling )
(g) an undermining religion – reversing evolution and power by undermining the aristocracy with writing and speech.
(h) pseudoscientific religion – conducting warfare against a people with false economic promise and political promise, rather than life after death.


A religion is not what it claims or its doctrine mandates or wisdom literature advises, but the result of their observation and practice regardless of those claims. A study of world religions through time illustrates quite clearly that while each religious system provides some benefits it comes at great cost.

(a) Gypsies and Judaism through persecution by hosts for their survival by parasitism. They are throughout history parasitic peoples. Gypsies through petty theft and prostitution, Judaism through undermining, baiting into moral hazard, allying with the state, and seeking rents against the people, their culture their norms and their institutions; and Islam directly so under physical threat forcible indoctrination, taxation into submission, rather than cunning and manipulation and deceit.

(b) Islam results in internal genetic, cultural, and institutional decline (accumulated capital consumption) and the inability to develop a central government, a bureaucratic class free of corruption, an educated populace, and a demographic distribution sufficient for scientific literacy and cognition.

(c) Christianity, vulnerability to deception, vulnerability to military conquest, insulation from scientific knowledge, and escapism over action, leaving a minority of the aristocratic class to parent the society in order to protect it from the same decline as Islam.

(d) Buddhism detachment from reality, and the incentive for tolerance rather than action – leaving the aristocratic Chinese-Confucian and the martial Japanese paternal classes to parent these civilizations. and the people in stasis rather than decline.

(e) Hinduism is hard to judge but it is perhaps the most honest religion, but leaves the people vulnerable to conquest by every single group that happens to wander by. Whether this is a result of demographics or the religion is something difficult to understand. But the general orderliness and pacifism of the religion and the politics, the submissiveness of the people, the lack of a militia left India vulnerable to divide and conquer politically, and easy conquest militarily. Russia has her winters and scale, but India has her population and scale, and both are difficult to defeat in the long run for reasons not related to their culture or wisdom. Pakistan is the center of ancient India and hit has been conquered and taken and is now hostile to the core of the remaining civilization.

In the old world, secular Indian thought, Chinese secular thought, and European secular thought appear to be the only thought of value in the world for organizing a large ignorant, unintelligent, superstitious, poor underclass such that they produce sufficient income that the patriarchal aristocracy can hold the territory from conquest. The rest was just habit.

We cannot know this yet but it is likely that groups simply do then as today, practice grammars of allegory on one end and reason on the other depending upon the median of the distribution of the population and that the reason for secular and scientific rise is largely due not only to trade but to eugenic culling of the classes dependent upon superstition and deceit for survival.

  1. The west’s organizing property was the common law. The gods were not superiors but those to be tolerated or asked, or those that we might ascend into by heroism. This resulted in a separation of rule (law) and festival (religion) rather than the totalitarian conflation of religion and law. Leaving open a competition. Greeks invented reason and moral law. Romans invented empirical law and disavowed Greek idealism – in concert with traditional European tradition. The Greco Anatolians brought up epicureanism and stoicism as means of providing the middle and upper middle classes with mindfulness possible in the world of reason. The romans expanded it. so as far as I know the law, ancestor thanks, archetypal thanks (proxies for kin and nature)and stoicism are the only ‘good’ religions, free of the vulnerabilities of Semitic deceit and the cancer they bring to each civilization.
  2. So I know how to allow our natural religion to emerge by combining the good of Christianity and the good of ancestor and nature-thanks (intergenerational transfer of debts), and I know how to use Stoicism, Epicureanism, Ritual, Festival and Oath to restore our people. I know how to restore religion (teaching, education) to a central function of the social order. I know that with enough time the religions will adapt to natural incentives. But I do not know how to do this without either engaging in Abrahamic lying myself (Pilpul) or prohibiting the church from making claims that everything in Christianity is either children’s story or lie, and that we must take the wisdom from it despite its falsehood rather than claim that any of it is true. And yes, I understand that the reason these religions function is that they are producing a natural drug response within the brain’s reward system, and that followers experience an addiction response when threatened and defend the source of their addiction to the death. I understand the underlying psychology of disintermediation by fictional characters and the value this has to the human mind – particularly the dim, vulnerable, and undisciplined.
  3. Worse I understand that our history alone is that of gods ourselves, for a having dragged mankind out of ignorance and superstition, an poverty, and disease. And it is our people, our kin, and our civilization in the pre Christian and post Christian worlds that did so. And that this comparison between truth and lies makes the Semitic people and their death cults look like the peasantry they are, and the liars they are, and the low trust people they are, and the cancer pon making that they are. So why submit to the gods of evil and failed parasitic and destructive peoples who are a cancer upon mankind and the bringers of ignorance and superstition and dark ages – rather than give thanks (pay debt) our own ancestors, our own ancient gods (archetypes), our own heroes and our own achievements, and the beauty, wonder, and plenty of nature itself?
  4. If we are to survive, we must survive the Semites, and their death cults of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and the language of death and deceit we call Abraham: false promise, baiting into moral hazard, an the sophisms of Pilpul and critique.
  5. It is thru the window of Christianity and the submissiveness that these people lie, bait, guilt, invade, and destroy us. If Christianity is our weakness, than I see it must be reformed from a Semitic death cult to the history of a very simple man, the son of a roman solider and a Jewish prostitute, with a very simple message of love for one another and the end of predation upon one another. And the rest of Saul of Tarsus’ lies must be gone forever. Along with the excuses for those lies we call theology and doctrine, and the long literature of our defeat, conquest, and submission. Instead, law, science, truth, and history and the glory and divinity of our people.
  6. So in the conflict between the future our people, and your addiction to a death cult and the means of lying within that death cult – and the promise of a new religion that takes the best of all, and one of the lies, I chose the new: Our own. My people. Our people. The European people – those people that have dragged humanity from a victim of nature to its master. Man is now god he imagined. But he is so because of the indo European people, and in particular the people of Europe and their strange law in the ancient and modern world, while the Chinese hid behind their desert and walls and left the hard labor of resisting the animals to us. We have been at war with the Semites since we crossed the Bosporus. And they have been winning for all but the past hundred years. Time to end the war – and separate from them and prohibit them and their ideas from our lands, our minds, and our religions. Because the alternative is our extinction or theirs.


The Functional Problem Of Western Religion

1 – Separation of education and religion
…….. – The failure of religions to reform in response to the scientific enlightenment.
…….. – The failure of religions to reform in response to Darwin.
…….. – The Academy’s seizure of the functions of the church upon the failure of the church to reform.
…….. – The End of western separation and competition between Religion and State by the adoption of the synthesis of Jewish cosmopolitan and puritan Postmodern by the State, Academy, Media complex the current generation of thinkers refers to as “The Cathedral Complex”, or just “The Cathedral” for short.
…….. – The beginning of state financed New Indulgences (we call them ‘college diplomas’) that promise a middle or upper class level of consumption instead of forgiveness of sins and entry into heaven – when the postwar economic boom that made possible the rapid expansion of the consumer class was just a temporary product of the combined tragedies of the Great European Civil War’s destruction of centuries of accumulated production capacity, plus the destruction of, and delay of expansion of, world production caused by the movement we call world communism (and now, its inheritor, world Islamism).

2 – The academy seized control of the commercial education and the ‘religious’ education (liberalism), but failed to seize familial education – and in most cases, assisted the state in the destruction first of black families, then white families, and now all families, in order to (a) provide women with child care (schooling), force them into the labor pool (Feminism), and then consume the entire proceeds of women’s labor so that the war and boomer generation could retire early and lie on the next generation’s labor, and then immigrating third world labor to provide cheap labor (social programs) that cannot replace the prior generation because of lesser aggregate abilities. The family destruction was increased by attempt to create a mobile workforce and thereby deprive women of the multi-generational support necessary to raise more than one child without exhaustion. And now it is impossible for women to return to child bearing and child rearing because of the tax demands placed upon their earnings by the immigration of underclasses and the dependency of the aged yet healthy enough to work.

3 – The state sponsored secular ‘religion’ that we currently teach is pseudoscientific (false, and dishonest), where the content of Christian religion (the extension of kinship forgiveness to non kin) was ‘true’ but conveyed by nonsense and authoritarianism.

4 – One of the unstated drivers for the current conflict in America is not just the decline of the white population and the ascent of the colored cities, but because science has caught up and since 1990 has been aggressively disproving the universalist, globalist, equalitarian democratic secular socialist religion. And those who are aware of this are … angry … and full of conviction that their traditions and intuitions were correct. Therefore they feel betrayed and deceived.


Why Our Christian Religion Fails


It was a very long time ago, and that the Levant was a very poor and backward ghetto of the empire, and that while we had roman rule, law, and commerce, and Greek philosophy, reason, mathematics, the primitive people had only their primitive language to speak with and they did the best that they could – they spoke in primitive language.

Like the few primitive people living today, they had no reason, no philosophy, no science, no mathematics. And so they had to say something was good or ‘true’ because it was commanded by the gods, not because it was reasonably comprehensible, rationally consistent, philosophically sound, scientifically demonstrable, or mathematically consistent.

They had only ‘because the boss says so’ to use as ‘this is true’. We can, today, say the same things without primitive language, and by making truth claims using reason, rationalism, philosophy, science and mathematics. But … our words, grammar, and pronunciation, are not the only content of language, but the meaning, values and emotions that we describe with those sounds, to produce those words, using that grammar.

So just as we have difficulty losing our accents, and our grammar, we have difficulty losing the ideas that we learned with which to produce those sounds, words, grammar and language. We all have trouble losing our vocalized and intuited ‘accents’ – what we call ‘biases’. They are the foundations upon which all our consequential words, sentences, paragraphs, and stories depend.

