An Indictmnet: 6 – Sentencing

Part 999 – Sentencing

Our Threat to Our Enemy, the Enemy of Mankind, Our Promise, and Our Warranty, Under Our Law

“Under the Natural Law, if you counter these words, with false promise, baiting into hazard, pilpul or sophism, fiction or fictionalism, critique or undermining, and thereby attempt other than reciprocal resolution of our differences, and restitution for your crimes, and in doing so, impose and further harm us, or by consequence impose further harm mankind, by any “display, word or deed”, public or private, we have universal, natural and moral license to shame, silence, punish, disenfranchise, ostracize, imprison, enserf, enslave, kill, kill with prejudice (pain), you and your relations whether genetic, social, religious, economic, or political, in identical collective punishment, in defense against those who would imitate you, for failure to insure us against you and yours. This is the eternal the judgment of our ancient law, the natural law of man, the physical laws of the universe, and the many gods whose names we give them – above which there is no other.”

Our Proposition

Whether kin, kith, or alien;
We can separate, prosper, and speciate as we did before the age of sail.
We will preserve your few cities as free cities, for the non-conforming to our civilization religions and laws, but you must remain within them.
We will deport and repatriate or exterminate any invaders outside of them.
We will silence your lying by display word and deed, and you may create whatever truthfully organized polity you desire, as long as it is stated truthfully in the natural law.


We can war, conquer, and rule you – a politicide
We can war, defeat, and exterminate enough of you – a politicide, and fratricide
We can war, defeat, and exterminate all of you – a politicide, fratricide, and ethnocide

Never has an empire been more fragile, and never has the world been more fragile, and it is you who through your undermining of our empires have brought about this fragility. However, you fail to understand, that an immigrant city is but a furnace for in which even the slightest interruption of information, money, power, water, heat, fuel,  food, and transportation, burns the bodies within it, without mercy, though contagious ignition. Those whom you have baited with your false promise will be the first to consume you.

There are no conditions under which you will survive other than by separation in compromise.  So convert, integrate, abandon your life, culture, law, religion, civilization, of organized crime, and obey the natural law of reciprocity – or leave. Or die.

Mankind cannot suffer another dark age of feminine, Semitic deceit, decline, and dysgenia caused by the folly of undomesticated females, weak men, and the underclasses who rebelling against the forces of nature and the poor choices of themselves and their ancestors.

The Muslims owe us one billion dead and five civilizations of the Semitic dark age. the jews owe us one hundred million dead in this century, millions of the dead of the Semitic dark age, and the suffering of ignorance, superstition, poverty, and disease of those who suffered under the lies of the jews for the past two thousand years.

You undermined our ancestors for trying to raise you out of a life of organized crime in a criminal religion, economy, and culture – and we tolerated you too much.  After our self-restoration, we have once again freed you under the presumption of our abandonment of a civilization of organized crime, a religion of organized crime, a law of organized crime, and a culture of organized crime. We taught you Aristotelianism. We gave you freedom under our natural laws. We gave you access to the franchise. We gave you access to office. And once again, you resorted immediately to a life, culture, religion, and civilization of organized crime, and undermined our people through your false promise and lies.

Our ancestors sought to deport you. later ancestors sought to deport all of you from Europe forever.  Later ancestors restored your homeland to attract you rather than deport you. but you remain for one reason only: the value of perpetuating your civilization, religion, law, culture, and life of organized crime using baiting into moral-hazard under the pretense of morally plausible deniability, to destroy all human civilization and to return it to desert sands, of a desert god, who for any other people is indistinguishable from death itself.

So in response we will increase the scope of our laws, lower our tolerance for their violation, and outlaw every possible means of baiting humans into hazard, every gain from doing so, end most possibilities of doing so through de-financialization, warranty of speech, and even the slightest suggestion of undermining, and impose the harshest possible

We shall prosper and continue the race to Drag mankind into godhood.

May your gods, if you have them, have mercy upon you.

Because we will not.

And in honesty, we hope you refuse. By refusing, you grant us moral license for Prosecution with Prejudice – and there are many among us from whom only your pain and suffering is sufficient restitution for your crimes – crimes against us, against our ancestors, against those who have been, against those who might have been, against those who might yet be, against those whose civilizations you have destroyed,  against  humanity, and against the billions of dead  you have planted in a field, whose seeds feed have given fruit to our fury.

This is your indictment, our prosecution, our case, and our judgment under the physical laws of nature, the natural laws of man, and the ancient laws of our people.



( … plausible deniability when ignorant, not when convicted and informed )







Severity of Breach


( .. ) ( …. )
Disapproval is punishable by  ….
Resistance is punishable by extra judicial field prosecution,
Opposition is punishable by ….


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