The Choice – Episode 0011 – We’re Only United In Our Fight For Self Determination by Self Determined Means



[A]ny form of Nationalism, including European Nationalism is only as important to me in so far as we produce the number of people necessary to fight for and preserve a civilization of small states each customized to the interests of our different demographics – whether that be Aristotelian(scientific), pagan(martial), Christian(empathic), and together we are federated under European traditional natural law of voluntary exchange and reciprocal insurance of one another.

In other words, I”m only interested in safety in numbers. Numbers who seek self determination by self determined means, and are willing to insure one another’s right to self determination by self determined means.

The difference is I’m willing to fight for everyone in that spectrum. Where the only thing we need trade is truth and reciprocity to have the market of polities that we want, in opposition to those civilizations that would DEPRIVE us of those markets of self-determination, by self-determined means.

Me? I’m cognitively anglo(Scandinavian), martial, pagan, individualist, and Aristotelian. I don’t want to live in under Christian superstition. I don’t want to live under martial despotism. I don’t want to live under some degree of communism we call social democracy.

I want to live under truth – correspondence with reality, reciprocity- mutually beneficial cooperation, markets – prosperity, and evolution – suppression of dysgenia, with truth, beauty, excellence, prosperity, and continuous evolution into the gods we imagine. And I want to love this universe, this earth and my ancestors for the opportunity to contribute to the transcendence of man.

I’m willing to fight for all of us to have self-determination by self-determined means, in a market for polities, federated by our wish to preserve our self-determination, by self-determined means, against the vast hordes of usurpers that would deprive us of our tri-functionalism: those of law and laws of nature, those of force and martial discipline, and those of faith and faithful submission.

And I’m willing to fight for the continuous sortition of our peoples into states that support those different means of self-determination.

I’m not however willing to live under rule of man and his frequent follies; nor under rule of priesthoods and superstition and their continuous follies; nor under the left and their reversal of everything true, reciprocal, and evolutionary.

So what separates my view of a solution, from the Christian, the WN, the NS, and the CIVNAT is that I’m willing to fight for YOUR choice of self-determination by self-determined means. IF you are willing to fight for mine. And to realize none of us can win otherwise.

Because the enemy doesn’t distinguish between our factions. They are not advocating FOR something. The enemy’s sole purpose is to exterminate us whether we are CIVNAT, NS, WN, Christian, Heathen-pagan, or Aristotelian.

And something near a third of our own are happy to side with the enemy. So ‘white nationalism’ doesn’t include separation from the third that are the enemy. And it doesn’t take advantage of the fact that separating from them will produce a dramatic leap in evolution only centuries of natural selection under adversarial circumstances could achieve.

They want us all gone. Even a third of our own want us gone.

So I proposed a solution for all of us. The restoration of the holy roman empire’s diversity of polities, with the most modern government that developed in Europe – the English rule of law: a market between polities, where self-determination by self-determined means is possible. But without the Roman, Holy Roman and British Tolerance for the enemy whether or not they are members of our tribes.

You can choose the solution I recommend, which continues our past traditions, and unites us in self-determination by self-determined means. Or you can continue to fail. Because the church cannot produce elites, the world will not tolerate NS despots or WN’s, the world will continue to defeat CIVNATS, and we will not tolerate each other.

Why? Because what we share is the intuition that we demand the right to self-determination by self-determined means. And to do that we require self-determined polities.

And only rule of law of natural law between polities producing markets for polities markets across polities and markets within polities preserves that right to self-determination by self-determined means.

This is, in the end, the message I have understood but have failed to communicate.

P-Law is the only solution POSSIBLE.

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