So just as the Chinese sound very differently from region to region, yet use the same character set for writing, we can, in the same culture, do similarly: use the same words and grammar despite very different meanings, and values in our minds that we describe them with. And so, if someone is raised using English, but learns archaic Semitic parables; or someone is raised using English but learns historical and biographical parables; or someone is raised using English but learns scientific and mathematical principles “parables”, then these are very different internal meanings using very similar words.

The difference between the ancient parables, the historical parables, and the scientific parables, is that we can empathize with anthropomorphized parables without much general knowledge, empathize a bit less with historical parables with quite a bit of general knowledge, and empathize with sciences only if we possess very specific knowledge in addition to general knowledge. So that the cost of learning to speak each language increases in time, and effort.

And so we tell primitive people and children parables of animals and people and gods and heroes. We tell young adults rules that require reason. We tell adults about law that is internally consistent requiring rationalism. We educate specialists in the sciences where specialized knowledge is necessary. And the old and wise, among us who have studied all of the parables, the histories, the laws, and the sciences, can try to provide answers for all those groups in the languages that they can hopefully one day understand.

Once you grasp that we use spoken languages with common, uncommon, and specialized terms, across all people in a political system. But within that system we use multiple languages of MEANING. And that each of these languages of meaning, relies upon that universal spoken language; and that each of these languages of meaning uses a technology of ‘validation’ or ‘truth testing’, that varies from the primitive and experiential, and anthropomorphic, to the historical analogy, to the legal evidence, to the scientifically precise; and that it requires much more knowledge and often, much more intelligence, for each additional level of precision that we add on top of the anthropomorphic.

Then you realize that while we use the same basic words and grammar, we do not use the same vocabularies; and that vocabularies tell us which technology of understanding that a person relies upon, the relative inferiority or superiority of that language in solving problems of increasing precision; how much general knowledge is requires for that person to retain that technology of meaning; and the likelihood of the intelligence of that person who employs that technology of meaning. And this is what we do.

We form hierarchies and classes and each class uses the same root spoken language and grammar, but uses the language of meaning suited to his upbringing, his degree of ability, and his degree of accumulated knowledge. So we do not only judge people by their dress, and by their body language, and by their manners, but by the spoken language, and language of meaning that they rely upon. Because these are demonstrated rather than reported evidence of the person who acts, speaks, and thinks by those dress, actions, manners, and words.


How can you advocate Christianity as a market good (something that people want to believe), when it so clearly is failing to compete in the market? What do socialism and cultural Marxism, and postmodernism sell that people prefer to buy over Christianity? What does Islam sell that people prefer to buy over socialism, cultural Marxism postmodernism – as well as Christianity? Even as an evil it fails to compete against more advanced evils. It doesn’t protect us from them – but makes us more vulnerable to more advanced evils. Judaism to undermine, Christianity to weaken, Islam to destroy.

Why Our Church Failed


Why did the church fail to reform?

– anti-intellectualism.
– superstition rather than myth.
– peasant rather than middle class
– agrarian rather than industrialism
– suffering rather than heroism and possibility.
– Semitic rather than European.

Why did the Church fail to produce a reformer?

– Why no Augustine, or Luther?
– Why was Smith/Hume/Jefferson insufficient?
– Why no accommodation for Darwin, Menger, Maxwell, Durkheim, Nietzsche?

The answer: Too much of a change. So, the academy took possession away from the church. The academy took funding away from the church. The state took all lands from the church.

It might have been possible if not for the world wars and communism. However, the Germans were very close. The British traditionalists were very close. The Church could have seized the opportunity, or it could have defeated the opposition: Marxism. But it did neither. It was lazy and intellectually incompetent.

As far as I know, an organized religion must provide:

(a) a community setting where individual expression prohibited. (signal free environment)
(b) a very simple set of comprehensible laws (strategy)
(c) a method of achieving mindfulness, and excuse for it.
(d) recitation of myths, legends, history, heroes
(e) application of past wisdom to current issues.
(f) participatory rituals (praying, singing, moving).
(g) participatory holidays ( relief – vacation days )
(h) participatory feasts (special holidays – family)
(i) participatory festivals (sports, plays, games)
(j) an institutional means of transference of all of the above between generations. (profession)

The acts matter much more than the words. The acts produce the experience. The words only JUSTIFY it. The Church was so heavily anti intellectual it abandoned the people to the profit seeking of the academy, the profit seeking of the state, the profit seeking of the financial sector, and hid among the developing world’s poor.

Why Is Organized Christianity Losing?

Westerners were naturalists and empiricists back into prehistory for the simple reason that western civilization’s first organizing principle is the militia and the sovereignty that a militia grants and requires of each individual in it.

The militia was necessary on the vast European plain for the simple reason that no flood river valleys with centralized organization of irrigation existed as did in the south east, India, and far east, wherein a small force could seek rents upon agrarian production, centralize capital, and create parasitic central governments and empires – first by priests, secondly by warriors, and third by their merger.

Instead, westerners had horses, cattle, pigs, crops, and good arable land, and production remained distributed – and because of that distribution, lower populations, but higher eugenic evolution (suppression of underclass reproduction.)

So, possessed of small numbers, but horse, metalsmithing, and the wheel, they compensated for inferior numbers with technology, risk-taking, and maneuver – adaptation to changes.

And since metal, wheel, and horse were expensive, they were supplied by families (knights were armored by families right up thru and after the crusades – only gunpowder changed the financing. It became cheap to field soldiers.)

Such a voluntary militia requires sovereignty. The only way differences in sovereignty can be resolved is by reciprocity, and the only possible test of reciprocity is tort.

In other words, the western common law began and remains empirical. Not authoritarian, and not ideal, and not supernatural. But purely empirical and reciprocal. And it was this first organizing principle that caused the evolution of reason, mathematics, engineering, stoicism, Greek and roman law, empiricism, and finally science. Because debate was forever necessary. The growth of commerce only exacerbated and reinforced this behavior.

The Abrahamic Dark Age of Christianity/Judaism/Islam is over, and western people have returned to their original traditions. The traditions by which they dragged themselves out of the ignorance, superstition, poverty, hard labor, starvation, disease, infant mortality and early death.

There is nothing good in Christianity that was not there before it. And there is nothing bad in Christianity that was not put there to undermine the western aristocracy so that the eastern empire could rule a land of the ignorant as had the despots done time immemorial in the fertile crescent.

In other words: we were always empirical, and we have returned to type.

The lies of priests no longer fall on illiterate ears.

Why is Christianity Semitic, Not European?


What makes Christianity Semitic and Jewish is the method of presentation (fictional history), the adaptation rather than Homeric repetition (justification), the method of argument: Pilpul(sophism), the demand for exclusivity (monotheism), the demand for submission(slave morality), the demand for obedience (law vs wisdom) rather than respect and tolerance, the demand for expansion (domination), divisiveness and demonization (poly-ethicalism – although Christian is less so than Judaism or Islam), the primacy of priests and conformity(positive) rather than law and conflict resolution (negative), the maladaptivity (devolution) rather than adaptivity (markets), the genetics (dysgenic rather than eugenic), and the spreading of ‘sources of ignorance’ rather than knowledge and innovation. The fact that it has been called an opiate of masses is simply a medical truism, since that’s precisely what it does (literally).

The fact that people spoke and wrote in Greek, in Greek-conquered lands, does not make them Greek. What makes on the member of a group evolutionary strategy is their method of cooperation toward a given end. In the case of western vs. Semitic, it’s Truth, Correspondence, Heroism, Agency, Innovation, and Rule of Empirical Law, vs Lying, Non-Correspondence, Slavery, the absence of Agency, Stagnation and the Rule by Fictional Law.

The historical problem facing aristocratic western man in curing himself of the underclass and effeminate infection of Abrahamic sophism, is that empirical law, commerce, and science is simply practiced while literature is debated. Once you understand this, the parallel between Judaism and Marxism, and Christianity and Postmodernism is obvious: Jewish pseudoscience and law that is non-correspondent, and Christian literature and rationalism that is allegorical and non correspondent. They attempt to achieve by overloading reason, with framing obscurantism and suggestion, an appeal to intuition of the interpersonal experience, rather than informing us as to the limits of personal perception and experience and the use of measurements both physical and logical to extend it.

The Abrahamisms are Sophisms – by analogy, not Measurements – by description. Western man measures the empirical to understand and defeat reality. Semitic man fictionalizes to ignore, and circumvent reality.

Abrahamic fictionalism is the very opposite of Western Description. They tell fictions. We report on events.


  1. Poet: Homer -> Saul of Tarsus
  2. Prophet: Aristotle -> Abraham
  3. Hero: Achilles -> Jesus, Muhammad
  4. Superhero: Mithras -> Moses
  5. Deity: Sol Invictus -> Jesus
  6. God: Dyeus Pater -> Yahweh/Allah
  7. Mindfulness: Stoicism and Epicureanism -> Faith and Prayer
  8. Ritual Feast: Mithraic Mysteries -> Mass
    — by Yiannis Kontinopoulos

Christianity, Judaism, And Islam: Moral Or Immoral?


If by Christianity we are talking about the content of the bible, and in particular of the new testament, then this is different from the doctrines of the church.

1) The ten commandments enumerate what we call natural law, or property rights, prohibiting envy, deceit, interference in others contract, theft, and murder – thereby preserving the value of cooperation.

The nuclear family is the basic unit of social production, and the costs of it must be born by all of us in every generation for the good of all.

Invest heavily in the creation of opportunity and insurance of others even in the face of offense and rejection by treating non-kin with the tolerance and care of kin, in order to increase the number of those with whom we can cooperate with us, just as we cooperate with kin.

Impulsivity, Selfishness, Arrogance and Hubris await us at every moment and it is only through constant practice at patience that we learn enough about the world to avoid impulsivity, selfishness, arrogance, and hubris.

The state – the aristocracy and our enemies – cannot be resisted by the force of the weak, but the weak can insure one another independently of the state – we are weak, but if we are many, and we treat one another as kin, we will be equally as strong in resisting the state. If we are not dependent on the state, but dependent upon one another, we create the power of a state without a state.

Regular prayer for advice to an all knowing ‘father’ will teach you to be as honest with yourself, and once honest with yourself honest with others.

Reserve regular time to contemplate this law together, and seek to apply and improve it in daily life.

There is no law higher than this. And any that says or does otherwise is not only to be mistrusted, but shunned, and if necessary, punished.

2) Most of the Babylonian myths are stated in slave language, but still informative. Read in parallel to the Greek myths they’re the lower class version for the weak, just as the Greek myths for the strong.

3) The lives of the saints tell us about how to extend that kinship love.

4) Most of the catholic encyclopedia provides an exceptional history of Europe.

5) the church dogma is reducible to “we will ostracize you if you don’t believe this nonsense as your price of insurance by the insurer of last resort: the church”. The rest is all drivel.

6) the content of a religion varies, but the method of constructing a religion through the evocation of the elation we feel from the pack response in every walk of life remains constant. All members of all religions think that it is the content that provides the elation and spirituality but it is merely the pack response produced by the rituals.

We can judge the content of the message separately. Christianity’s content tends to be compatible with natural (cooperative) law.



It is not obvious, but quite simple if you look for changes in the composition of capital by means voluntary or involuntary, fully informed or not fully informed, truthful or untruthful, warrantied or not warrantied, transfers.


Christianity consists mostly of church manufactured dogma for the purpose of persisting authoritarian rule, by preserving the ignorance of the population, but suggesting, directing, and commanding them to act in accordance with natural law with one another, using readings from the text. This is, from what I understand, why prosperity increases with the distribution of Christianity: trust extension through constant repetition and virtue signaling.


However, we are often the victims of the fact that the Church held a near monopoly on literacy, and just as Bede manufactured a history of England, the church manufactured a history of its own over-importance. The reason being that the church/state divide was always present – a division of houses of government. So the church’s message of submission must be retained in context of the nobility’s caprice, aggression, and violence – a constant battle between two extremes.

Once literacy arrives via the printing press, and the bible is available in the vulgate, and other books are available as competitors to the dogma, Christianity does not consist of the church falsehoods and authoritarianism, but the expansion of Christian virtues. (The so called “Germanization of Christianity”.) These virtues combine with the rise of the Hansa civilization’s gradual middle class expansion, and the expansion of the population after the decline of the plagues. The power of the church declines. And the number of educated preachers increases (my family members among them in England). We see the professionalization of the craft of teaching rather than the expansion of the church bureaucracy.

When I refer to Christianity, I am referring to the German professional era rather than Latin bureaucratic era. The Latin era which I consider lingering only in third world countries. And moreover, that the decline of the church has largely to do with the failure to complete the transition of the role of the priesthood to professional teachers that not only retain myth and ritual, but that teach what the common people need to be taught in order to oppose the (evil) religion of the totalitarian state: fitness, virtues, friendship, marriage, parenting, household management, money, accounting, economics, natural law, history, and the conduct of WAR. And to provide banking services that have been monopolized by the state against the interest of the people. This is the reason for the failure of the church to preserve intergenerational relevance, while the state simply “manufactures skilled labor for the tax-mines”.


Judaism is poly-moral. In other words, there are different moral standards for in-group and out-group members. The general strategy is to contribute nothing to the commons, nothing to the host, but to extract and hold within the clan (tribe) every calorie possible. It is perfectly acceptable to create negative externalities, to ‘cheat’, and it is part of the law that permits them to – and encourages them to.

So where Christianity tries to increase their numbers by low-cost purchase of options to build trust, Judaism tries to accumulate capital by parasitic exploitation of the commons and host.


Islamism is immoral. it seeks and spreads obedience and ignorance. it asks not for Christian productivity and trust expansion to all, and instead of Jewish parasitism, seeks expansionary conquest and predation – the expansion of mandatory ignorance. And it does so by fascinating means: the promise of respect for submission (non-contribution) rather than contribution. Islam spreads the curse of ignorance stagnation illiteracy and impulsivity and weaponizes reproduction. it is not a primitive religion. This is the mistake we make. it is a very sophisticated means of spreading ignorance via the expansion of a lower class that is antagonistic to any competitor that falsifies its false promise by higher correspondence with reality.

The Next Era of Domestication


We are -because we evolved to be – super-predators that choose to cooperate ONLY when it is MORE beneficial to cooperate than to enslave, or exterminate.

The west advocates meritocratic trade because as a more advanced society and can compete better than others on the basis of merit. So it is to the west’s advantage to advocate trade and commercialism and consumer capitalism. But if cooperation by trade (or any other method) has become parasitic, then it is to our advantage to return to rule. If not rule enslavement. If not enslavement, extermination.

Invasion of our lands by semi-human, ignorant, mystical animals is enough of a reason to return to rule, if not rule, enslavement, if not enslavement, extermination.

Since all societies want to exterminate Muslims EXCEPT the west, if the west stops protecting freedom of religion then all societies will justifiable exterminate Islam and Muslims.

The Muslim is teaching the western man that he must not tolerate freedom of religion, since Muslims do not practice a religion, but a law, and a law is a political system not a religion.

End the west’s protection of islam, and we end much of world conflict. Islam is the source of world conflict. It is a cancer that infects the west, Africa, Hindus, and East Asians.





So, once we have literacy and have escaped the church’s imposition of ignorance and submission against the population, we are left with the current state of these three Abrahamic religions:

1 – (Reformed) Christian expansion of trust and production.
2 – Jewish expansion of deceit and parasitism
3 – Islamic expansion of ignorance and predation.

If that is not a damnation of all that exists in all three then I don’t know what is. But we have largely reformed Christianity. And the only step remaining is to redirect our churches to their role as professional teachers of inter-temporal knowledge that is a competitor to the predatory education of the state.

What the church spread was literacy, and diplomacy, and eventually natural law. The rest was a bucket of catastrophic lies.

What’s the difference between the Apostles, the Council of Nicaea, The Pulpit, and Boaz/Freud/Marx, The Frankfurt School, the Media? Nothing

The Apostles, the Council of Nicaea, The Pulpit, were invented to defeat the aristocracy using false promises to rally women and proles.

Boaz/Freud/Marx, The Frankfurt School, the Media were used to defeat aristocracy, by using false promises to rally women and proles.

Cultural Marxism and Postmodernism are nothing more than an attempt to use secular language as ancients used mysticism: for deceit.

The western tradition consists is in heroism, empiricism, the oath (truth and non parasitism), the common judge discovered law, the jury.

We have been attacked in our duress (post our European civil war) by the same method that the romans were attacked: invasion, new ‘mysticism’ in The form of pseudoscience. And attacked the same way the Byzantines were attacked after their war with the Persians by Islam.

Christianity ushered in a thousand years of ignorance. Islam has ushered in nearly a thousand, and has no sight of stopping.

Is there any greater evil than Abraham and his lies?

The Great Lie of Abraham

Religion gives advice – wisdom literature.
Politics gives law
Science gives truth 

If your religion contains law, it is not religion but politics.
If you worship your politics it is still politics.
Your law is either compatible with natural law or it is not.
Their laws are not compatible with natural law
Their religions are not religions but politics.
As politics they are acts of war.
As acts of war they may and must be fought as war.

There is only one enemy in the world today among all civilized peoples.
It is the great lie of Abraham and all that descended from him.

We have been at war since the Persians invaded the Aegean.
We have been at war since the Greeks crossed into Mesopotamia.
We have been at war since the Romans crossed into the Levant. 

There is only one enemy for the rest of the world.
It is the cancer that drives world conflict.
And it has for more than two thousand years.

The Murderous Jews, Christians, And Muslims

—”The Greek-Roman world was not…converted to a new religion, but compelled to embrace it.” The Emperor Theodosian issued a series of decrees or rescripts in the years 341, 345, 356, 381, 383, 386 and 391 CE. They effect of these orders was to “suppress all rival religions, order the closing of the temples, and impose fines, confiscation, imprisonment or death upon any who cling to the older [Pagan] religions.” The period of relative religious tolerance in the Roman Empire ended as Pagan temples were seized and converted to Christian use or destroyed. Priests and Priestesses were exiled or killed. Christianity and Judaism became the only permitted religions. In Spain, bishop Priscillian, who taught some Gnostic beliefs was the first person to be condemned as a heretic and executed by his fellow Christians on religious grounds. The church used the power of the state to begin programs to oppress, exile or exterminate both Pagans and Gnostic Christians. By the end of the century, Pagan temples had been either destroyed or recycled for Christian use. Pagan worship became punishable by death. But government toleration was not without its cost. The Emperor Constantine and later political rulers demanded a major say in the running of the church and in decisions on its beliefs. “—

Magical Thinking

–”Magical thinking is the attribution of causal or synchronistic relationships between actions and events which seemingly cannot be justified by reason and observation. In religion, folk religion, and superstitious beliefs, the posited correlation is often between religious ritual, prayer, sacrifice, or the observance of a taboo, and an expected benefit or recompense.”–


  1. Theodosian Code XVI.i.2: Banning of Other Religions, 379-395.
  2. Theodosian Code: On Religion
  3. Zosimus: Historia Nova. [At Then Again]

On the ending of Paganism.

  1. Mark the Deacon: Life of Porphyry of Gaza, 5th Century, [full text]

fascinating account of the Christian destruction of Paganism in Gaza.

  1. Socrates Scholasticus: The Murder of Hypatia.

A leading female philosopher, Hypatia was murdered by a Christian mob in Alexandria, urged on by St. Cyril. See also The Hypatia Page. Three historical version’s of Hypatia’s murder are available, and useful for comparative purposes:

Damascius: The Life of Hypatia, from the Life of Isidore, reproduced in The Suda. [At]

Socrates Scholasticus: The Life of Hypatia, [At]

John of Nikiu: The Life of Hypatia. [At]

The purpose of the imposition of Christianity by the Greek-Levantine Eastern Empire, was the destruction of the way of life of the eastern roman empire, the slaughter of the philosophers who constituted our evolution of religion, the closure of the schools, the destruction of the aristocracy, it’s art and its literature.


There has never been so great a catastrophe in human history as the dark ages of ignorance brought on by the destruction of roman civilization, weakened by Germanic invasions, by the eastern empire, to limit it’s competitors, and spread Semitic tyranny, mysticism, obedience, and ignorance over the only free people on this earth.

European Civilization Is At Least 5000 Years Old And Christianity Was Its Dark Age


While it is hard for us to imagine, there is nothing good in Christian culture that was not there before Christianity. Nothing. Hence why so many contemporary thinkers argue that Christianity is a western religion, and the result of western (or at least the result of Anatolian-Greek culture.

The problem is, that as Nietzsche tried to explain in his rather poetic German prose, we do not remember our pre-Christian ethic in other than our northern European fairy tales and myths – even though it is endemic in the structure of our thought and in our traditions and in our laws.

The Church co-opted, reframed, and stole everything it could and took credit for appropriation as if it was invention. Even Bede simply fabricated a history that did not exist. The church created and instituted a culture of fictionalism (lying).

There is a very good reason that Christianity was let into Europe by illiterate south eastern Europeans – as a means of moving power from the poorer more remote aristocratic west to the wealthier local theocratic east.

I went thru the period of being angry with Jews for libertarianism. Then for Marxism. Then for Postmodernism. then for Christianity. Then for Abrahamism. Then for Platonism. Then for mysticism.

Once you see the cancer and how it spread, it makes you furious that we have been defeated in the ancient world by lies and in the modern world by lies for no other reason than that we create sufficient wealth, security, and liberty, that priests, public intellectuals women and the underclasses can destroy us.

Why? because each demographic group wants reality to reflect its evolutionary advantage.

The inferior prefer lies and R, and the superior truth and K.

It’s not complicated. It’s just so many layers of lies it’s obscured.

Is It Possible To Eliminate Religion?

Yes, but again, it’s not possible to deny that religion did serve as a (very) cheap (simple) universal (available to morons) education (training) in mindfulness (and sacredness – non-consumption ), and in the positive laws (manners, ethics, morals, rituals, traditions) in an era where only the privileged could get an education.

The only difficult education in that list is mindfulness and stoicism was clearly the best of all methods, and epicureanism the best content of mindfulness discovered in both the ancient world and the present (cognitive behavioral therapy).

The rest is just ordinary education through repetition (ritual) and oath (prayer). There is nothing else other than the act of doing all that repetition and oath in public. There is some advantage and giving that oath to a proxy (ancestor, king, hero, god) rather than to each other – those with whom we have material conflicts.

That Abrahamism and the Abrahamic religions are outright evil is not to say that the category of training (education) that religions provided is not both beneficial, and very likely, necessary – because it’s as unnatural as reading and math.

The question is how can we convert the depreciating asset that is our existing religious infrastructure into a new asset that is appreciating, and removes the vulnerability and harm of the past.

No Falsehood Required


The law says that any religion that is not false, parasitic, predatory, or devolutionary, is a good religion. The problem is we think that religion requires falsehoods, because you have been immersed in an ocean of ‘forgivable, convenient,’ falsehoods. But that’s only because the faithful haven’t researched the religions that aren’t false, and tried to develop a religion that likewise isn’t false. And the reason you must, is that the only means of eliminating bad religions and their falsehood, parasitism, predation, and devolution. And if you preserve those falsehoods and ‘Bads’ for your own you license the ‘Bads’ of others.

We all need general rules of cooperation, and we need them in a hierarchy of graceful increase in precision and graceful failure – given our ability, knowledge, and available time and resources – from parables, to histories, to sciences, to calculations.

Not all people have ‘religion’ in the ‘made up lies’ east asians laugh at those who do – rightfully.

We need mindfulness. We can teach truthful mindfulness, truthful history, and it is more beautiful than the death cults of primitive desert dwellers rebelling against their indo-european masters.

Christianity does in fact produce mindfulness – as does and must, any religion. And mindfulness does in fact produce agency. The question is whether we can produce the same mindfulness but far greater agency if we retain the scientific (secular) content of the religion, reform the history, reform the lessons, reform the oath, and sacrifice/feast.

There is only one route out of the great deceits, of Abrahamic Pilpul and Critique: truth, sovereignty, reciprocity, markets, and as a consequence, transcendence of man into the gods we imagine.


—”Religion breeds multiculturalism amongst a people that need cultural pluralism.”—Brad Umbaugh

The Demons and the Devil Swim Left. Any system of thought that is not explicitly True and Reciprocal will eventually migrate False and Irreciprocal Ergo our mandate of intolerance.

What About Freedom of Religion?


The Limit of Religious Freedom

–-“Freedom of religion as a fundamental right is an incomplete rule, and as such a deception. There are no unlimited — unbounded – general rules. The limit of religious freedom that can exist as a fundamental right is compatibility with Natural Law. The only fundamental rights that are possible are those compatible with Natural Law, since it is Natural Law that is the cause of fundamental, necessary, natural, rights.”—

( … )

Religions provide wisdom, and governments provide laws. If your religion conflates wisdom with law it is not a religion but a form of government masquerading as a cult. Ergo, if your religion contains laws it is a competitor to, not a compliment to, a government. As such it can be regulated, prohibited, and warred against if necessary.

There is no reason not to outlaw anything false: religion, pseudo-rationalism, pseudoscience. There’s no value in fraudulent products, services OR information. Assuming we teach Christianity as myth rather than history, by and large it’s compatible with natural law. But not Judaism. And not Islam.

There is a great difference between establishing a religion and banning a religion. There is no reason we do not ban religions – frequently.

Sorry but if your religion isn’t compatible with natural law, then it’s not compatible with rule of law, and not compatible with the west.

And, while we cannot control what nonsense you believe but we certainly can limit what nonsense you distribute and infect others with.

Judging a Religion, Philosophy, or Ideology

There are good people everywhere. But it’s not the good people we worry about. it’s the bad people. And we must if we are honest not measure a philosophy ideology or religion by it’s good but by its bad. Why? because there are good people who will fit into anything anywhere. The question is, how do these philosophies, ideologies, or religions, prohibit their bad people? By these measures, Islam and Judaism are the most evil religions of all. The reason is that they justify those very desires that all other religions evolved to suppress: lying.

Good people will be good no matter what. It’s whether religions attract or encourage the bad people to be bad that is their measure.


The Second Principle of Freedom of Religion is Reciprocity. So if a religion violates the principle of reciprocity, then it cannot be claimed as a fundamental right, since reciprocity is a necessary fundamental right.


The Third Principle of Freedom of Religion is accountability. That is, that all members of any faith are responsible for the heresies within that faith. Ergo, if your faith has members that violate natural law, reciprocity, or accountability then, this religion is by definition not a right, and does not protect fundamental rights.

Religion is just law … in fictional form.

Political Models as Religions

Religions evolve slowly and normatively. Common, discovered, laws evolve rapidly in response to new discoveries of methods of parasitism. Between durable religion and tactical law, Political Models serve only as organizational tools that we use to advance our strategies. In our case, that strategy is liberty

We do not fear liberty. We can compete on merit. It’s those that cannot compete on merit that fear a condition of liberty. So it is rational to say you ‘are’ a member of a religion, and rational to say that to achieve liberty in the current context you suggest we employ one political model or another.

But to grant political models the same constancy as religion is to de-facto cast political models as mystical religions independent of world circumstances, instead of operational tools by which we modify the world’s circumstances in pursuit of the political conditions we prefer.

Steady-state political orders are as fictional a theory as an evenly rotating economy. Neither exists or can.

—”The bigger, systemic problem isn’t separating a church from state, but keeping the state from becoming the “church” … The State has, in the vacuum that the absence of a godded religion has generated, deified its social and environmental markets. The State wants religion.”—AS

Homogeneity vs Diversity

Diversity not only generates demand for an authoritarian state, but for supernatural religion. Why? To find an alternative to KINSHIP RULE, AND ANCESTOR WORSHIP. Conversely, homogeneity generates demand for Nationalism and Ancestor Worship .


The west has demonstrated that market competition between institutions employing different weapons of coercion, is superior to the monopoly of any of those institutions employing more than of the three weapons of coercions. Financing, Violence, and Gossiping must remain separate. The reason for the retaliation against the church in the west versus orthodoxy in the east is the Roman church’s attempt to function as a government in the byzantine monopoly model, rather than maintaining the balance between the martial, commercial, and gossiping classes.

DEFLATION (Market Competition): Literature, History, Philosophy, Economics, Law, Science, and Mathematics requiring reason and calculation


CONFLATION (Monopoly): Semitic Religion (Theology) dependent only upon intuition and imitation.

There is nothing in either religion(Fictionalism) or the law(Descriptivism) that cannot be taught by deflationary means (truthfully) rather than conflationary means (untruthfully).

No Right To Spread Ignorance and Falsehood Can Exist – No Matter the Excuse

Why do you have the right to ignorance?

Well, there is a difference between enjoying the luxury of ignorance at other’s expense, and distributing ignorance by your words and deeds.

And there is a difference between general knowledge that allows us to escape our ignorance, and the means of testing information against error, bias, wishful thinking, suggestion, overloading, pseudoscience and deceit, that allows us to increase our knowledge and decrease our ignorance, and to speak truthfully and avoid speaking untruthfully.

And since the animal man evolved to negotiate and deceive as well as describe and inform, and since we evolved to act rationally – meaning morally when in our interests and immorally when in our interests – the reason it has taken us thousands of years to develop the technology of truth telling that we call ‘science’, is because it is unnatural to us. We evolved to negotiate, not testify.

So just as we must learn manners, ethics, morals, and laws to obtain access to and participate in the benefits of that market for cooperation that we call the ‘social order’, we must learn the ethics of knowledge: how to eliminate error, bias, wishful thinking, suggestion, loading and framing, overloading, pseudoscience, and deceit.

And we must teach one another manners, ethics, morals, laws – not only defensively: to limit the ill-mannered, unethical, immoral, and illegal – but also as investment: to increase the number of people with whom we have an option to cooperate at ever lower costs, in the production of private and common goods, services, and information, for mutual benefit.

So defensive and investment reasons we must invest constantly in the teaching of manners, ethics, morals, and laws, including the ethical science of interpreting and giving testimony: truth telling.

And conversely we must punish those who cause harm to manners, ethics morals and law; cause harm to the production of private and common goods, services, and information.

But how do we punish? By the incremental suppression of ill-mannered, unethical, immoral, illegal, speech:

  1. Deprivation Of Opportunity To Speak

First with disapproval, ridicule, and shame
(Ya f’n idiot! What are ya thinkin’? Or ya not thinkin’?!?)

  1. Deprivation of Opportunity To Cooperate:

2nd with ostracism
(I’m afraid I can’t associate with you. You’re deceitful and just repeat lies you’ve been convinced of as true in order to influence)

  1. Deprivation Of Goods, Services And Information

3rd loss of privilege
(I can’t trade with you or offer service, ya on ya own!)

  1. Deprivation Of Choice

4th loss of liberty
(You’re a danger. You lose the ability to make your own decisions. You demonstrate a high risk to other’s welfare)

  1. Deprivation Of Action

5th loss of freedom!
(Off to Jail ya go ya f’er! Or war in the case of the state )

  1. Deprivation Of Existence

6th loss of life



What Would Constitute a Truthful Religion?

I have a soul. I can observe it through introspection. It is a full accounting of my impositions upon the interests of others, offset by a selective accounting of my acts of charity. I know the balance of that account. We all know the balance of that account – even if we fear to look at it.

The chief value of an all-knowing god, is as a psychological device that assists us in looking at the transactions in, and balance of, that account, without any ability to lie to ourselves.

The chief value of confession is to publicly admit this balance, and use peer pressure to eliminate any deficit.

Whether that soul is eternal is not a question – of course it is. We can commit no sin or perform no charity without the existence of others to sin or perform charity against. Our actions leave a permanent record in the universe. We live on eternally in the changes to the universe that we have made by our actions. That is what acting means: to alter the course of events. Each action does so. That our simple human minds need to anthropomorphize these ideas so that they are easier for the ignorant, dim, and fearful to grasp is no more surprising than that children need parables, myths, legends, and fairy tales to grasp basic concepts using models for concepts otherwise beyond their experience.

—The practice of sport, the discipline of stoic mindfulness, the sacredness of nature, the ceremonial request for wisdom from, and the ceremonial thanks to our heroes, the gathering of souls in the practice of all of the above, and our surrender to the pack as a means of overcoming our petty differences and interests.—

As such I merely prefer the least false set of beliefs, and the most constructive forms of ritual. And those are, from my knowledge: the practice of sport, the discipline of stoic mindfulness, the sacredness of nature, the ceremonial request for wisdom from, and the ceremonial thanks to our heroes, the gathering of souls in the practice of all of the above, and our surrender to the pack as a means of overcoming our petty differences and interests.


Reducing Demand For Falsehood in Religion


Hierarchy of Political Grammars

1 – Legal (complete),
2 – Scientific (correlative),
3 – Philosophical (justificationary),
4 – Literary (allegorical)
5 – Mythological (intergenerational contract)
6 – Religious/Theological (fictional),
7 – Occult (post-rational).

The Christian Churches each serve classes (IQ ranges), with philosophy, law, and science above them. The future will continue to consist of churches (religions) that segregate by class (intelligence) for the simple reason that sortition is available to them.

On the other hand, if we eliminate the demand for cults because we teach mindfulness as we do fitness, calculation, and skills, demand for cults will continue to decline.

The only reason for the expansion of cults is a failure to institutionalize training of emotions the way we institutionalize training in the calculations (reading, writing, grammar, logic, math, physics, chemistry, biology, programming, sentience).

Those who fail to innovate seek to repeat the errors of the past, not recognizing the contextual frame past ideas required.


Perfect Religion

—”History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government” and “[i]n every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.”— Thomas Jefferson

—The most preposterous notion that Homo sapiens has ever dreamed up is that the Lord God of Creation, Shaper and Ruler of all the Universes, wants the saccharine adoration of His creatures, can be swayed by their prayers, and becomes petulant if He does not receive this flattery. Yet this absurd fantasy, without a shred of evidence to bolster it, pays all the expenses of the oldest, largest, and least productive industry in all history.” –Robert A. Heinlein,

The Perfect Religion we Also Lost


A religion without priests.
A government without politicians.
A market without ‘journalists’.


The Cult of Stoicism and Epicureanism (Emotional)

The Cult of Nature (Religion)

The Cult of our Folk (Mythology)

The Cult of the Law (Intellectual)

The Cult of the Militia (Physical)

—”The Distributed Dictatorship of Sovereign Men”— Eli Harman



The Theologi-tariat claim you are should be governed by a moral religion.
The Poli-tariat claim you should be governed by their judgement.
The Comment-ariat market that you should be governed by philosophy.
The Economi-tariat that you should be governed by consumption.

In practice you are governed by the Law, and all else is an attempt to subvert it. And In absolute terms, you are governed by men who fight and their tolerance of the current condition.

We are the men who Choose.

So Choose.


The Cult of The Law, Wherein The Law is Sacred


—“There are feminine theologians (weak), ascendant male philosophers (able), and masculine law-givers (strong). I know what I do. I do law as Odin did. I do law, as Aristotle did. Law states the Truth, via-negativa, theology states imagined via-fantastica, and philosophy attempts the via-positiva to produce human action that delivers the compromise results.”—

The West’s Administrative Religion Is The Common Sovereign Indo-European/Aristocratic/Anglo Saxon Law, And Its Priest’s Are Our Judges

 Reason, empiricism, science, and now ‘Testimonialism’ (the completion of the scientific method) all evolved out of western empirical common law.

There is no reason our founding myths cannot be taught as ‘religion’ and their contributions celebrated.

  1. Homer and The Trial of Achilles
  2. The Tales of Kings, princes and princesses: the Germanic myths, legends, and fairy tales;
  3. History and the lives of the great Heroes;
  4. History and the lives of the great Thinkers;
  5. The tales of Jesus and the saints;

Religion is necessary for evolutionary reasons, but superstition, pseudo-rationalism, pseudoscience, conflation and deception are not.

There is no conflict between science and religion – only between Logic, Reason, Science, Testimony, the Natural Law, and false religions.

Truth is the most intolerant religion. It is a religion that selects in and out for very good reasons.

The Truth Is The Most Intolerant Religion. And our ancestors produced the only Cult of Truth and Law.

Choosing Godhood as Our Own

There is good Christianity and bad. There are good Christians and bad. I’m not going to criticize good Christians – at least unless good Christians (a) violate natural law (unlikely), or (b) seek to use faith in argument rather than faith in self confirmation (too commonly). Faith is for the faithful, literature for those without faith. Aristotle for those who have no need for, and science and law for those of us who rule and cannot afford it. Render under each, that which is needed by each, and natural law of men, and physical law of science to decide the conflicts between them.

My objective is to institutionalize the insights (habits) of Christianity in scientific prose, and provide means of ritual mindfulness for those that cannot or will not tolerate ‘magic’. And a set of festivals that all of us can participate in.

Those insights are (a) the daily discipline of personal humility, (b) the elimination of hatred from the human heart, (c) the extension of kinship love to non kin, (d) the exhaustion of personal forgiveness as a means of training the most misguided, and (e) the empiricism of direct, personal charity as a means of achieving, and testing both, and (f) the political intolerance of those who do otherwise, (g) the limiting of government to the natural law of reciprocity leaving only market harmony and charity for the achievement of goods, and (h) surrender of defense and rule to the aristocracy who master in violence what we master in love and charity.

And I know that this is the ultimate strategy for optimum human cooperation because science and logic tell me so.

There is an ever declining percentage of educated people that find value in the parables of underclass Semitic pastoralists, depending on magic and an after life to escape lack of agency in this one, and an ever increasing percentage of people that find value in scientific exposition of the same virtues, and historical and mythical ideas of OUR PEOPLE, for whom their ‘book’ was that of homer (the trials of Achilles), the great Greek and Roman heroes, the Carolingian, Germanic, Arthurian, Scandinavian pagan myths, and the REAL accomplishments of OUR people, which begins with the cult of non-submission of those with agency. Just as the cult of submission is the retreat of those lacking it in Islam and Christianity.

There is nothing in the world of faith that is not available to those who practice natural science, natural law, the histories, rituals of self authoring, and the festivals of the heroes and seasons – except a greater need to negotiate between different wants, and greater demand for mindfulness against the saddening, and a greater demand for agency and reason in taking actions in the world.

Among the poor, feeble, and lacking agency in the world, Christianity is the compromise position between barbarism and science that Augustine intended to make it. And among those who are increasingly joining the prosperous, the able, and those with agency, it is increasingly unnecessary. Among the prosperous, the able, and those with agency, that compromise is harmful. And this is what we have seen.

Morality is fully contained in individual sovereignty, physical and law natural law and the markets for cooperation, and exhaustive forgiveness in bringing the immoral into both.

The only people that need comforting lies are those that cannot look the only ultimate truth in the face without fear: the universe is a hostile place, we are an nothing but a deterministic accident, and it is we who shall be the gods who transform it into the Eden we desire.

We must only choose godhood as our own.

You might argue that putting the Natural Law of reciprocity of Sovereign Men above all other considerations is just science, or you might say that choosing that science is equivalent to a religion. I wouldn’t disagree with you too much if you cast it as a religion.

  1. It provides an ultimate goal (transcendence),
  2. It provides a group evolutionary strategy (rapid adaptations through markets),
  3. It provides a moral ethical, and legal code (reciprocity),
  4. It puts limits on the actions of government,
  5. it requires a continuously born cost of truth telling, an oath, and the ritual of oath taking, the practice of military rituals and feasts.
  6. And for the western people, our history provides a non-false mythos of continuous success at the transformation of self and man into gods.

So as such it would be the one true religion for the simple reason that it would be the one religion without falsehood.

Truth is the one religion that unites good men against the multitude of evils.

Transcendence by Truth is the most intolerant religion of all. … The Most Intolerant Wins.

The Cult of The Law is the Religion of Men As Gods.

The Endgame?

I understand that believers are non rational, and un-persuadable, and over invested in a network of falsehoods, and so believers will not change except to follow an even larger and safer herd.

As members of cults we are always in conflict over the legal systems under them, since those legal systems are arbitrary means of advocating different group evolutionary strategies of cooperation – all of which, under religion, despite their early utility, evolved to be more hinderance than good.

As member of the Love of Man, of our Peoples, In nation-states, producing commons suitable to our needs, we are not enemies but allies in a division of labor producing the transcendence of man.

If there is a better religion than that I do not know what it is. A religion of the love and transcendence of man into gods, not into the subjects of priests and politicians, investors and industrialists.—

The endgame is the completion of the transformation of Germanized Christianity to Natural Law under Reciprocity, completely laundered of sophism(Abrahamism), superstition, mysticism, magic, falsehoods, and lies.

Truth is enough.

Instead of inventing false insurer of last resort, we can make an insurer of last resort: our polity. Our polity in which men are better than the despotic gods we dream of.




Christianity Extends Natural Law


What we call ‘Christian Love’ means treating others as kin. Now, Natural Law is reducible to reciprocity. And it turns out that being very forgiving, over time, is the best possible cooperative strategy. While we evolved altruistic punishment for the untrustworthy (violators of reciprocity), meaning that we retaliate at high cost against ‘cheaters’ (untrustworthy), it turns out that exhausting forgiveness produces the highest trust polity, and by consequence the most prosperous.

Unfortunately, the limit of such tolerance is in interpersonal relationships and does not scale AT ALL. And so Christian tolerance in politics and group evolutionary strategy is suicidal, even if Christian tolerance in interpersonal relations is extremely beneficial. The reason being is that an individual can eventually know the limit of tolerance for another, while none of us can know the exhaustion of tolerance for those we do not personally know. As such all Christian tolerance and charity is limited to the interpersonal, and all political tolerance is limited to reciprocity.

Because the moment we engage in political charity or unlimited charity we create the very evil that we seek to eliminate through our tolerance. Or in economic terms: if you subsidize any behavior you will always get more of it. This is not true on an interpersonal scale, but it is always true beyond the interpersonal scale.

Worse, there are many people who seek virtue signals (status) by giving away that which others produced. They steal status from others by this means. So tolerance, especially Christian tolerance, beyond the personal scale, where you pay the costs of your charity yourself, merely creates more evil in the world.

For this reason most Christians are anything but. They are just seeking self congratulatory virtues without actually earning them – but instead, they become bad people in and of themselves, and subsidize bad people in politics, and subsidize bad people in the community.

As such Christianity is a defect if practiced on other than the interpersonal scale. So the optimum strategy is “A Prosecutor in Politics, and a Saint in Person.” Christianity became suicidal when it became political rather than merely personal.

So natural law then provides us with an equilibrium of the via-negativa and the-via positiva: the via-negativa (law) being reciprocity, while the via positive (wisdom) being interpersonal exhaustion of opportunity for cooperation.

You see, this is why science and scientific law are so important: so that those who pretend they are good are not able to create evil on vast scales under cloak of moral intentions.

If you bear no cost, you can earn no virtue. Period.

And that is a necessary consequence of the natural law of reciprocity.


How is Christianity Permissible Under Natural Law?


That depends upon what you call ‘Christianity’ and whether you think whatever that refers to is good.

Christianity can refer to the ratio-empirical (Truthful) content, and the consequences of that scientific (truthful) content, which while very limited we can demonstrate are in fact good. Or whether you think Christianity is all the nonsense that is wrapped around it (lies).

I have to acknowledge that the optimum game theory humans can play is the Christian command for love of others. I can’t escape that. I have to acknowledge that everything else about Christianity is catastrophically bad, even if not as evil as Judaism or Islam.

Now, once we distill Christianity down to those few rules (rules of optimum prisoner’s dilemma), the question is whether it is still ‘Christianity’ in any meaningful way.

I would argue that it is still Christianity, because religions constitute our means of intuitionistically training members of the polity, nation, and civilization, to pursue the same strategy – hopefully one in their interest – that allows different groups to cooperate at large scale.

I think (well I’m certain) that the short list of rules in Christianity are optimums. But I do not think the Jesus story is good or true. I am certain the god story is bad. And I think as do many that the Christian god is a Semitic tyrant over the Semitic slaves – and completely against the interests of our people – which is why our people have incrementally escaped Christianity, turned it to our own, while the Jews and Muslims have only become more obsessed with theirs.

So, in attempting to solve the problem of the future, how can we provide the same psychological, social, and political functions as did Christianity, and suppress, defeat, or eliminate competitors to those rules – competitors that would return us to the Semitic darkness that we have saved ourselves from.

Now, we have tools of …

Naturalism(reality) < Logic and Mathematics (Measurement) < Science(Due Diligence, Naturalism) < Law and Economics(Decidability) < History (Evidence) < Literature (Analogy, Pedagogy, Theorizing), Philosophy (Removing Science), and Theology(Removing Reason)

… to work with.

And I can find no reason to gracefully fail across the spectrum of Measurements, Due Diligence, Decidability < Evidence < Pedagogy, if we supply mindfulness (what we consider spirituality) through equally scientific means (training).

And if we have to teach people SOMETHING, why teach them a falsehood when we can teach the same content truthfully (scientifically)? And the only answer is to preserve the psychological malinvestment of preceding generations at the expense of all past and future generations.

I think moral education – and a uniform one – is necessary, just as is fitness, daily survival knowledge, calculation ability, and job skills. I think personal, interpersonal, and civic mindfulness is a natural demand of conscious creatures. I think the civic ritual of church: the oath, the historical lessons, and the balance between the heroic tragic warrior and the loving tragic saint (Jesus) are important.

One can look at the great religions and traditions and observe relatively easily how each tries to, and succeeds in, providing those goods in satisfaction of those demands.

It is very difficult to look at Judaism, and Islam and say that they are other than a destructive force in the world compared to the other religions and traditions – particularly the Hindu, Chinese and Japanese traditions. When we look at Christianity it was designed as and used as a destructive force in the world. And the three Abrahamic religions are responsible for more evil than all but the great plagues.

Our ancestors succeeded in Germanizing Christianity by keeping it’s good parts and eliminating its bad parts.

I see my function, and our function as the living generation encountering this remaining problem, as continuing to modernize that “sick, twisted, desert anti-civilizational blood cult’, into an institution like the catholic church once provided as a competitor to the state, and restoring its role in education, but to deprive it of Semitic deceits, and use our own far superior history.

I might fail, but it is my job to remove as much lying from our civilization in order to defend our high-trust people against further decline. And if that means the church must further reform then that’s what it means.

The alternative is not restoration, but that the church, within a generation or so, will die off.

If we are to have a church so to speak, and a civic religion that is more than just legalism, that includes the personal mindfulness, socialization and festival that legalism doesn’t provide – making us all invested in one another – then we need a church that provides future benefits to people not past.

And while I haven’t discussed much of this in public yet, I think I know at least MOST of the answer.

We never ceased being polytheistic. Ever. Just as we are poly grammatical (Frames, Paradigms). Many heroes are always better than one, as long as they are compatible. We are too different in our abilities, social roles, occupations and responsibilities. There is a basis upon which the heroic family in all her grammars and stories, rests, and that is Individual Sovereignty, the natural law of reciprocity, truth and duty and, yes, charity. And it is Christian charity: exhaustive optimism and investment in others – rather than donations or mental fantasies that forms that basis.

Is Reformation of Christianity Possible?


What would remain?

  1. The mass (a lesson, a Prayer, an Oath, a feast), and festivals.
  2. The extirpation of hatred from the human heart.
  3. The exhaustion of interpersonal forgiveness as the optimum group cooperative strategy.
  4. The demand for personal acts of charity.
  5. The Ultimate Prisoner’s Dilemma strategy for any group. Especially a middle class polity.

If you replace life after death with living a good life, persistence through actions, genetic persistence, and human transcendence of our descendants into the gods we imagine.

If you replace lessons against the aristocracy in favor of diasporic pastoralists, and instead restored our original mythology of the trials of Homer.

If you restored the festivals with those of heroes, ancestors and the seasons (nature).

If you add ethnocentrism (the optimum group strategy), government by rule of law and markets in everything (the optimum competitive strategy), and stoicism (the optimum mindfulness strategy).

Then you have a religion free of lies.

By and large, Christianity is not incompatible with natural law. The whole narrative is. But otherwise, the basic principle of direct demonstrated charity, exhaustion of opportunity for forgiveness, and reciprocity is compatible with natural law in practice if not in word.

Seeking Both Preservation and Restoration


Christianity teaches natural law – just poorly. Christianity teaches (exhaustive tit-for-tat) the optimum IN-GROUP strategy as an extension of natural law – but does do poorly, and because it does so poorly – does not limit to kin, (is universalist (out-group)) and therefore a mixture of good and bad.

The evidence is that Christianity produces prosperity wherever it goes, but is a higher demand than Islam, like Judaism is a higher demand than Christianity. But the fact remains that western people still retain both Legal (roman) intellectual (Greek), familial (heathen European), and political(Semitic) ‘cults’. And these cults are all reflections of our classes. And all of the classes make use of what set of cults is necessary for cooperation at their level of agency.(ability to act).

The purpose of Christianity, Marxism, Postmodernism, and Feminism, was to destroy the empirical, rational, military, legal, and commercial order and replace it with Egyptian, south Semitic, north Semitic, and Persian means of ruling an underclass through false promises (life after death), false debt(‘for our sins”, “original sins”) using supernatural frauds in the ancient world, and using economic (Marxist), social (Postmodern), and political (Feminism and multiculturalism) in the modern world.

My understanding is that especially among those who will fight, Christianity must be accommodated, and the law says that it can be accommodated because among religions it teaches natural law.

Any of our ‘natural religions’ can obtain the same cultural, economic, political centrality once again, by providing particularly powerful incentives, including restoring education and educational funding to ‘churches’ in the broadest sense (and ending centralized education). (in other words, prohibiting falsehood is different from demanding certain skills).

Under these incentives our religions will slowly (possibly rapidly) migrate away from falsehood to truthfulness due to incentives of (a) simple economics (b) increasing vastly their influence, (c) defending themselves from the state. In other words, ‘let nature take its course’, and keep the state out of Christian faith, and keep Christian faith out of TRUTH CLAIMS.

This sets up a market for the three categories of religion, while providing mindfulness.

A Christian can say “I hold [xxxx] as a matter of faith, I do not claim it is true, because what is true must be open to testimony, and Faith itself is not open to testimony. As long as I do not try to use truth claims (arguments) in matters commercial, financial, economic, and political, then I have not broken the law.”

One cannot claim something false is true for the purpose of induction (consequential argument). And in particular (Islam, Judaism, Catholicism) because one may not claim there is any law other than the natural law (no competitor). And one may not advocate a religion that is duplicitous because of that (Judaism and Islam are duplicitous and poly-ethical.).

With the prohibition on Judaism and Islam, the preservation of Christianity due to its natural law, the universal education in stoicism (mindfulness), and the combination of Christian and European (heathen) festivals, my understanding is that we will see our religion return to its natural condition where the poor are Christian, the middle ancestral (heathen), an the upper-classes, as always, purely empirical and giving respect to the middle and lower through participation in oath, ritual and festival.

So it is not so much that we need to end Christianity, as it is we need to create a range of churches (holistic mindfulness, socialization, and education) that will serve the interest of the different classes In content, while the same underlying constraint on adherence to natural law.

In other words, we must make a practical accommodation for faith in those who need faith because they have no alternative to faith for the purpose of obtaining that mindfulness necessary in a complex society in which many of us lack the familial, social, economic, political relations, as well as perhaps the genetics to provide value in social, economic, and political markets.

So there is ‘something for everyone at a cost to everyone’ in my proposal. But it is hard to argue against the collection of goods. we know this because while people will claim they are Christian, go to church, celebrate festivals, take oaths, abide by rules, they will very rarely, under oath, claim such things are true.

All humans follow interests. They follow interests because it is in their interests. And they use propaganda, deceit, argument and belief to justify the pursuit of those interests.

Christianity is in need of another reformation or it will continue to die. Neither the Vatican II or the evangelical movements were sufficient – although the evangelical more so.

We could restore the church to centrality of education, require that they teach mindfulness (stoicism, epicureanism), and a program of continuous stoicism(Self Authoring), and return the function of consumer banking and organizing the militia to the church again. In exchange we could require the churches who obtain those benefits to reform such that they don’t teach Abrahamism in any form. (They can determine that reform themselves).

I prefer we eliminate all political religions and restore folk religions (family, ancestors, people, nature).

The market pressure for attendance and income with take care of itself.

The Christian Compromise

I would suggest that all but the most Abrahamic of Christians might rather we institutionalize Christianity in the constitution as the practice of the five rules of Christianity, the natural law of reciprocity, and that no other religions counter to such may be tolerated, would give them sufficient license to show that their religion is in fact ‘True’ when taught as a mythology of wisdom literature, and only ‘false’ if they teach it as history. (Because that is what most smart folk in the world think.)

I am a Christian in that it means property rights (ten commandments), the sacred (limits to my rights of expression action and thought), natural law (reciprocity), and Jesus teaching (exhaustion of all possible opportunity for forgiveness for in-group members). THIS IS THE STRATEGY UNDER GERMANIZED CHRISTIANITY.

But the magic-man nonsense for illiterates and idiots so that they believe an omniscient and omnipotent yet never evident someone worth worshipping as a slave master loves them despite their low status low agency and low ability – is just that and nothing but fairy stories for slaves to tolerate their enslavement until death.

So we are really in a question whether we continue the evolution of our religions of heathen, Aryan, Greco-Roman, Christian, philosophical and scientific into something we all can COMPROMISE UPON, or we can keep those individual religions and agree only on the scientific substance behind all our natural religions.

There have been many reformations to Christianity. It is not a matter of abandoning Christianity, but further reforming it so that it is a European religion of transcendence, not a middle eastern, or third world cult of poverty, ignorance, and servitude.

Restoring Our Religions as well as our Law

I am  trying to save Christianity – which is in rapid decline in the west – and restore Christianity as the church should have done, by restating the theological, in philosophical, rational, and scientific terms – and in doing so ending the criticisms of it, and the removal of it from its position as the state religion.

But you know, if one’s faith cannot tolerate that it doesn’t matter how we hear and follow the message, that it’s the same message, then I would think something is wrong with with you: that you are neither christian nor good person.

If one needs an evil and vengeful god to obey, and the threat of hell as defense against others, and his own nature;

Or if one needs a loving Jesus as a parent and guide as defense against the hardship of reality, and to share that love with a community;

Or if one wants a set of moral rules that can demand of himself and others to create a society in harmony;

Or if someone says that the laws of nature find these moral rules the optimum for himself, others, and the polity and to capture that in law;

Then it is against those same Christian rules to deprive people of that which they need in order to obey those rules. That is not Christian love. That’s selfishness and hatred. That’s Semitic Lying and despotism, that our ancestors escaped, not European Christian love that our ancestors sought to extract and preserve as a germanic religion of our people, instead of a means of oppression of the european people that kept them in ignorance, illiteracy, poverty, starvation, disease, child mortality, and early death.

Many men have reformed christianity over the centuries. Many recent men have tried to end. The modern church has needed an Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Locke, Smith, Hume, and our Founding fathers, and instead found jewish communism, jewish feminism, and jewish postmodernism, and an academy media, and state, under our own peoples desire for power, and jewish and now islamic undermining, seeking to destroy not only European christianity but european civlization, and european peoples, in a great genocide that the muslims and jews have brought to every other great civilization that existed in the ancient world.

I do not want this job. But we must do these jobs out of duty, to preserve our people, and their way of life – that way of life that has dragged the rest of the world out of poverty, starvation hard labor, ignorance, tyranny, slavery, disease, and unnecessary death and suffering.

We did this through our pre-Christian traditions and law, and our Christian traditions and faith.

And the entirety of humanity is punishing us for our gifts.

So Christians can help me adapt and restore Christianity and natural law and Aristotelian reason to our age, as the great men of our past have done, or out of arrogance, selfishness, spite, and envy, bring by not acting, end not only Christianity but our entire civilization, our nations, and our race.



Against Atheism


Atheism isn’t a religion (and casting it as such is a fraud), it’s a statement of Science (measurement) and used as an Ideology (political change), and arguably a Prosecution (law against fraud and harm).

The only reason atheism is ridiculous is because we haven’t restored the oath (offer), prayer (request), mindfulness, and ancestor, and nature worship (celebration of inheritances). (native western religion).

As such Criticism without Replacement is IDEOLOGICAL, for the simple reason that intuition(emotions) DO REQUIRE training, just as do our bodies, reason (reason, calculation, computation), and memories (knowledge, skills).

Religion is just one of the layers of education. The education of our moral intuitions. We can perform that education by various means. The whole set of Abrahamic ‘lies’ isn’t a necessary means. There is no evidence of it.






Truth Is A Merciless, Zero-Tolerance, Weapon.

Truth is merciless. Truth is the scientific, legal, political, educational, and religious means of defeating the Abrahamisms. But Truth is not a selective weapon. It is indiscriminate – a weapon of zero tolerance. It will destroy your Christianity along with the first generation Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and second generation Abrahamic religions: Marxism (Judaism), feminism, and postmodernism (Christianity), and fundamentalism, (Islam).

It’s Not Useful to Debate the Faithful

—“One may speak the law to religion, but one may never speak religion to the law. This is the law.”—

I don’t debate ‘the faithful’ because realism, naturalism, reason, empiricism, operationalism, science and law are incommensurable with faith. And I debate exclusively in writing because Abrahamic sophism and GSRRM is easier to expose, and analytic prose more than the faithful can follow by intuition.

So just as I do not debate with women, because they argue by intuition, and proportionality while men argue by testimony and reciprocity’ the faithful rely on the tactic of females: outcasting those who will not conform to myth, vs. men outcasting those who will not conform to Truth.

The only reason the faithful have political value is remaining numbers. So rejection of cooperation in exchange for tolerance of circumventing testimony is still possible. Otherwise not. The faithful are historically allies of the enemy, and only joined the ‘right’ after ww2.

This is because the tools of rallying to a false promise, despite the moral hazard of doing so, and using GSRM, Pilpul and Critique (which my work exists to end), are the tool of communicating the Abrahamic religions of the old world, and Marxism, Postmodern, Feminism today.

So the problem for the faithful is that the tools of persuasion by which they construct their internal contact for faith, is used against them, by a competing new religion of pseudoscience evolved to replace them.

Since we have spent 1500 years Germanicizing this Semitic religion, it is defended by the aristocratic(law) class on tradition and kinship interest alone. However, the faithful will prevent the martial class from defeating this new pseudoscientific set of religions.

And while I have found a method of using the law and testimony to end these competitors, our ‘traditional’ faithful, those same faithful are clearly unwilling to trade “Faith for the Spiritual, and Law for Reality” in matters of public speech – which is necessary to end competition.

As such the only possibility going forward is mass appeal to the material interests of the majority of the population, whom under pressure of subjugation and genocide by the new pseudoscientific cults, will follow their material interest.

This means we simply write the law without compromise and let the interests of faith compete with everyone’s material interests; and as such we cannot restore education and state support to the churches, which they desperately need for their survival and political influence.

And most faithful interpreted my inquiry as an attack on the faith, rather than a test of whether it is possible for the faithful to tolerate such a constitution when my objective was to determine if it was possible to return the church to its central role.

My first draft restored the church to central functions of education, and cut public schools, post offices, title registries, banking and credit, and returned those functions to the church. thus ensuring its survival, and the starvation of competing cults.

But this solution requires that the spectrum of ‘churches’ serve the interests of our people from devoted to disinterested to (as I do) those who prefer our native rather than alien religions of community, ancestors and nature.)

But there is no reasoning with faith. Faith is designed to resist reason. And the caliber of people to discourse with on the ‘alternative right’ is not exactly that which assists in anything other than surveying the range of positions of those lacking agency.

Hence in any discourse with ‘the faithful’ one is forced to state the truth, that one cannot debate with those who practice the methods of argument evolved precisely to deny means motive and opportunity to reason. And ergo one must resort to ‘calling out’ Abrahamic sophism.

Which is true, but useless with the faithful who deny reality and the tools by which we warranty our speech is consistent, correspondent and coherent with actionable reality: reason, empiricism, operationalism and science.


The Economics and Ethics Religions

(this one is going to hurt. hold on to something)

There is no existential god other than the information in the mind of man, and teh consequences of that information that mainfest in human thought, display, word and deed. And that god is only the god imagined by the faithful such that they preserve the peace between them by the prohibition on variation in strategy, and the prohibition on debate, and the prohibition on learning, and the prohibition on innovation and evolution. It’s a contract with one another written in fiction.

I agree that there is value to the faithful in the production of psychological mindfulness from certainty, conformity, under this contract written in fiction. It re-creates the safety of the herd for those who lack agency, by casting submission, conformity, stagnation as heroic.

I also understand that there is value in the freedom from emotional burden, intellectual burden, that the rest of us bear on behalf of Christians, who are nothing but free-riders – Christians ‘free ride’ on our emotional, and mental hard labors.

The feminine christian perpetuates the female reproductive strategy of worrying only about the safety of her nest, while the men do the hard labor of transforming reality into safety and resources which she can spend on her nest, herself, her offspring.

Yet as Christians daily demonstrate, she maintains utility in hostility to his breaking of her illusion, because then she would have to acknowledge the debt and provide something in trade.

Why do you think Islamism, marxism, feminism, and postmodernism, make the same promise of equality, in exchange for the same contract written in fiction, that the will work together to live parasitically upon the emotional and intellectual efforts of ‘men’: The Aristocracy.

So pay your way.

The Spectrum of Belief Claims

We’ve been discussing this in my corner of the universe, and I tend to work with the following terminological sequence:

Faith = recognition that you’re position is indefensible, but you report that you hold some position.

Belief = a ‘signal’ in the report that you might decide in favor of the position were it of no cost to you, but that you aren’t accountable for the truth or falsehood of it.

Know = that you are not signaling, but with present knowledge, will defend your claim that you will decide in favor of the position, even if it costs you minor reputation for defending it.

Promise = that you are willing to commit status and reputation to defend the assertion that you will choose in favor of the position.

Warranty = that you are willing to commit materially to defend the assertion that you will choose in favor of the position.

Demonstrate = that you have chosen in favor of the position.

We have a lot of evidence that says this hierarchy of costs reflects the ‘put’ that an individual is making on the proposition at hand.

Belief is irrelevant.

We do not know what you believe. We cannot know. We can only judge you by your actions. If you testify to an un-testifiable belief, then you can only lie. If you lie then you have a reason to lie. I can only seek to discover the reason you lie. I cannot distinguish a profession of belief in an un-testifiable lie, from any other lie.

Belief is irrelevant. Either you imitate the works of Jesus or you are just another liar, fraud, and thief.

Keep a diary of the actions you make in the service of others for no other reason than the love of others, and the cost to you for having done so.

If it is not an action, is not in the services of others, is not in the service of others by your personal service to them, at personal cost to you, then you are a liar, fraud, and thief, and your claims of Christianity are no different from wearing the uniform of those who did service, when you have not done so, a pretending to equal their honor.

No. You are just a free-rider. A parasite on other’s labors. A free rider on those few Christians who exist, just as a free rider on those few warriors that exist.

Truth vs Lies

Nature worship – or the sacredness of nature – and ancestor worship, and hero worship, and stoic rituals that produce mindfulness are hard to call dishonest or untruthful. Praying for wisdom from any of the above is pretty hard to posit as anything worse than mental discipline that encourages self honesty.

No more lies. No more utopian lies. No more lies for the purpose of marketing advertising and selling. no more lies for accumulating political power. No more lies for entertainment purposes that we call news. No more lies from the politicians platform, no more lies from the professor’s podium, no more lies from the intellectual’s media, no more lies from the priest’s pulpit. No more lies.

If you are not willing to pay the cost of forgoing your lies, you are not willing to enter into the exchange that requires others to forgo their lies. As such you are a liar, a fraud, and a thief.

No more lies. It is expensive for all of us to stop lying. It is burdensome to speak the truth in matters of the commons. It is expensive to learn to speak truthfully.

But it was expensive not to kill. not to steal. not to commit fraud. not to engage in entrapment (usury), not to engage in free riding, not to engage in conspiracy – and tremendously rewarding for us to be forced into engaging in production.

It was expensive for us to learn literacy. It was expensive for us to learn scientific thought. It was expensive for us to abandon mysticism. All these institutional changes cost us heavily.

Truth is the most expensive commons in the world which is why none else does it. Truth prohibits parasitism. And the majority of the world has chosen to perpetuate parasitism internally, if not professionalize in parasitism externally.

But the returns on truth will be as great as the returns on science.

Stop Trying To Lie

There are no theological sophisms that we cannot falsify and unmask as an attempted fraud or theft.

Man can sense by his nerves, associate sensations into relations, disambiguate relations into fragments, fragments into categories, distinguish categories of objects, spaces, scenes, and locations, and associate them, reinforce them by rehearsal, and recall them, and hold one or combination – or a prediction from a combination – in his attention, recursively modify it, and in that order, because of his purely physical, biochemical, biological, neurological ability to identify constant and inconstant relations between stimuli over time. That’s all neurons do: on-off, faster, slower, together, not-together, and maintain attention on whatever we find useful enough, and release our physical bodies to act if we intuit it’s useful – all the rest of our brain does is try to keep us alive while doing it.

Deliver Each Unto God and Unto Caesar

Christianity has everything to say about family, manners, ethics and morality, and nothing at all to say about sciences, economics, politics and law.

Deliver unto God(Faith) what is his, and Caesar(Truth) his.

Otherwise we must go to war between the truthful and the faithful, and while the faithful can undermine, and resist, they poorly war, and this is not only because they are poorer, but because they are more feminine in composition and cognition.

“Deliver Unto To Each” is a compromise between the male political-empirical and the female emotional-faithful, just as marriage is a compromise between male and female – under which neither obtains their ideal, but both achieves the optimum possible.


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